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Mere Sai 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Tiger Attacks Sudama

Mere Sai 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sudama takes a walk into jungle after dinner. A tiger attacks and injures him. Sai reaches with a few men and takes him home. Next morning, people gather to check Sudama’s health. Aaji worried for Sudhama scolds him why did he go out for walk at night when Sai warned not to. People discuss tiger came into Shirdi border and they should frighten him to get back into jungle, else it will attack again. Sai says there is no need for that as Sudama went into jungle, they should not harm innocent animal; there is something else which they are not seeing. anta Panta hear their conversation hiding. After sometime, people discuss they should be careful and be inside home to protect themselves. Jhipri walks with Sai hearing their conversation and asks Sai if he is not afraid hearing all this. Sai

says fear is where there is no knowledge, and where there is knowledge, there knowledge, they need not worry. Jhipri says she did not understand what he told.

Anta and Panta announce in village that Kulkarni has some important message to deliver and they all should gatgehr at his house. Everyone gather at Kulkarni’s house. Kulkarni addresses that he heard that tiger attacked Sudhama and there are similar reports from nearby villages, so he has decided to hire hunters and kill tiger. Sai says there is no need for that as they don’t know why tiger attacked Sudama. Kulkarni yells trickster is trying to lure people with his buttery talks and increase his popularity. He continues that he will not take risk when it is question of Shirdi people’s safety.

Back to Baizamaa’s house, someone praise Kulkarni that he has taken a right decision to protect Shirdi people. Renuka and Tati cut fruits for their husbands. Dattatrey asks Renuka to hurry up. She cuts fruit in symmetrical pieces with coriander leave topping and serves to Aaji first and then her husband. Husband praises her skills while Tati’s husband fumes seeing coarsely cut fruit. Aaji tells Baizamaa that both bahus have opposite nature to each other. Neighbor lady enters and asks Baizamaa if she is not coming to pooja at another neighbor’s house.
Baizmaa says guests have come and she has a lot of work, so she cannot come. Aaji asks her to go as other 2 bahus are there to cook and do household chores. Tati fumes that she came here to rest, but is forced to work.

Kulkarni travels on his palanquin reminiscing sending Anta disguised as tiger to frighten Shirdi people and thinks now he will be famous among people. Anta grins at him.

Precap: Anta stops an old man from working and pushes him. Sai holds man.
Kulkarni asks Sai to work on old man’s behalf and give his earned wage to old man.

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