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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 5th December 2018 Written Episode: Satya Feels Jealous

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rama knocks Samar and Jaya’s room door and calls them at night. They come out asking what happened. Rama says Satya is missing. Samar says let us check in each family member’s room. They check each room and don’t find Satya. Naani says what if goon has come even here. Samar says not to worry let us all go and check outside. They all walk out calling Satya and find her sitting on garden chair and studying case documents. Jaya runs and hugs her. Rama asks why did she come here. Satya says she wanted to study urgent case and did not want to switch on room light and disturb Rama. Rama says she is habituated to sleep under light and does not mind. Jaya takes Satya in. Naani asks Rama to teach her qualities to Satya till Satya is here. Rama says Satya is really

good. Naani says she knows, even then…

Samar returns to his room and tells Jaya that Satya should not have gone out like this uninformed. Jaya says she did not want to disturb Rama. Samar says Satya should show her maturity. Jaya asks what does he mean. Their argument starts. Samar says if she will go to her maika again now. Jaya says yes and walks to Satya’s room. Rama and Satya at once ask if she fought with Samar. Jaya says yes. Rama suggests to calm down and return back, everything will be alright. Satya says she should not go if she does not want to. Jaya walks away and returns to Samar’s room. Samar taunts if she came to take her suitcase, but her maika is here itself. Jaya sleeps on other side of bed. Samar tickles her ribs and says she should smile. They both laugh and fight with pillows. Satya tells Rama that Jaya will not calm down and will not sleep whole night, she will go and check. She walks to Jhaya and Samar’s room and sees them fighting with pillows and laughing. Rama follows her and they love each other, so get worried for each other soon.

Next morning, Satya walks to kitchen and seeing Rama adding ginger and cardamom in tea says her family likes plain tea. Rama says she will prepare anther tea for them. Satya says she will prepare herself if she does not mind. They both prepare tea on 2 stoves and fill tea in different color cups. Jyoti walks in and asks if they both prepared tea. Rama says Satya’s family likes plain tea, so white is Satya’s family’s tea and blue is their family’s tea. Jyoti carries tray and hearing phone ringing gives tray to Lallan explaining him. Lallan gets confused and gives blue cup tea to Satya’s family and white to Rama’s. Naani and Shikha say tea is really nice. Chachi sips tea and says something is missing. Naani says she is enjoying tea tough as Satya serves very light tea. Satya feels bad. Jaya walks in and picks Rama’s tea and praises her. Satya gets more sad and says they get acidity with ginger. Samar picks Satya’s tea and says he likes mild tea and gets acidity with ginger, requests Satya to prepare tea for him till she is here. Satya nods smilingly.

After breakfast, Satya says she will get ready for court to meet client. Samar’s family insist to call client here as they cannot risk her life. Satya agrees and calls client home. Jyoti in her room applies face pack. Shikha requests her to go out for 5 minutes as she needs to speak to her client. Jyoti walks out fuming. Lallan gets afraid seeing her and taunts if Shikha kicked her out of her own room.

Jaya walks to Satya’s room and asks what she would like to have in lunch. Satya says dal roti would be find. Jaya says they prepare 5-6 sabjis in their house and she now likes bottle gourd also as Rama prepares tasty bottle gourd sabji while she used to hate it before. Satya gets jealous hearing that and asks if she forgot her maika completely. Jaya says never, her maika is her root and she will never forget her root.

Precap: Goon ties Satya and throws her in swimming pool. Rama searches Satya and does not find her.

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