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Ladies Special 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kangana’s Dream Of Starting Business Shatters

Ladies Special 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Bindu breaks down seeing Kangana hugging Amar in front of her papa, wipes her tears and walks back to Amar’s cabin, sees Kangana talking to Amar holding his hands and laughing. She walks back to her papa and takes him away saying Amar is busy with patient. Kangana tells Amar that she did a mistake by leaving him and wants to correct it. He asks if her divorce is finalized. She says not yet, her brute husband did not agree yet. Amar reminisces Kangana celebrating his birthday in OT room and turning it into discotheque. Kangana asks what is he thinking. He says her surprise birthday party.

Meghna tells Mandar that she used to stay in a small 1-bedroom house and used to bathe in open bathroom with curtains on, her parents used to think they are giving best to their children, but we

used to count what they did not get, her brother did not get bat, her sister pink raincoat, she did not get doll, but she does not want their children feel same and wants to give them the best they deserve, so enough of working for others and giving their children only 2 time meals, they should fight and earn best for their children. She gives Ambani’s example. Mandra sasy she trusts him so much, he will not disappoint her, they will start their own business and will give their children what she did not get in her childhood.

While traveling in Ladies Special train, Prarthhana helps a man board train. Ladies yell why did he enter ladies train and blames he must be Prarthhana’s boyfriend. Prarthhana says she helped him seeing his pink shirt and thinking him as girl. Man starts chatting with Prarthhana and tries to impress ladies.

Amar returns home and asks Bindu where is her father. She says he went to stay at relative’s house as father does not stay in daughter’s house in their family. He apologizes that her father saw Kangana hugging him, he did not know she is coming to India. Binduu says that is okay, she knows Kangana and his relationship is very deep and 8-year-old relationship cannot fade over 8-day-old friendship. Next morning, Bindu serves tea to her in-laws and prasad to Amar. MIL says their jodi looks pretty like Virat and Anushka. Amar feels bad. Bindu cheers him up with her chat.

Man follows Prarthhana till her apartment building and stands chatting over phone with someone that he is undercover now and started his duty. Prarthhana shows man to guard and asks not to let him inside society. At Meghna’s home, she does pooja keeping money arranged to start business in front of god saying nobody will touch this money. Her FIL gets heart attack and collapses. They rush him to hospital via ambulance. Meghna takes money kept for business.

Precap: Amar’s father tells he thinks he did right getting Amar and Bindu married and asks not to inform about Kangana to Bindu. Bindu overhears them. Receptionist informs Meghna that she needs to deposit 2 lakhs for her FIL’s treatment.

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