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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti tricks the girls to drink milk

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Khatru and Pratap praising Kanhaiya and says Joshi might see your sacrifice or not, but God have seen. They give credit to Kanhaiya and make him break the strike with sweets. The girls get happy and read Kunti’s statement that they will not force them to have milk from now onwards. The girls get happy seeing rasgulla, icecreams, sweets. Dhairya is about to eat rasgulla. Pratibha stops her and says it is made from milk. Kunti says we both have signed on it. They stop Shakti and Chanchal. Pari asks Buddhi to eat Paneer roll and says it is not made of milk. Buddhi keeps it down. Pratibha stops Surili from having icecream. The girls get worried thinking they can’t have any milk products now. They come to the dining table and drink milk kept on the table. Kunti and

others get happy. Dhairya says we drank milk. Chanchal says will drink always. Kunti asks them to eat the sweets, icecream, paneer roll etc. They have it happily. Pari takes a selfie.

Later Kunri appreciates Prema for bringing something from her mayka and says no other bahu have brought it. Prarthana gets surprised and says she brought just the job news. Kunti says she wanted Pratap to do job and will convince him. Pratap comes there. Kunti is surprised and asks him to come. She makes him sit on the swing. Pratap is surprised. Kunti says Prema came from her mayka and told that they have a job. She asks if there is someone who needs job. Pratap says who needs job and says Khatru’s job is going on well. Kunti comes behind him. Pratap asks her to give job to the street guy. Prarthana says even he got the job. Kunti asks if there is someone else in your sight who is looking for job. Pratap asks her to tell about the job. Panjiri and Pratibha think how to send the girls to school due to bus strike. Kanhaiya calls Pratibha and asks about Prarthana and Prema. Kanhaiya asks her to put call on loudspeaker and asks why did they think to leave girls somewhere. Pari comes and says she told him. Pratibha asks Kanhaiya to wait and asks Pari why did she tell? Pari says you only said. Panjiri says we said that how to send girls to school due to strike. Kanhaiya says I should have thought before calling you.

Kunti asks if there is someone and tells that work is easy. Prarthana says work is easy and says one have to ask for 2 Rs, and let the people to go to loo. Kunti says such men are nation’s sevak. Pratap says I thought you wrong, but you are so good. He says you are saint, and I thought you lady hitler. Kunti asks him again. Pratap says I will tell you and asks Kunti if there is someone. Kunti says it is you, jobless and useless. Pratap asks will I become toilet’s watchman and tells that he will not do this job. Prarthana says it is a nation service. Pratap says he is an actor and will become famous one day. He says I was right, you are lady hitler and not Saint. Kanhaiya apologizes to all his wives. Pratibha says we all know that Pari thinks less and says much. She tells about kids test. Kanhaiya asks them to take them in car and then tells that they don’t know how to drive. Pari hears them and goes. Kanhaiya asks them to take auto. Pratap tells that until know the people take his work seriously. Kunti gets angry and says I will say straight and says you have no future in acting and have to become public toilet watchman in the 8th birth even if you try after 7 births. She says even donkeys run seeing your acting. She asks him to either do the job or leave. Pratap asks her not to be emotional and tells that he will do the service for nation after 15 days. Prarthana says Prema reaches there the same day. Pratap says I am feeling unwell now and will be fine in 15 days and then go to do service. He thinks I will show you, how serious actor I am. Kunti says he is acting even now and gets angry.

Pratap acts. Kunti gets furious. Pratibha couldn’t get auto for girls. Kunti asks bahus to learn car driving.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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