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Kumkum Bhagya 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: King’s strong belief on Pragya makes her touchy

Kumkum Bhagya 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chachi asking King to do something else everything will be ruined. King shouts calling Pragya’s name. Pragya wakes up and thinks why Mr. Singh is angry. Tarun comes to Pragya’s room and tells that mom don’t want my sangeet and marriage to happen. Pragya says she will talk to her. Tarun says mom told King that Abhi was in your room last night. Pragya decides to tell him about Abhi and thinks it is already late. King calls pragya again and again. Pragya and Tarun come there. King asks Tarun to go to his room and asks Pragya what Chachi was saying. He tells that she said that Abhi came yesterday night and was in your room with my Kiara. You haven’t informed his family and that’s why Aaliya and Tanu came here. Chachi thinks now I can break Tarun and Neha’s marriage.

King asks Pragya to say, but then tells Chachi that he is very disappointment with her. He says it is elders’ work to stop the youngsters from fighting and blames her for doing tamasha. He tells that he scolded Pragya as he wanted to see her reaction. He tells that he will not believe on her. Pragya says Chachi is doubting on her and she has a reason. King says I will never believe and shows truth on Pragya. He asks her not to tell anything else Chachi will get a chance to break Tarun and Neha’s marriage. He says Pragya respects you so much and you insult her always. Chachi says Pragya brought stranger man in her room and made him sleep and says you are insulting me rather than insulting her. King says it is enough, and says I will forget our relation and says you are staining their relation. He says Abhi and Pragya are just friends.

Chachi says you can’t see their illegitimate relation. King says you don’t want to know the truth, wants gossip and nonsense and asks her to let the family stay as family. He tells that when I called Purab, he told that Abhi is missing. He says when Chachi told me, I understood that Abhi must have called Pragya and she went to pick him. He tells Chachi that she fell down in his eyes and says if you tell this again then I have to take any action, I have full truth on Pragya. Pragya says I want to tell something. King leaves. Chachi tells Pragya that she has trapped King fully and that he blindly trust her. Pragya says she really wanted to tell him something. Chachi asks her to tell. Pragya says whatever I tell you, you will use that to break Tarun and Neha’s marriage.

Abhi thinks his daughter didn’t have the name Abhigya, but he got the daughter. He thinks his daughter was snatched from him and he missed all the beautiful moments. He thinks now he knows the truth and wants to spend all time with her. He says I will go to my daughter. Tanu comes to Abhi and says she brought medicine for his hangover. Abhi says this hangover is old and he will end it forever. Tanu asks where is he going? Abhi says Pragya…Tanu asks him not to insult their relation and says this is not done. I will not let you spoil our marriage. Abhi says which marriage and says it is just one sided. He says we have no relation between us, and asks her to talk about his relation with Pragya. He says it is blossoming like a plant and I don’t want any negativity now. Tanu thinks what he was saying. Abhi comes downstairs. Dasi asks Abhi to have breakfast and sit. Abhi thinks you have to tell Pragya why you kept my daughter away from me. He sees Disha talking and thinks with whom?

Disha talks to Kiara and asks her to come there. She tells that she will help her do the homework. Kiara says first dance. Disha says first homework else my Di, your mum will scold me. Abhi hears her. Disha says I will make Kiara meet her Papa. Abhi hears her and says you would have told me before doing this. Disha asks what? Abhi says that kiara is my daughter and says I am upset that neither you nor Pragya told me this, and kept me in dark. Disha says I wanted to tell you. Abhi says I never get angry and says you also took me for granted. He says I thought you as my friend and you hide this from me. Disha says I just know that Kiara studies in Sunny class. Abhi asks when did you know that Kiara is my hospital. Disha says in the hospital.

Abhi asks her not to lie and tells that you know since many days and that’s why you used to call her often. He says I felt many times that Kiara is my daughter, I asked her why she is copying me, she said that it is in her blood and she is not copying. He says I didn’t understand that she is my daughter. Disha says when Kiara fell down from stairs, I went to drop her and saw Pragya’s pic there. When she asked her, Kiara says she is her mum. She tells that when she wanted to tell him, Purab stopped her and then she couldn’t tell him. Abhi says I came to know myself and tells that he wouldn’t let her go away from me, but you both…He gets upset with Disha. He says past time cannot be back, but I have to do something. He says I will go and talk to Pragya asking her why she did this. He asks her to promise that she will not call Pragya and tell her that he is coming. Disha asks him not to go angrily. Abhi says I was waiting since 7 years and goes. Pragya thinks of King’s trust on him and thinks I will tell him everything.

King tells Abhi that the pain gets from the loved ones. Abhi says there is nothing left to be fine. He says now there will be fight for the rights.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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