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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer accepts the punishment

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Maharani showing the diyas to Veer. She says Kaal Bhairav has turned people into diyas, villagers have angrily attacked the palace, if something happened to Yash’s child then, even Vandana was attacked. Veer gets shocked. Maharani says you have seen us related to this curse, you shouldn’t leave from the village and obey the customs of curse, else you will be punished. Archie says there is no curse, Kedar, Rajguru and others are together, they want to kill you and your family. The villagers get angry. Veer stops them. Rajguru says let her speak. Archie says I have heard them, they planned to kill you, I have seen them in jungle and came there, you got attacked by them, Sukhiya called me and said you are in danger. Veer asks did Sukhiya call you. She says yes, he

knew their evil intentions. He says Sukhiya is a mental patient, people say he was caught by Lali’s spirit, actually there is no Naagwalli people. Archie shows the snake sign on their hands. The lady says we all have this sign, we aren’t Naagwalli. Kedar says I told Archana, that its just fictional.

Maharani says Rajguru and Kedar did this on my command, so that you get scared and tell about Veer, we didn’t intend to kill you. Rajguru says we got news about Veer and came to jungle. Archie says Veer, I have seen this man in Yash’s final rites, he had a snake in his hand, he said he will trick by snake and then attack from behind. The man says Guru ji, we sell snakes. Rajguru slaps him and sends. Archie says no, my heart isn’t agreeing. Veer says stop it, its all clear now, mum accepted this, they wanted to get me back to calm down Lord’s wrath, its happening since 150 years, I told you to leave, tell me how can they do this, you can’t understand this. She says I thought you are dear to me. He says I m not like you, I can’t risk the villagers. He goes to Maharani and says running away isn’t a solution for this problem. He apologizes to villagers and agrees to accept the curse.

Kashinath calls Revati. Revati says Veer did mistake, my son won’t bear punishment, go from here. He gets in. She hugs Jai and says why will you get punished. Rajmata asks her not to question, Vandana has gone to temple to accept the punishment, everyone is there, why are you refusing and challenging this tradition. She asks Kashinath to take her. Kashinath takes Jai with him. Revati cries and runs after him. Himangi comes and says this blind belief should end. Archie asks what will they do with you. Kedar says just Rajguru knows about it.

Himangi comes to stop them. She says its superstitions, stop them. The villagers take away Himangi. Archie thinks what’s going to happen here. Rajguru does the puja. He asks Veer to punish himself and promise that he won’t repeat his mistake, he will just obey the rules of Kaal Bhairav. Veer prays to Kaal Bhairav and promises he won’t repeat his mistake. He prays that Kaal Bhairav calms his anger and revives the villagers from diyas. He says I m ready to punish myself. Rajguru says the punishment isn’t so easy, you don’t have to beat yourself, but punish your family. Veer gets shocked.

Maharani prays and sits down. Rajguru asks Veer to beat them. They all sit. Rajguru asks Veer to think of those who have become diyas.

Update Credit to: Amena

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