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Ishq Subhan Allah 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir confesses his feelings to Zara

Ishq Subhan Allah 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara gets Imran’s call and says Kabir is coming home. Zara stands near door and wait for him. Kabir comes there, she strikes with him. Kabir says you kept calling me, dont call me, message me if you need. Zara messages him that she wants to talk about heart. Kabir says I want to talk about business only. Zara says giving me time as your wife and if you dont then dont give time to Ruksaar. Kabir says I wont listen to you, so go complain to parents. Kashan comes there and says you cant talk to her like that. Kabir says she is my wife so let us be. Kashan says she keeps waiting for you and you behave with her like this? you will regret it later, he leaves. Zeenat comes there with Ruksaar. Zeenat asks Kabir to make her drink milk. Kabir says I will give milk to Alina and play

with her only. Ruksaar says no I am drinking it, Kabir smiles at her. Ruksaar says come with me, he leaves with her. Zara looks on.

Kashan says to Shahbaz that Kabir is misbehaving with others. Shahbaz says he is angry right now, he will soon realize his mistake. Kabir comes there and says you all complain about me so let me complain too. Ruksaar comes there and asks Kabir to dry her hair. Ayesha says take your shawl. Ruksaar says I remember where my sweater is. She asks Kabir to come with her. Kabir asks her to go with Ayesha. Zara thinks she doesnt remember her sweater but knows where her sweater.
Ruksaar brings sweater from store room. All family members are tensed. Zeenat says you must also remember other things? Kabir says she will tell us when she remembers anything. Ruksaar says I remember you, all look on. Ruksaar says I was about to get engaged to him. All are stunned. Ruksaar brings her wedding ceremony card and shows it to everyone. Ruksaar says I found it in store room. Kabir looks at Zara who is worried.

Scene 2
Zara calls doctor and says I want to talk about Ruksaar. Doctor says I talked to Kabir, you can ask him, he ends call. Zara says I will ask him for sure.

Zara comes to lounge and sees Ruksaar sitting with Kabir. Ruksaar goes to bring colors. Kabir asks if she found colors? Zara sits there and says I dont need colors but peace. Kabir thinks he is imagining Zara again and says I am angry but I miss talking to you, Zara says you can talk to me. Kabir says you wont understand, men have ego and they think to not go and talk first. Zara says you are talking to me right now. Kabir says because I am imaging you, you know I can be angry with you but I miss talking to you most, sometimes I feel like talking to you. Zara says what did doctor say about Ruksaar? Kabir says they said that anything can trigger her memory. Kabir says I have meeting tomorrow, I have hopes. Zara says you will be successful, you look best working. Kabir says when I imagine you, I can talk to you in anger, when I am in anger, I feel like talking to you more, I dont have anyone else other than you so I get alone. Zara leaves from there. Zara thinks this is the first time I saw his love in anger.

Zara dances around recalling Kabir’s words, she imagines Kabir, pehla nasha plays. Zara comes to her room and smiles. She sees Kabir sitting here and touches him. Zara says if you see me in Ruksaar then my love won, you look nice in anger too. He makes angry face. Zara says I want to fly in sky, I am sure you will be successful tomorrow. She dances around but sees Kabir gone. Zara smiles and thinks I will show him path to be successful.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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