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Internet Wala Love 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Aadhya confesses love, but Jai misunderstands it as a prank

Internet Wala Love 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jai reaching the Police station. Inspector tells him that he saw the CCTV of the area where the goons fought with him forcibly and says that’s why we are releasing your licence. Jai thanks him and asks him who complained against him. Inspector says he didn’t know. Jai asks him about the old man. Inspector says may be some old enemy and tells that he will catch him. Jai says that old man is very dangerous and tried to kidnap my friend. He asks him to give police protection. Inspector says they can’t give police station. Jai comes out and tells Aadhya that he got the licence and will drop her home. Aadhya asks why did Inspector call him? Jai says nothing and comes to her home to drop her. Aadhya opens the lock. Jai asks if nobody is at home. Aadhya says yes. Jai says

until they come home, I will be here. He thinks who is doing this with us, what enmity they have with us. Aadhya makes tea and gives to Jai. Jai likes the tea made by her. Aadhya sees Jai drinking tea and signs at her earrings holding it. Jai asks what happened to her and says you are acting like a TV serials heroine. He says it seems like you are going to propose someone. He asks her to tell what is going on in her mind. He asks her to tell. Aadhya gets up and thinks shall I tell him now. She thinks we are alone today, but what to say. Jai says I understood, you can’t speak your feelings out. He says we will play game and you have to tell immediate answer. Aadhya says first I? She asks him random questions….and asks about her. Jai says sweet heart pulling her cheeks.

Aadhya smiles. Jai says it is now my turn? He also asks random questions. He asks love…and says Jai…Jai looks on and asks what love and me…He asks what do you like in me, my body, my biceps. You didn’t check it out and asks if she liked the tamarind which he brought or the horror film. He asks her to tell so that I get happy a bit. Aadhya says I love everything of yours, I love all Jai Mittal and says whatever you have done for me, all your efforts, I love you very much. Jai looks at her…Aadhya also looks at him. Music plays…..Jai laughs and says she learnt to do prank from him. He says you wants a best guy, simple and truthful and says she shall not compromise. Aadhya says you told that you will get many girls, but not like me. Jai asks her why she questions him back and asks her to tell what she wants to say. Aadhya thinks meaning of perfect life partner changed for me, and that’s why I love you. Jai says I am sure you will speak your feelings. Aadhya sits and is about to tell him, but just then Dadu calls him and asks Jai to come home and wish happy birthday to Rupa else she will get angry on him. Jai says I will come. Shubhankar comes home. Jai greets him and tells that there was nobody at home so he stayed. Shubhankar asks if he is going to drop Aadhya to agra.

Jai says yes and tells that he will meet her tomorrow. Aadhya asks what will be the gift. Jai comes home and makes the surprise gifts ready. Ash tells that birthday party will be tomorrow at 11 am. Jai says I have made the arrangements. Ash thinks party will happen tomorrow. Rupa wishes herself and thanks her friends for wishing and uploads the video on friendsbook, but there are less views. She sees Shubhankar’s videos having many likes and thinks he brought it. She gets angry. Aadhya thinks to confess Jai that whatever she told that day was true. She messages Jai asking him to come at 12:30. Jai says party will happen in night and says he will come at 11:30 am. Shubhankar goes to meet someone. Rupa acts and tells that everyone forgot her birthday. Dadu, Dadi and others come and wish Rupa happy birthday.

Rupa says she was sad when nobody wished her. Dadu says it was Ash’s idea to wish you now. Jai brings cake and wishes her happy birthday. Rupa cuts the cake and makes everyone eat it. Jai tells Rupa that he brought gift and made it with his hand. He brings the photo frame. Rupa opens it and sees pics collage. She thanks Jai and gets emotional. Jai says it was actually Aadhya’s idea and tells that they selected the pics. Rupa gets upset and thinks don’t know when Aadhya will leave Jai. Dadu and Dadi praise Aadhya. Jai tells Rupa that they will meet in night and have party. Ash asks Jai to wait and says real surprise is remaining. She calls the guests and says she has called all Rupa’s friends for the surprise birthday party. Aadhya is waiting for Jai on the road and thinks Jai didn’t come till now. Jai thinks how to go, Aadhya must be waiting for me.

Precap: Samrat hits a stone on Shubhankar’s head. Shubhankar falls down. He makes him beaten up by men. Rupa asks Ash to make Jai busy. Aadhya gets worried for Shubhankar and calls Jai, but Ash hides his phone so that Aadhya can’t call reach him. Jai gets busy with meeting guests.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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