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The episode starts with the Six of them reaching Sid’s village..

Sid : Thank God.. We have reached finally.. Now I have to convince Amma and appa..

Abhi: Hello.. U have to pay us.. Myself ,Shruti and Arnav bhai have worked as driver for u.. Remember that..

Sid : I will pay Arnav bhai and Shruti.. They have driven longer than u.. And u slept in between and u are the one who stopped Shruti’s alarm.. So I won’t give anything to u..

All of them laugh except Abhi.
They get down from the car.. Shruti feels her leg numb and could not walk.. She holds Swadhu..

Swadhu : Darlo.. What happened??

Shruti : My legs are numb.. I can’t walk..

She holds her and struggles to walk..Suddenly Arnav comes to her.. He holds her hand and supports her to walk.. But then too Shruti could not walk.. Without thinking even for a moment,he takes her in his arms and takes her to a corner where there was a chair..Shruti is embarrassed while Abhi,Swadhu and Ritu see with their mouths wide open.. Sid feels happy on seeing them..

Ritika : Abhi.. I too can’t walk..

Abhi : Do u want to kill me?? She is slim and hence her hubby lifted her easily.. See.. If I take u in my arms,I am sure I will get fracture..

Ritika stared at him angrily and pinches him..
Arnav makes her sit in a chair and he presses her leg.

Arnav : Are u alright now??

Shruti gets up and walks..

Shruti : (smiling) its alright now.. Is it a magic?

Arnav nods.. He goes to get the luggages from the car.. Shruti follows him..

Abhi : Hey.. U can walk now??

Shruti : Haan yes.. That’s a magic..

Ritika : Hmm.. Arnav bhai might have done some romantic magic..(winks)

Abhi : No Ritu.. She would have lied that she could not walk because she badly wanted Arnav bhai to carry her..

Arnav overhears it and gives a smile.. Shruti wanted to irritate him..

Shruti : Hello.. I am not dying to be carried by him.. In fact,I am angry at him..

Abhi,Ritu : What??

Shruti did not answer.. Arnav feels bad.. Shruti catches it from the corner of her eye and smiles..


Shruti is in the room while Arnav had gone to take bath..

Shruti (thinks): I am really confused.. Yesterday night I really enjoyed being with him.. He listened to my silly stories.. He gave his heart throbbing smile too.. I feel very good when he smiles.. And morning,when Abhi teased me,he side hugged me to comfort me from the embarrassment.. And he carried me when I said that i can’t walk.. And he presented me a bangle with a sorry note.. Is this the real Arnav? Or the one whom I saw on the day of my proposal?? He is so sweet to me now but then.. He was the rudest..I don’t understand anything..

Sid comes to meet Shruti..

Sid : Shruti.. Are u tired?? U might not have got good sleep yesterday..

Shruti : No Sid.. I am okay.. I will take rest afterwards..

Sid : Seems like u had good time with ur hubby..(winks)

Shruti : I was thinking about him only.. He is so sweet nowadays.. He apologized to me thrice.. But he is the same Arnav who talked to me so that day..

Sid : May I know what happened between both of u that day??

She tells everything that happened between them..

Sid : Do u think Arnav is that type of a guy who talks to a girl like this?? Do u think he is so cheap to call a girl characterless??

Shruti did not answer..

Sid : I don’t think so Shruti.. There has to be a strong reason behind his behaviour that day..

Shruti : Ya Sid.. U are right. There must be a reason..

Sid : Stupid.. That is what I am telling since that day.. But u were busy scolding him and fighting with me..

Shruti : Sorry yaar.. But it is difficult to get anything from Arnav’s mouth unless he tells himself.. Let’s wait..

By then Arnav arrives.. Sid goes after having a small talk with him..


Its afternoon..Arnav and Shruti just keep walking talking randomly..By then Sanjay comes in front of them..

Sanjay : Hi Arnav.. Hi Shruti..

Arnav leaves the place.. Shruti stands there unaware of what to do next..

Sanjay : Shruti.. How are u??

Shruti : I am fine..

Sanjay : Hmm.. Happy married life Shruti.. Seems like Arnav is still angry at me.. That’s why I did not come to ur marriage too.

Shruti nods.

Sanjay : Arnav is right.. I had been so rude with him.. Anyways.. Thank u for coming here..

Shruti : Its my friends’ marriage.. How can I  not come?? That’s my pleasure..

By telling that,she leaves too.. She goes to Arnav and stands beside him..

Shruti : I am sorry.. I told that we will not meet Sanjay.. But we met him.. And I think ur mood is spoilt..

Arnav : U don’t have to say sorry.. What’s ur mistake in this? And what did he say?

Shruti : He wished for our marriage. And he thanked us for coming..

Arnav : Hmm.. Did he not say anything more??

Shruti : He told that u are right being angry at him.. He would have told something else too.. But I came running here.. thinking that u would be angry.

Arnav : But u don’t have to stop talking to people whom I don’t like.. Unless u too don’t like them.. I don’t have any problem if u talk with him.. I won’t restrict u from talking to people whom I don’t like saying that I am ur husband and u should not do that and all..

Shruti : Really?? U are the ideal husband every girl is searching for. That’s so cool..

Arnav smiles..


It’s night.. Shruti comes to Arnav saying that Sid’s mom wants to take things from the loft of the store room and she could not reach it.. She asks him to help her.. Arnav helps her.. Shruti goes and gives the things to Sid’s mom.. She comes back and arranges things to keep it as before.. Arnav helps her again.. Abhi and Ritu come there..

Abhi : Ritu.. Do u remember?? Shruti said she is angry at Arnav,isn’t it??

Ritika : But they are together only nah??

Abhi : Shruti is the greatest actress.. She may lie to us.. She might be acting like she is good with Arnav.. Do u remember how she acted when Sid and She were fighting??

Ritika : So,what are we going to do now?

Abhi shows her the keys..

Abhi : I am gonna lock them in this room.. So that,they will talk between themselves and get good understanding..

Ritika did not say anything..

Abhi : Don’t u think this is a good idea??

Ritika : I don’t know..

Abhi : Let’s do it..

He locks both of them in the room.. And cuts the electricity connection too.. Arnav and Shruti were shocked to see that the room is locked..

Shruti : We are locked here.. It’s so dark too.

Arnav : Wait.. I will call someone..

He shouts.. But nobody hears.. As this room is isolated and farther from where Sid’s family is residing.. Abhi and Ritu were standing outside the room only.. But they did not speak a word..
They could not call anyone as both of their phones were in Sid’s house..

Shruti : Seems like we have to spend the entire night here only..

Arnav : Ya..Take ur seat here..

Shruti sits beside him.. Only the moonlight from the window was was store room and hence they were sitting amidst the things..

Outside,Abhi was talking to Ritika..

Abhi : Seems like they have settled down in the room..

Ritika : There would be mosquitoes.. And it’s cold too..

Abhi : Don’t u think that’s romantic??

Ritika gave a whatever look..

Abhi : Hey do u want to watch a movie??

They watch a movie in Abhi’s phone… It’s a comedy movie and they laugh and enjoy it sitting outside the room in which Arnav and Shruti are locked..

Inside the room..

Shruti : I am tired and sleepy.. But we are caught here.. What is this God?

Arnav : Do u remember?? Once we were locked in our office..

Shruti : Haan.. It rained heavily outside then..

Arnav : U were singing songs and I was irritated..

Both of them laugh.. Shruti yawns.. The floor was dusty and they barely had place to even sit..

Arnav : Lean on my shoulder and sleep..

Shruti first hesitates and then she leans as she has no other option..

Shruti : Oh God.. These mosquitoes! I wish the person who locked us too won’t be able to sleep this night..

She takes the pallu of her saree and covers herself.. She sleeps..

After 2 hours.. The movie ended.. Ritika is still laughing..

Ritika : I haven’t laughed like this in my lifetime..

Abhi nods..

Ritika : Do u know Abhi?? I learnt to laugh only after u came in my life.. I wish I had met u before..

Abhi smiles..

Abhi : I can sense it.. Before, u were a coy girl.. But now u never miss a chance to tease me or hit me..

Ritika laughs..

Ritika : Ya.. U have awaken the animal which was sleeping inside me..

Abhi: I wish I would not have done that..

She laughs.. Abhi admires her..

They get up to go to Sid’s house.. They are shocked to see that it’s locked from inside..

Abhi : Oh God.. They closed the door.. How can we go inside??

He tries to knock..

Ritika : No Abhi.. Don’t knock it.. They will think what we were doing till now.. And they might be annoyed..

He tries calling Sid and Swadhu,but both of then did not take the call..

Abhi : We can go there itself..

They come to that place where Arnav and Shruti were locked..

Abhi : I can open this room and go inside.. But she would kill me if she knows that it’s me.. So better we sleep here..

He sits there.. Ritika sits with him.. He leans on Ritika’s shoulder.. They take Ritika’s dupatta and cover themselves from the mosquitoes and sleep..


On the other side,Side and Swadhu meet secretly.

Swadhu : Hey Sweetheart!! Did not sleep yet??

Sid : No dear.. I am not getting sleep..

Swadhu : Hmm.. May I sing songs for u and put u to sleep??

Sid : Am I a kid?

Swadhu : At times u act like kid.. I like that..

Sid : Really??

Swadhu nods and pulls his cheeks..

Sid : Darlz.. Are u getting tired by these rituals which my family is compelling u to do??

Swadhu : No.. Not at all..

Sid : I know that they are imposing so much on u saying that they are rituals which we follow..

Swadhu : No.. That’s not a problem Sid.. Any thing for u.. I have not done anything for u.. And it’s my pleasure to do these for u..

Sid : That’s so sweet of u dear.. If it were some other girl,brought up in a city like u,they would have not done these.. But u are doing these.. This really matters a lot to me.. I am lucky to have u in my life.. Love u.

Swadhu : I have to go.. Somebody may see us..

Sid : Hey.. Say I love u too..

She did not say anything and then runs..

Sid : Nobody can change her..

PRECAP : They conduct eating competition in which Swadhu-Sid,Arnav-Shruti and Abhi-Ritu compete..

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