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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Anarkali gets a shocking news

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode stars with Salim refusing to marry. Akbar scolds him. They argue. Akbar shouts Salim. He asks the reason for his misbehavior. Salim says love. Akbar asks who is she. Salim praises Anarkali and reveals her name. Anarkali cries. Akbar asks Anarkali? Everyone gets shocked. Rukaiya smiles. Akbar gets angry seeing Anarkali. He says I have promised Bhagwandas, this isn’t love, not rebellion. Salim says fine with it then. Akbar gets a sword and goes to Salim. She says the punishment for rebellion is death. Salim says if punishment for love is death, then I will fight with death. They have a sword fight. Everyone looks on. Salim gets hurt. Anarkali worries. Salim hurts Akbar. The fight goes on. They both stab each other and die. Everyone gets shocked. Jodha comes there and shouts no….

She wakes up from this dream. She thinks this can’t happen, nothing will be saved. She recalls Anarkali.

Akbar says I have decided that…. Jodha thinks if Akbar talks about alliance, it will be bad. Akbar says I want Salim and Maanbai’s marriage to get fixed. Rukaiya smiles and thinks to celebrate. Maanbai comes to meet Salim. Salim says I can see everyone affected by you. She says I wish you also got affected by me. He says you are angry on me, forgive them. She says fine. They have a talk. Akbar says we don’t make promises to break, this is my promise to you. He hugs Bhagwandas. Jodha thinks none knows who is in Salim’s heart. Salim asks did you like the gift I have sent. Maanbai smiles and says no one has given me such a beautiful gift. She says fine, I have forgiven you, come with me. He refuses. She gets angry and takes a knife to hurt herself. He stops her and says I do care for you. She says promise me, you will always care for me. He promises. Anarkali hears about Salim’s marriage and smiles. She eats sweets. She gets fragrance for Maanbai. Maanbai says Salim won’t like to see blood in my hands, else I would have killed you, childhood friendship changed into love, I m very happy.

Anarkali says I didn’t think you will be so happy for this. Maanbai asks why, am I heartless, I m happy. Anarkali thinks she is happy for my marriage. Maanbai asks her to make her ready for Jashan. She gets shocked seeing the kamarbandh. She says Salim has given this to me, its given to Moghal empire bahus. Anarkali recalls Salim’s words and thinks how can this happen, he has given this to me. She hears about Salim and Maanbai’s marriage. She gets shocked. Maanbai jokes on Anarkali. Anarkali cries and makes Maanbai wear kamarbandh. She gets hurt and says I will get habitual to my wounds.

Maanbai asks her to go and apply some ointment. Anarkali goes. Khanam stops Anarkali and gives Salim’s marriage news. Anarkali comes and looks for the kamarbandh, which Salim gifted her. Khala says its lost, maids don’t get rich ornaments or husbands, won’t you have sweets for Salim’s marriage fixing. Anarkali says no, its a misunderstanding, someone would have come here. Khala says just Salim comes here. Anarkali says you don’t know his love. Khala says you don’t know his nature, open your eyes. Anarkali says its our love. Khala says love and fire are similar, you won’t get a spark in the ashes, this love is an accident, forget it. Anarkali says no, I will talk to Salim, everything will get fine, I will prove you wrong, just see. She goes crying. Khala says I can’t pray that your love succeeds. She cries.

Jodha asks do you love Salim. Anarkali says a lot. Jodha asks does Salim love you. Anarkali says more than himself. Jodha asks her to leave Salim. Anarkali asks for just Salim. She cries. Salim goes to talk to Akbar.

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