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Chandragupta Maurya 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Dhananand Doubts Chandragupta is Mura’s Son

Chandragupta Maurya 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Chandragupta escapes tiger’s attack, runs and jumps on rope and climbs out. Mura relaxes seeing him safe and thinks fate made her son enact as Peeplivan’s prince. Dhananand claps and says this slave boy is brave and he wants to hug him. Chandragupta hugs him. He wiggles Chandragupta’s hair. Chandragupta part ways. Dhananand says prince’s clothes are dirty and should be given clean clothes and bathe like a prince. He orders Pandu to clean Chandragupta and says he knows Pandu hates boy and threw him in front of tiger, he saw many expressions today. Pandu helplessly wipes Chandragupta’s hand injury and body while Chandragupta smirks.

Dhananand tonsures a boy’s head. Mahamartya walks in. Dhananand shows a few maids and asks if he can identify

this boy’s mother among them. Mahamartya says no. Dhananand says mother and son’s relationship is unique as it is blood relationship and cuts boy’s scalp. Boy writhes in pain and his mother shouts worried. Dhananand says he saw same expression on Mura’s face when Chandragupta was thrown in front of tiger, he wants to know if Chandragu[ta is Peeplivan’s heir. Mahamartya says he will find out and if boy is really Peeplivan’s prince, today will be his last day. Chanakya’s supporter maid who is present there thinks of informing Chanakya.

Chandragupta walks into palace and heads towards Dhananand’s personal room when he sees maids laughing inside. Durdhara points knife on him and says only king and a few trusted aides can enter this palace. He says sword does not look good in this soft and beautiful hand. She fumes and says she is as tough as warrior. He asks to prove it and have a sword fight with him. She agrees. He says if he wins, she will show him inside king’s special room. She agrees again. He says not bad, he made king’s sister agree to his conditions and walks away leaving Durdhara fuming more.

Chankaya’s supporter maid’s friend returns apples with a message inside to him saying they are stale. He finds message in apple and informs his friend Shatkar that Dhananand is doubting that Chandragupta is Mura’s son and has sent Mahamartya to find out, so they have to stop Lubdak from revealing truth. Mahamartya walks to Lubdak and asks how did Chandragupta agree to become 1-day prince when he resisted before. Lubdak says he made Chandragupta realize not to lose golden chance. Chandragupta’s friends light fire under his chair and make him lie. Mahamartya asks why did Chandragupta jump in front of tiger to save bangle, risking his life. Lubdak says it is Chandragupta’s mother’s bangle who is no more, so he protects it more than his life. Mahamartya walks away warning if he is lying, he will be killed. Chanakya comes in front and thanking Chandragupta’s friend for their help assures them that Chandragupta will return from palace safely soon.

Chanakya returns to Shatkar. Shatkar asks why he is risking his life for Chandragupta. Chanakya says he does not have any wealth and is not a warrior, even then he wants to end Dhananand’s cruel rule and give Bharath a competent king and can go to any extent for that. He then says he has to send a message into palace now to save Chandragupta.

Durdhara points sword at Chandragupta again saying he does not have sword, so if he really is a prince or not. Chandragupta thinks if he tells truth, he will be in trouble. He rushes and picks his father’s sword hung on wall and thinks why he feels attached to this sword.

Precap: Dhananand says let mother and son meet, he will end Chandragupta’s life after that. Mura walks to Chandragupta and calls him.

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