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Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 16

Continuation from Episode 15:

It’s almost evening.Visiting hours have started.Anika is awake in the cabin.A nurse is present who is noting down details.Watching Anika is trying to sit up,she goes to help-

Nurse:How are you feeling Mrs.Oberoi?You were asleep for quite a long time.She takes off Anika’s dripping and changes the bandage on her head.
Anika:Sister,have you seen Chutki?Where is she?
Nurse:She was here only,waiting for you to wake up.She got a call so had gone out to attend.But Ma’m,I must say,you are very lucky.You have got a husband like Mr.Oberoi who loves you so dearly.When you were unconscious in ICU,he was totally broken.Not for a second he moved out from the door of the ICU cabin.Mr.Oberoi is indeed husband goal as far I have seen.

Now,this “Husband” word is sounding unfamiliar to Anika which is very normal by the way.With a confusing look she asks sister-
Anika:Who is my husband?
Nurse:Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi!Shivaay enters into the cabin and hears that.Anika and nurse turn to the door and notice him.

Nurse:Here is Mr.Oberoi Ma’m,your husband.Nurse leaves taking the old bandage wrappers and other things.Shivaay comes and sits in front of Anika.Observing her closely he says-

Shivaay:I was waiting for you to open eyes since long.Did not know that you would give competition to Kumbhakaran!Shivaay smiles gleefully.Anika looks at him weirdly like “What is he talking?”
You know Anika,past 24 hours were quite dreadful for me.You can’t imagine what else I had gone through.Anika is listening to him silently.Somehow she is not feeling comfortable.But Shivaay’s calm voice shoo away that feeling in no time.Anika starts looking here and there.Watching that Shivaay says-

Shivaay:Are you looking for Gauri?Anika nods in positive.Shivaay says smiling-
Shivaay:Let me see where is she.Shivaay turns to get up but at that very moment power goes off and darkness fills the whole cabin.Immediately Anika panics and jumps into Shivaay’s arms straight away.

Anika:Plz don’t leave me.I am scared of darkness.Don’t go plz.
Shivaay recalls those moments when Anika hugged him suddenly in front of the entrance of Trivedi Villa,for the first time.
He hugs her back and says in deep assuring voice-
Shivaay:I am here Anika.I won’t let anything happen to you.Trust me.Out of fear,Anika buries herself more tightly in Shivaay’s arms.Taking Anika into his protective,secure arms,Shivaay caresses Anika’s head to calm her down.Few seconds later power restores and cabin lightens up.Anika’s eyes are closed but she is relaxed.That uneasiness when she saw Shivaay for the first time after waking up has vanished into air without realizing.Looks like finally she has found someone whom she can rely anytime,anywhere without fearing anything.Even with power coming Anika does not open her eyes and seeing that Shivaay asks slowly-

Shivaay:Anika,lights are on.You can open your eyes.
Anika:Are you sure?She is not ready to leave him.
Shivaay:Yes,see for yourself.
Anika opens her eyes and retreats from the hug.Shivaay says cupping her cheek with one hand-
Shivaay:You don’t have to fear anything when I am around okay?Anika tries to smile but inside she is feeling embarrassed!Gauri and Omkara enter.Shivaay and Om leave them to talk.They come outside-

Om:Shivaay,what we will do now?Have you thought anything?On the other hand Gauri was angry on me knowing that you and Anika have turned husband and wife all of a sudden!Had to explain everything from the start.Shivaay looks at him.
Om:Don’t worry,she has understood our situation.So,what do you think we should do now?
Shivaay:I have talked to doctors Om.We can’t make Anika stress up revealing everything to her as it has risk.Her memory got stuck up one year ago when everything was normal in between her and Mr.Trivedi.But now situation is totally different.That’s why I have decided till Anika recovers she will be my responsibility.Can’t expect any help from Mr.Trivedi as I have seen his reactions.Now its me who is Anika’s family and all of you.
Om:Shivaay,I hope you have thought on it carefully then made this particular decision and planned accordingly.For the time being you will manage but for how long?I am fearing what if something goes wrong?Most importantly,you too have a life of your own.Don’t forget that.
Shivaay:I know what I am doing Om.I just want you to trust me on this too.Your brother won’t disappoint you,believe me.
Om:You don’t need to say all these.I know my brother,the great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi will manage everything like before.And let me tell you,no matter what happens,Rudra and I will be always with you.One for All,All for One,remember?They both laugh and hug each other.In the mean time Gauri joins them-

Gauri:Mr.Oberoi,doctor is saying di will be discharged tomorrow.Is it true?How I will manage……..
Shivaay:Don’t worry.I have spoken to doctors and I will take care of everything.And I think you should leave now.Your parents must be worrying.
Gauri:You are right but I am not feeling like going home leaving behind di in this condition.On top of that she is asking for Mom and Dad continuously.Have told a made up story to console her.Don’t know what will happen next.My head is spinning literally.
Shivaay:Leave everything to me.Go home and take rest.Om,take Gauri with you and drop her safely.Gauri and Om leave after discussing few more things.Shivaay goes back to cabin where doctor is checking Anika…..

Precap:Late at night,Anika shouts in sleep dreaming something bad.Shivaay rushes to her!

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