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Bigg Boss 12 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi and Rohit win task

Bigg Boss 12 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 79
All are outside baggage door, buzzer plays. Surbhi sits in bus without bag. Romil says you cant do that. Deepak brings bag to her. Romil says this is your strategy, Deepak says you are stooping low. She went in bus after gong. Deepak says I have Megha’s bag, Megha have Rohit’s bag. Megha says they will save Somi. Somi says I play on my own here. Buzzer plays, Deepak gets down with Megha’s bag. Sree says they cant do anything. Rohit says you are cleaned bold, you are cheap. Sree charges at him. Rohit says you are phatichar, useless, will take me to bathroom? Sree says what do you want? Sree slaps him lightly. Rohit says beat me. Rohit says o and cry in bathroom, bring your sister. Romil says dont talk about sisters. Sree says he is talking about my family.


plays, all take bags and run in bus. Rohit have Dipika’s bag, he asks Dipika she wants to save her bag? Dipika says I dont want to talk to you, you are mannerless. Surbhi says your brother is mannerless too, you dont stop him. Dipika says I will call out to anyone who is mannerless. Sree argues with Rohit. Surbhi says he doesnt realize his mistakes. Dipika gets down from bus and says they will take my bag down so let me leave, I am not here to listen to shit all the time.
Dipika cries and says to Megha that we havent come here to listen to all this shit after working so hard in life.
Surbhi says we are doing tasks here.
Dipika says to Megha that we work in tasks but they push us. Dipika says they keep misbehaving with me, who are they? Romil says they say rubbish, leave them, task is not everything, its about your identity. Dipika says they are blocking door and saying bad words.
KV asks Romil to not become villain.
Dipika shows her wounds and says KV did this, they are making us fool, I dont have patience now. Romil says calm down. Sree asks Dipika if she is fine? She says let me do it. Dipika sits in bus. Buzzer plays so Rohit gets down and eliminates Dipika for 4.5lacs. Dipika says three boys were pushing me. Surbhi says I am sorry if you got hurt, Dipika says dont show sympathy now.

All run with bags to bus. Rohit says its on luck now. KV says I want to become contender. Deepak says I am performing for myself. Surbhi says we all need captaincy. Buzzer plays so Deepak gets down and eliminates KV for 2.85lacs. Surbhi says KV felt bad.

Buzzer plays, all four run inside and take bags. They all run to bus. Deepak says Rohit grabbed me. Rohit have Deepak’s bag and Deepak have his back. Surbhi says this is competition now. Romil says to Deepak that they will eliminate you. Rohit and Deepak both sit near door of bus. Surbhi says you cant move seat like this. Sree says this is legend. All four of them shout at each other. Dipika says they are fighting now. Romil asks them to not move chairs. Deepak says Rohit is cheater. He tells Romil that you are cheating too. Surbhi says we decided to save Somi. KV says yes but then we talked about money. Somi says you asked me if I am playing with you all so I said yes. Surbhi says you all decided to save Somi. Somi says why didnt anyone tell me anything? Surbhi says to Deepak that you are inclined towards Somi but you didnt ask us. She says to Somi that you take his side and then say you are playing alone. KV says you play from Romil’s side too, which side are you? KV says I sacrificed myself. Jasleen says wow so great. Buzzer plays, he throws Deepek’s bag and says I am playing for myself. Jasleen says wow, Deepak eliminated us all and this happened with him? KV says to Romil that now you are happy? They both argue and charge at each other. Romil says wow papa you broke happy club, you showed your double faced, you were with Deepak and now playing for Rohit? Somi says to Rohit that I cant trust you. Megha says they eliminated Deepak without even asking him.

Megha says to Deepak that you took snake with you so betrayed you too.
Rohit says to KV that Deepak asked me to eliminate KV, he was cheating you too. Somi says Deepak took my and Surbhi’s name too. Deepak says Rohit betrayed me too. Deepak says I didnt take KV’s name.

Buzzer plays, all three run in room and take bags. Deepak says to KV that Rohit wanted me to eliminate Surbhi so he could save Somi and made me look bad. Buzzer plays, Rohit gets down with Somi’s bag for 6.35lacs. Bigg Boss says task have ended, Surbhi and Rohit have become contenders for captaincy. They have won money and now prize money is 44.35lacs.

Somi comes to Deepak to talk but Romil comes there. Somi asks him to leave but he doesnt. Somi says to Deepak that you took my name but I am not saying anything. Romil asks Somi to accept his apology. Somi cries and says you were laughing at me with others. Romil says I didnt mean to hurt you. Somi says you were laughing at me with Jasleen. Deepak covers her face so she can cry and asks her to not cry. Romil tries to console him. Somi says I dont want anyone. Deepak says she came to console us but now we are consoling her. Somi laughs. Somi says Romil said that people are helping me here. Megha comes and says if you three are still together then I am very happy. Deepak says I am consoling them both.

Deepak is crying. Romil comes to him and asks what happened? hurt over friends or Somi? Deepak says everything.
Rohit says to Surbhi that Deepak got angry that I was playing for myself.
Deepak says to Romil that no one is loyal here, I cheated Somi so they cheated me in task too. Romil says no one can be trusted here.

Deepak says to Somi that I am guilty that I betrayed you. Somi says you treated me as an option to throw me out first. Deepak says all decided it but I am the villain now. Somi says you can play your game but dont be double faced infront of me. Deepak leaves.

Deepak goes to washroom and cries.
Megha says to Romil that talk to Deepak, he was crying a lot. Jasleen says why Somi is doing that with him.

Sree asks Deepak to come out of washroom. Deepak is beating and breaking things in washroom. Somi asks him to come out. KV breaks door and goes in. All console him. Sree hugs him and says there is still a lot to bear. Somi says we are not feeling bad, I am fine.
Rohit says to Surbhi that Deepak was beating himself. Surbhi says is he mad?
KV takes Deepak from washroom.
Somi asks Deepak what happened? Deepak says I played for all. Deepak breaks things. KV stops him. Surbhi says what are you doing? Deepak says I have guilt.
Sree says to Dipika that he cant accept his failure that his plan didnt work.
Somi says to Deepak that I forgave you, dont feel bad.

Somi asks Deepak what happened? Deepak says sorry. Somi says you have to do sit ups, he does it, she laughs. Somi says he broke his hand for me. She asks if he wants to eat something? other than slap?

KV reads a task between Romil and Sree.

PRECAP- In task, they have to wash a dirty car. Romil says to Sree that if we were alone in task then I would have easily won. Sree says we would see. Both Sree and Romil have helpers in task. KV and Jasleen washes car for Romil. Dipika helps Sree.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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