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Agnifera 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kishen’s Family Plans Agni and Sakshi’s 2nd Test

Agnifera 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sakshi walks into Devi’s room to do her hand massage. Yashi brings kheer for Devi and walks away asking Sakshi to feed it to didi. Sakshi massages Devi’s hand and says she must be feeling disappointed that I did not win. Devi says it is her mistake that she did not give her hint. Sakshi says she does not need hint and wants her blessings to win next tests. Devi says her blessings are always with her.

Kishen walks to kitchen. Revathi asks if he wants breakfast. He says no, he has planned outing with Agni. Agni comes and says she won 1 test and after winning another 6, she will be Kishen’s wife. Kishen says he considers her as his wife already and today they will go on date and then movie. She says they will return late then, she will not get properly sleep and may not

concentrate on her next test, so she cannot come. Kishen insists, but she rejects. Revathi asks him not to feel bad. Kishen says he likes Agni’s this nature.

Kishen then walks to his room and seeing Sakshi there asks to get out of his room. Sakshi (unable to act even after so many months) starts her overacting and says she is his wife and his girlfriend Agni should go away instead. Kishen warns she is not his wife. Sakshi speaks to his pic and says she will not leave his house. Kishen leaves fuming.

Kishen walks into living room. Someone hits knife into his chest. He shouts in fear. Family laughs and he sees Vasu pricking spring knife. Family reveals it is next test and Agni and Sakshi have to protect him. He disagrees. They insist. Agni and Sakshi walk in fighting and ask what is happening. Family disperses. Chacha buys similar real knife from a goon and thinks Kishen’s family will kill him and he will just watch.

Next morning, Agni walks towards bathroom to get ready. Kishen stops her and says he has to go first as he has to reach office. Agni says commissioner is coming to meet her, so she needs to get ready first. Their argument starts. Sakshi who watches their argument silently asks them to move aside and gets into bathroom leaving htem fuming. After sometime, family starts pooja. Agni joins wearing police uniform. Devi yells she does not have manners to wear sari and attend pooja and came wearing uniform instead.

Precap: Vasu asks family where is knife. Chacha changes wife. Kishen fumes on Sakshi for troubling him repeatedly.

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