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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav and Krishna unite

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with some boys coming home to meet Kairav and Vansh. They see Krishna and start teasing her. She cries. Kairav, Krish and Vansh come. Kairav shoots an arrow at them. He goes to Krishna and wipes her tears. The boy asks are you on her side, she is from the roads. Kairav says shut up, she is my sister. Krish says she isn’t the same now. Vansh says everything changed now, she is part of this family. The boy says if you make her your sister, we won’t be your friends. Kairav says I don’t want such friends, I have Vansh and Krish. The boys go. Kairav, Krish and Vansh apologize. Kairav says you always helped me, I have hurt you, I didn’t let you touch Akshu, sorry. Krishna says its fine, siblings fight. Kairav says I will not fight again. Krishna hugs him. They all hug. Kartik and Naira look on. He says we won, our faith won. Naira says our kids didn’t let us lose. They call the kids and hug them. Dadi cries for the kids. Manish says we are doing this for formality. The kids shout Happy Dussehra and come. Everyone hugs them.

Suwarna asks what’s happening. Kartik says it should have happened. Naira says the kids understood the value of family, we are proud of them. She tells everything. They hug Kairav and Krishna. Suwarna says I will give them special gifts. Surekha says it will be special fun now. Suwarna says we can see diwali brightness on your faces now. Krish says they didn’t just punish kids, they were also bearing it. Samarth asks them not to get senti. Kartik says thank God everything got fine. Vansh asks who will shoot the arrow to burn Raavan. Kairav says Krish will do, he had become Ram. Krish says I killed Raavan on stage, you do. They ask each other. Naksh says what’s the use, they are fighting even now. Kirti says few things are enough. Naksh says like trust.

Naira says we will burn the Raavan together. All the kids shoot the arrow. The arrows fall down. Naira says its fine, try again taking Ram’s name. The kids try again. They burn the Raavan. Khili hai khushiyon….plays…. Everyone smiles. Kartik says burn the chits yourself. Naira says promise that this won’t happen again. The kids get chits and burn it. Kartik says Dussehra comes every year, good wins over evil. Naira says we should check, control ourselves every day, so that we just do better for the family. Kartik nods. She says kids’ distance ended, I wish Naksh and Kirti’s distance also ends. Kartik says love will win over anger, then our diwali will be happy. Krish sees Naksh and Kirti going. Kartik and Naira go to hear. Naksh says you got the message, I want custody matter to end and we get the divorce tomorrow, our son is stuck in this. Kirti says then leave him, he is happy with me. Naksh says he cried when he left the house, he said he doesn’t want to come here. They argue. She says the court will decide. He says I agree, we will meet in the court. Naira says they are getting more away. Kartik says we have time till tomorrow, we will try. Naira says we realized it and still got away. Kartik says yes, we had also gone to the court. She says we won’t let this happen with them.

Naira goes. She sees Manish and asks are you fine. Manish cries and says I can’t see Kirti’s divorce once again. Naira says I can understand, everything will be fine. He says how will it get fine, don’t give me false hope. She says be strong. He says I loved Naksh as my son, what happened to children these days that they don’t value relations, their ego and happiness is everything for them. Naira says its not like that. Manish says Kirti told me that she has a meeting with lawyer tomorrow. Naira says we have time till tomorrow, we have hope also. He says I m shattering. She says don’t lose courage. He says just you can help, I always chose to become father than Sasur, just you did daughter’s duty for us, I request you. Naira says Kartik and I are trying our best, be strong. Krish is sad. Krishna asks Kairav to ask. Vansh says feed him the laddoo, his mood will be good. Kairav say his mood won’t get better with food. Krish says leave me alone. Kairav says we are your friends. Krishna asks why are you sad.

Krish asks do you know Aditya, he is mum and dad’s friend, we clicked a pic also, I heard my mum and dad fought because of him. Naira asks Kirti to cancel the meeting, they can talk. Kirti says Naksh and I are not together. Naira says never say never, don’t let it happen, what about Krish’s fate. Kirti says its our fate, maybe its right, Krish will learn with time. Kairav says we will ask Aditya to explain them. Krish says I don’t know where he lives. Vansh says Kirti’s phone will have the number. Krish says good idea. They join hands. Naira and Kirti hear this. Naira asks who Aditya….

Vansh says my friend Aditya. They cross fingers and lie. Krish asks shall I go and meet him. Naira asks them to have sweets. Kirti keeps her phone. Vansh signs Kairav. Kairav acts of tooth pain. Vansh takes the phone and passes. Krish takes phone and notes down number. He returns the phone. Vansh keeps it back. Naira says I will take dentist’s appointment. Kairav says it fine now. Kirti says he maybe scared of dentist. Kirti takes her phone and goes. Kairav says Aditya made me reach dentist. Krish asks shall we call.

The kids call Aditya at the temple and go to meet him. Naksh says Krish is my son, so I m fighting for his custody. Naira explains him. Kirti says divorce is better than daily fights.

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