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Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Prabhu mahaganadhipati blesses rishi krismat.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with mukunda asking devraj indra what kind of punishment you have given to me & he tells her due to your evil thoughts you are punished.
Narayan tells laxmi that this she had to face by becoming pregnant & was wondering how to tackle as rishi was about to arrive.
Mukunda while resting thinks how her rishi husband will react when he finds the truth of her pregnancy & dreaming about rishi being arrived & as he sees him inside he tells her to go away from her life as she immediately comes out of her dream.
Rishi comes calling mukunda & as he sees her he gets angry telling her to leave but again he stops her saying it’s wrong to throw you away with this child who has no mistake coming in your stomach so tells her that you can stay here but only for his upbringing while I’ll give him name & will also see to it that he gets all knowledge from me & rishi teaches him all kinds of knowledge teaching him meditation of prabhu maganadhipati ganesh.
As he grows up he also becomes rishi named as krismat & his father rishi tells him that now you are able to spread knowledge but he tells him i wish to learn more which makes me feel to learn more & more but rishi tells him now you have to socialise & learn life’s lessons so once he goes to one raja’s celebration where he is serving food to all rishi’s & as he sits with everybody one of them gets up cursing him saying how can you sit here who does not know his truth of birth but krismat tells him how can such intellectual rishi like you says this as i am son of rishi vaskmithi & other rishi is laughing telling him to find your actual truth of birth from your mother than you’ll know because you are not worth sitting here & he goes angrily to ask mother what had happened wrong about my birth & she tells him the truth that you are child of devraj indra while he is shocked to hear & he expresses his harsh feelings saying how can i lead my life now after knowing this & by what identity i should face world which is only because of your mistake & she tells him i accepted my mistake then too i faced my life to give you life or if i would had been rude then i would had killed you but i did not do that to bring you in this world. But krismat punishes her cursing that you will also become plant with pointed branches & she also curses him saying you too will have an asoor child while she gets converted into cactus plant.
Krismat finally sits meditating his prabhu maganadhipati’s idol for long due to his feeling of wrong done towards his mother.
Narayan tells laxmi that one of my big devotee rishi vishwadev was going near krsimat but was going to get lessons from him.
Rishi vishwadev comes chanting name of narayan arriving near krismat’s hut & sees him meditating him for prabhu maganadhipati’s idol & he is chanting narayan’s name while krismat also chanting narayan’s name & he gets confused asking why are you taking name of narayan when this idol is not narayan but he explains him that god is only one may be it’s narayan or ganeshji both are within each other but rishi refuses to listen to him saying no there is only one god & that is my narayan so krsimat tells him to keep your god’s idol in front of you & do your meditation & I’ll do for my prabhu so he sits accordingly but he sees his idol gone in front of krismat & ganesh in front of him while meditating so he blames telling krismat you did this deliberately but prabhu ganesh uses his powers to show him both idols one by one in front of both of them by which krismat explains him this is the truth of prabhu itself showing you they both are within each other & his eyes opens seeing prabhu’s emergence & gets blessed.
Prabhu ganesh tells krismat that i am impressed by you so tell me what you wish he tells him i do not wish anything but only to devote myself for you & ganesh tells him your devotion is far bigger that anything so i bless you & also i release your mother from your curse as you won’t repent for your feelings towards your mother also & tells him this place will be known as varad vinayak temple through you as my ultimate devotee.
Prabhu ganadhipati intimates narayan & laxmi devi to start your tour now from girijatmak ganpati temple & they are reaching the temple but maxmi devi feels mata paravati’s existence so narayan explains her this is the place where mata paravati got child vignaharta ganesh by her meditation.
After this prabhu intimates them to move ahead for vignehswar vinayak dham & as they both reach there devi laxmi asks narayan to tell what ganesh did for which name was given vigneshwar so narayan explains her an asoor took birth which happened due to devraj indra.
Devraj indra along with other gods is enjoying dance in indra lok while he gets a bright light coming on his eyes & harming him so shouts who is it & narad comes to tell him that raja abhinandan is performing this yagna to become more powerful that you & indra gets angry how can he do this so indra goes to raja telling i have come getting impressed by your yagna so wish what you want but raja thanks indra for coming then too tells him that i am doing this yagna for not any purpose but wish to complete this for all gods happiness & indra goes & discusses with all his colleague gods that he should not become powerful than me so need to plan something big but one of them tells him we are god & not asoor so we should not harm his yagna instead should help him but he says this has to be done by any asoor.

Precap : Devraj indra produces an asoor telling him to go & disturb raja. Narayan tells laxmi this asoor was creating terror for gods & all. The asoor is gulping everything which gods were performing & indra falls in confusion so asks help from maganadhipati.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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