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Shakti 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Heer earns Sargi from Parmeet

Shakti 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Parmeet asking Heer why did she forget that her marriage is incomplete and says I can’t let any ritual or puja complete? Virat says you are doing wrong. Sant Baksh says when your marriage is incomplete then we will not act to get it complete. Parmeet says if you had not agreed for Preeto’s conditions then your wife wouldn’t have seen this day. Virat asks Heer not to take tension and says I will talk to Heer. Gurwinder asks Heer not to get sad. Heer asks her to give her mobile and calls Preeto. She asks Preeto why did she do this and tells that she left her marriage rituals incomplete. Preeto asks what happened? Heer asks if your mother in law made sargi for you. Preeto says yes.

Heer tells that her saas will not made sargi for her first karwachauth fast and asks Preeto and everyone to celebrate today. Parmeet hears her and thinks Heer’s childhood dream is ruined. You wanted her to be our daughter. She thinks she has enjoyed a lot. Heer asks Preeto to be happy and says your grand daughter’s first karwachauth will be incompleted. Preeto says this is not your first karwachauth as you had kept this fast for him before also. She asks her to fulfill her conditions and then do the fast. Heer asks how you will feel if I ask you not to keep fast for Harak Singh. Preeto says just I want to tell. Heer says I don’t want to hear and tells that she will keep incomplete fast, but for her Virat’s love is complete. She asks her to remember this always and ends the call. Virat asks Parmeet to let Heer keep her first fast. Just then Heer comes there and tells that she wants to talk to mummy ji. Virat says I am talking to her. Parmeet says let her talk to me. She asks her to say. Heer says if you don’t make sargi then I will not keep fast for Virat. Virat goes. Heer tells that she knows that she will not keep fast for Virat all life if she wants and asks if she wants her to do this. She asks do you want your bahu not to keep fast for your son. Parmeet calls Gurwinder and asks her to make video call to Preeto. Gurwinder shockingly calls Preeto. Preeto picks the call.

Parmeet says you like to keep conditions and says I will also have a condition, I will make sargi for her on a condition. She shows the gun and tells that she knows about this being a police officers’ wife and mothers. She asks Heer to keep gun on her shoulder and shoots at herself. She says we will get you treated and if you can do this, then I will do sargi. Preeto asks what are you saying, have you gone mad? Parmeet says there was 3 rounds remaining in incomplete marriage, even I will count till three. Sant Baksh says she is like your daughter. Preeto asks Heer not to do this and says if she don’t give you sargi then someone else will do. Heer takes gun in her hand. Everyone is shocked. Sant Baksh and Preeto try to stop Heer. Gurwinder says Heer…Parmeet counts 1…Virat thinks what are they doing inside? I will check. Daljeet stops him. Sant Baksh says your mother will not shoot your wife and asks him to sit. Preeto shouts asking where is Virat?

Heer shoots at herself, but there is no bullet in the gun. Everyone looks shocked. Preeto asks where is Heer? Heer gets up. Everyone takes a sigh of relief seeing her fine. Parmeet says I told that I am familiar with gun and bullets. She says she had already taken out the bullets. She says Heer has passed in the test and she will make sargi for her. She tells that if anyone tells anything to Virat then she won’t let Heer complete her fast. Preeto says she will go and talk to Virat. Harak Singh stops her and reminds of Parmeet’s words. Shanno thinks Parmeet is more mad than Preeto, even the latter haven’t done this with Soumya. Parmeet comes out and tells that she has to make sargi for both her bahus. She signs Sant Baksh. Virat says atlast you have convinced your saas. Heer thinks she can do anything for him.

Parmeet serves sargi to Heer. Virat says he will taste it. Heer stops him and tells that she has earned this from her saas and don’t want to share her love with him. Virat eats other food items. Heer eats sargi and is shocked. She looks at Parmeet. Parmeet recalls adding soil in the pakodas. Heer eats the pakodas and take out the stones which come in it. Virat says he will eat it. Heer refuses to let him eat pakodas and tells that it is so yummy and she can’t share it with anyone. After Virat and Gurwinder leave, Heer tells Parmeet that the sargi was very nice and shows the stones saying she has no complains with her, as it is mixed by Preeto in her life.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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