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Shaadi Mubarak 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeti and KT reach Palana

Shaadi Mubarak 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with KT and Preeti taking Buasa’s blessings. Preeti gets up. Their heads strike. KT says sorry, once again. He strikes head again. He says I heard this in childhood, we should strike head again else we may fight. Everyone smiles. Buasa stares at him and smiles. She says you are funny, tell me one thing, why did you touch my feet. KT says I thought your blessing is the biggest fees, it should not be just for bahu, but for son also, we are partners, so everything is half, I will come to Palana and make the special day the best. Buasa smiles. Preeti says you can’t come there. They ask why.

Preeti says there would be cold temperature in village, KT can’t tolerate, there are no facilities there. KT says I have become superstar by undergoing all this, I run when Rajasthani soil calls me. He boasts of himself. He says I will manage everything, I m coming. Buasa says then come, we will give you all facilities and comforts. She asks Kusum to get her entire family and come. Kusum says we will surely come. Buasa says we will celebrate it grandly. Kusum says sure. KT says Palana trip….

Rati asks Tarun not to vent anger on things. She says I feel bad on your insult, you won’t have any respect now, if everyone boycotts you, then… Tarun gets a message. He says Buasa invited us to Palana village for her wedding, it means she has forgiven me, we have another chance to show mum her right place and break her ego. Rati asks how. He says you have to go there and win everyone’s heart by becoming a perfect bahu. She asks shall I become perfect bahu in village, no… He says you have to do acting for few days, everyone should take your name, Rati, instead Preeti.

Its morning, Preeti asks Sheena to talk to vendors. She says I will manage it, but how to stop KT without hurting his heart. KT comes and says everything is ready, my staff will come with me to manage my work, relax, your work will also he handled. She says you can’t get your staff there, we are going for our work, not for your shooting, you have to come alone if you want. He says I was a superstar, how can this happen, how shall I explain. He explains about staff. She says you think how will you manage, its fine, I will understand. He says you are not understanding.

Preeti says KT won’t be coming, I didn’t hurt his heart and stopped him. Kusum asks how did he agree, he is like a kid, who gets upset when his wish isn’t fulfilled. Preeti says he can’t do anything without staff. She acts like KT. Kusum laughs. Kusum and Preeti pack their bags. Kusum asks why did you refuse to him, you have removed entertainment, tell me the truth.

Rati wears a saree. Her mum helps her. Rati practices to touch feet. Preeti says Palana is my village and Sasural also, Buasa made me wedding planner, I m bahu for others, they won’t understand my work and partnership with KT, he doesn’t think of anything, village customs will be there, he is hero of his world, I was afraid that anyone can take his behavior wrong. Rati says something is wrong, we insulted Preeti, Buasa slapped Tarun and then invited Tarun and me, she would not forgive us, is there any reason behind this, does she want to insult us.

Preeti says I don’t want to insult my and KT’s partnership, you know women aren’t treated equal in village. Kusum nods. Preeti says they see me as good bahu, maa, wife and other relations, I don’t want to lose my respect there. Rati says Tarun asked me to do a good bahu work, I can’t handle a pallu. Her mum says focus on making your Saas pallu fall, do something that Preeti’s character falls down. Rati says right, she is regarded ideal there, I can ruin her image.

Kusum and Preeti greet Buasa. Tarun asks Rati to touch everyone’s feet like Preeti is doing. Juhi introduces the relatives to Kusum. Tarun and Rati come. Rati says I have respect in heart, but I don’t have a habit to touch feet. Buasa says its fine, just greet. The ladies talk that Rati had ousted Preeti, why did Buasa invite her. Preeti asks is the setup ready. The man says yes. Buasa asks her to take some rest. Preeti says its my responsibility, I will rest after work, be ready for the first surprise, congrats for the wedding anniversary. The men play dhol. Everyone smiles.

Preeti thinks I m managing first function without KT, villagers can’t understand his unique function, I hope the function goes well. KT comes there in disguise playing dhol. He thinks I m your partner, I can’t let you stay alone, you will get a dashing surprise today. Buasa makes Preeti wear garlands. She says you deserve this respect, you earned it yourself. Everyone claps. Baldev says don’t know what did Buasa see in you, that she feels your work is to earn respect, else we are against this, I have seen when bahu steps back and comes back, she gets defamation, what if you spoil the innocent girls here, who is responsible, its not right. Buasa says I have seen something, Preeti isn’t a cloud to move here and there, she is calm like a mountain, I trust her.

Preeti falls in KT’s arms. Everyone gets shocked. Baldev scolds him. Preeti says he is my partner KT. Baldev says you both are alone, you don’t have a husband, he doesn’t have a wife. Rati says if I fuel this fire, then Preeti’s respect will be ruined.

Update Credit to: Amena

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