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Santoshi Maa 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh becomes very eager to meet swati.

Santoshi Maa 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with bubli comes to give juice to nidhi as she sees her phone ringing of her friend abhishek & plans to trick her so she tells nidhi that indresh was telling me what kind of gift should be planned to give you & nidhi gets delighted & then bubli tells her I know how to impress indresh because I have learnt his behaviour since I have come here so nidhi asks her tips while bubli tells her to take this juice first.
Indresh asking ushma while driving car that why swati was sent to some other place from here & who are the people searching her & ushma is trying to calm him but sees polomi around who is challenging santoshi mata saying how much you hide swati from me but atleast I can harm your other devotee’s & she uses her powers to create accident of indresh driving car of which he is unable to control & tyre bursts as he is about hit ongoing cycler but santoshi mata saves it with her powers by which polomi is surprised.
Devi polomi is abusing santoshi mata saying you can’t come in my way but mata tells her wherever wrong happens then gods have to come for safeguarding their devotee’s & polomi is challenging mata that I will see to it that indresh’s marriage completes with nidhi anyhow but mata tells her that you must be aware due to indresh’s pooja swati has become better & he is also moving towards devotion hence I’ll see to it that swati does the karwa chout pooja by which they both re-join together but polomi also tells her if this is it then I’ll also see to it that my devotee too does this pooja to achieve indresh & mata tells her I assure that swati will complete this pooja for indresh.
Indresh changes burst tyre & asks ushma I want to meet swati anyhow & what about those goons & she tells him to not to worry about other goons as they will get their punishment & about swati if you are asking then what’s the use if you do not wish to lead your life with her but he tells her that he only wishes to know why all this has happened with her for her well-being.
Bubli gives juice to nidhi which contains weird item by which she foolishly starts speaking about her friendship with her male friend disclosing bubli of her past relations with him & he betrayed her so she got indresh in her life & gets sleepy while talking but bubli gets the details of her which encourages her to decide firmly to take nidhi out of indresh’s life forever.
Indresh’s mother & all are arranging prasad plate for nidhi while bubli comes asking her can I help you but she tells her to help yourself while she thinks now I have to plan urgently how to release nidhi from indresh’s life but indresh comes asking her did you said anything & indresh’s mother tells indresh to touch the plate so that nidhi can eat this prasad food plate as he is about to touch pinky comes running saying nidhi was sleeping & after so long she has woken & indresh stops touching the plate. Indresh’s mother tells indresh to pour water in this new glass for nidhi to release fast & does accordingly. After pouring water he gets a call & goes while nidhi comes readily & all go to pray god while bubli changes plates of food & also water & is taking the prasad food plate with her hiding under her costume while nidhi stops her asking where are you going & she stops confusingly.

Precap : Indres asking ushma whatever i ask please answer me correctly & she tells him to ask so he asks did swati kept karwa chout fast & she tells him yes in which she has applied your name mehndi also on her hands as santoshi mata is helping swati in fast completion. Indresh asks her i wish to meet swati anyhow & ushma tells him now nobody can stop you to meet her if you have little bit of true love for her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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