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RadhaKrishn 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sam grows suspicious

RadhaKrishn 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha saying Sam has changed. Krishna doubts. The guys say we don’t want to sit with Sam, we have come to get knowledge from Guru ji, Sam shouldn’t take it otherwise. Krishna says Sam has changed, he will not get angry, he has become a good boy now. Sam says yes, I won’t get angry, my brothers are thinking right. Sam says I want to ask something, my dad didn’t fight Maharabharat, he was just a supporter, you didn’t agree, how can anyone fight without weapon, when Yudh was Dharm that time, how did Dwarkadheesh fight the battle and when.

Krishna says Yudh’s dharm is to end it soon and save many lives, you should fight when its imp for peace, Sam… the best battle is one which isn’t fought, but there are many people who keep Dharm without lifting weapons, Shri Krishna is one of them, when anyone thinks that Krishna didn’t fight, the truth is that there was no moment when he was not fighting, he fought to end the battle, so that humanity and Dharm stays alive, he gave many chances to call off the battle, but it didn’t happen, this battle are fought in the heart, they win and lose in the heart. Sam says you mean my dad has fought with heart, not weapons, everyone has weapons, but my dad had nothing, I didn’t see him with weapons, I have seen him playing flute, flute isn’t a weapon. Krishna says that’s the most powerful weapon, music signifies love, love has the biggest power, Radha can answer you well. Radha smiles. Sam asks will Radha tell me now, does she know me more than me about my dad.

Krishna says I m asking Radha because she has experienced the power of flute. Radha says yes, Krishna’s flute sound fills love in the heart, when there is love, there is no need to fight, flute is the most powerful flute. Krishna says right, you understood it now Sam. Sam asks what’s this answer. Radha says one who didn’t meet Krishna can’t imagine this, I have seen him. Sam says I get angry that you know more than me and my mum about my dad Krishna, he has sent me here to someone else, since childhood, he didn’t tell me any story or sang a lullaby for me, I heard a story about dad, but from someone else. He gets angry and cries. He leaves.

Krishna goes to Radha. Radha says I have experienced that Sam spoke to Krishna as a son, he wants to know about Krishna from Krishna himself, its his right. Krishna says yes, what do you think I should go. Radha says shower a father’s love on him, so that his anger gets calm, you have to take the next step. He says you said right, friend’s wish is a command for me, Sam will get a chance to experience love. She asks him to take the flute, the symbol of their love.

She happily cries. She goes to serve the Rishis. She says the new Sevikas made the food today, they will serve, don’t know where is Acharya. Sam says let Achuta come, I will soon teach her a big lesson. Rishi says its the sound of a chariot. Radha says who would have come at this time. Krishna comes there. Everyone gets surprised. Sam says it was time to give a lesson to Achuta, dad always comes between my plans.

Krishna greets the soil and comes in. He blesses the guys. He asks Gurudev to be seated, he is their Acharya, teacher shouldn’t stand in front of student, its student’s duty. Sam greets Krishna from far. Krishna hugs him and smiles. Radha smiles. Sam says you came suddenly. Krishna says I came on someone’s call. Sam says maybe someone called him from his heart. Rishi says Krishna came at the right time, come and have food with us. He asks Radha to get Raj asaan for him. Krishna says no, I m your student, I want to sit here and have food, I m also a fellow mate of your Gurukul, I want to have food from your plate, do you have any problem. Sam signs no. Krishna asks Radha to serve him food.

Radha serves the food. Krishna eats the food. He says stop Sam, I will feed you by my hands today. Sam looks at him. Krishna feeds him. Sam gets emotional. The guy says the kheer isn’t tasty. Sam says no, its tasty. Rishi says no, the food isn’t tasty today, Radha you make the food. The guys also say the same. Sam says I didn’t had such food before. Anirudh says no, there is no taste in the food. Rishi says yes, I agree with Anirudh. Radha thinks Sam is experiencing the taste of Krishna’s love. Rishi says where is Achuta, she is Krishna’s biggest devotee. Radha says don’t know, maybe she is doing Dhyaan, she is Gyaani. Krishna says I would like to meet her. Radha says sure, Sam won’t you wash your dad’s hands.

Sam helps Krishna. Krishna says you have grown up, you got calm, your mum will be proud to see you like this. Sam says Achuta didn’t return till now. Anirudh asks where did she go. Sam says there is some secret, she disappeared when dad came, I have to teach her a lesson. Anirudh says you are angry on Achuta, when you should be happy that your dad came to meet you. Sam asks how did he give me love suddenly, I know he has come here for Radha. Anirudh says I don’t think so. Sam asks where is Krishna, he would be in the jungle with his Radha, playing flute. Krishna comes smiling.

Krishna’s take: Krishna speaks about fate. He says Radha asks me to change fate, why do I try to change Sam’s fate, because I m a father, its my work to change my son’s life, deeds can change even fate, if you think that its impossible, don’t leave trying, who knows, which deed changes the path of your fate, don’t sit quiet, write your fate with your actions, you have a right on your deeds.

Krishna says show the world that you are more powerful than your dad. Sam says I need your weapon. Krishna says you can’t manage it. Sam asks what is it. Krishna says Sudarshan Chakra, it looks beautiful, but destructive. Sam says I want this weapon. Shiv and Parvati look on from the sky.

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