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Qurbaan Hua 6th November 2020 Written Episode: Naveli brings the karwa Chawt and Viyas jee catches her

Qurbaan Hua 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

At night Chahat asks Neil what is Karwa Chawat because she has only heard that there are heavy discounts on the clothes, Chahat exclaims that she would not keep the fast because she is not his wife and so would not keep the fast, Neil says that she can keep the fast as then she would pray for his long life, Chahat says that she has not done anything wrong but then realizes that she lied to her father, she blames that everything that is happening is because of Neil as he kidnapped her and then forced her to lie to the entire family, Neil explains that she should act then starts explaining the other rituals where she would eat before sunrise and act as if she is keeping a fast till the dusk.
In the morning Chahat comes down and is amazed that Godamabri has prepared such dishes then asks who is for the other thali, Naveli exclaims that she is also keeping the fast then Godambari exclaims that she prays that Naveli get a life partner whom she desires, Godambari then gives them both the dress which they would have to wear. Godambari then warns her that she cannot eat anything.
Neil asks Viyas jee if there is something that he wants to say but Viyas jee asks what does he mean as if there is something wrong then, Jamuna comes explaining that he needs the authorization for the paint of the Mandir, then Neil thinks that he would go and cancel the registration of his father.
Chahat brings the food for Viyas jee asking him to eat it as he did not come to the table then also asks Jamuna who mentions that he had to keep the fast in the place of his wife, Viyas jee orders him to eat as it is not right for him to keep the fast in this situation, then when Chahat asks if he should bring food for him Viyas jee mentions that he cannot eat when she is fasting hearing which Chahat thinks that she would now keep the fast as Viyas jee is also fasting.
Ghazala takes Dr Baig to the old age home thinking that no one would look for him in an old age home meant for the hindu people, she gives the manager some money and then takes Dr Baig inside.
Neil reaches the office and cancels the registration of his father exclaiming that there is no need since their relation have corrected, the manager praises him who asks Neil that they need some help for an old person so Neil agrees that take his responsibility then when the manager brings Dr Baig he is not able to move and even then desires to meet Neil who thinks he killed Saraswati. But Ghazala tries moving him however is not able to then Neil gets a text from Chahat so leaves for the house.
Chahat drops her books in front of the room of Naveli, Viyas jee also comes from behind exclaiming that he would help her but she gets worried as if he sees that she is studying the books on pharmacy he will ask questions which she would not be able to answer, then when Viyas jee kneels he sees that Naveli is eating so yells at her asking what she is doing, he goes inside then scratches the thali. Godamabri also comes asking what has happened, Viyas jee asks had the pressurized her to keep the fast but then Godamabri exclaims that she kept it by her own will, Viyas jee explains that she should take care of the rituals and be like Chahat as she has kept the fast even when she is studying, after which they leave.
Naveli blames saying that Chahat purposefully dropped her books at the front of the door in order to make her feel ashamed in the eyes of Viyas jee. Godambari plans something that will end her insult.
Baleq in the house is planning to sell the original gold statue that was placed In the Mandir for 120 million, he asks the buyer to give him 10 million in cash at the steel factory in the night, he plans that he will sell the original and then place the duplicate in the Mandir.
Chahat is in the lawn wondering how she can control her hunger as she cannot bear it any longer, Neil comes asking her to eat something because she is just pretending but Chahat exclaims that since Viyas jee is not eating anything so she will also not eat, Neil doesnot believe her saying that she also keeps fast in Ramzan but Chahat says that she is prepared but not now, they both head inside where Godamabri is hitting Naveli with a stick, Chahat stops her so Godambari sys that she has been possessed which is why she was eating at Karwa Chawat, Chahat explains that there is no such thing and even Viyas jee comes asking what is happening, Godamabri exclaims that she might have been possessed but then Viyas jee mentions that it is because she did not raise her properly.
Baleq thinks that after selling the murti he has to go back to the house and reveal that Neil loved someone ese and it was not Chahat.
Ghazala makes Dr Baig lie down on the bed and assures that nothing would happen, she gets a call from the insurance office who order her that they would turn down the proposal; for insurance as she has not provided any proof, Ghazala plans to get the money at any cost,


Update Credit to: Sona

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