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Mere Sai 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai teaches the difference between arrogance and being grateful

Mere Sai 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandorkar ji is meditating. My soul is pulling me to you whereas I am also bound by my duties. I am neither able to meditate freely nor do my duties properly. Only you can pull me out of this dilemma. He starts chanting Om Sai Ram.

Sai smiles. Chandorkar ji experiences bright light and opens his eyes. He hears someone singing and recognizes it to be Sai’s voice. He steps outside to find the source of the voice. He is blinded by the bright light yet again. He imagines Sai sitting in his courtyard. Sai continues humming to himself. Leave your worries on God and pray to Him. Staying in the world yet not falling for the worldly pleasures is the biggest key to salvation. Chandorkar ji asks him to come inside. I will ask someone else to grind wheat. Sai denies. This is my work. I must do it. Look at the grinder. One must put a lot of effort and bear some amount of pain in order to use it. You sing in order to avoid the pain and it makes the grains better. Similarly, devotion and duties go hand in hand. You sway from your path if you try to separate one from the other. You wont find God if you will try to ditch your responsibilities to find God. Following your devotion wont be a hindrance if you will do your duties well. Chandorkar ji folds his hands in gratitude and closes his eyes. Sai disappears by the time he opens his eyes. Chandorkar ji opens his eyes for real and looks outside. He notices flour on the ground. A boy is picking it up. He asks the boy who he is. Narayan says I make idols. I saw flour here and couldn’t help myself but make something out of it. He shows the idol he has made. Chandorkar ji thanks Sai for helping him. I have some work for you, Narayan. Will you do it? Narayan readily agrees.

Few men chase a guy and beat him with sticks. The villagers look on. Bheema asks them why they are hitting Bhanu but they tell him to mind his business. Tatya says Bhanu is from our village. He is a good guy. Bheema seconds him. We will speak in case someone will try to hurt him. They challenge them to stop or question them again. We are the most dangerous wrestlers of Sakori. Better not mess with us. They start hitting Bhanu again but Sai asks them to stop. Bhanu requests Sai to save him. The guys say he will fall in a second. Sai asks Bhanu why these guys are hitting him. Bhanu shares that he was called to Sakori to make something for them. We decided on a wager. I did my best but they refused to pay me when I finished my work. They started hitting me when I asked for my money. I somehow managed to come here but they aren’t letting me go. Sai tells those guys that it is wrong to not give someone their money. They try to boss over Sai. We will do whatever we want here.

Sai gives Mahabharata’s example. Draupadi asked Bheema to bring a flower. Bheema saw a monkey on his way. His tail was coming in his way. It is wrong to step over it. He requested the monkey politely but the monkey refused. Bheema threatened him next. That monkey told Bheema to use his strength to move is tail. Bheema became arrogant and tried to do that but failed. That’s when Bheema realised it was no ordinary monkey. He accepted defeat and requested the monkey politely. That monkey showed his real form then. It was no one else but Hanuman ji! Hanuman ji taught a lesson to Bheema – it is wrong to feel arrogant because of your strength. You should use your strength to help a weak man, and not to scare him. The guys are interested in his lecture. This guy (Bhanu) threatened to file a report. Sai calls it right. Law is there to protect us. They talk disrespectfully to Sai. No law works before us. We are respected even by the leader of our town. Bhanu requests Sai to save him again. They challenge Sai for a wrestling match. We will set this guy free if you win but you will become our servant if you lose. Do you agree? Sai accepts the challenge. Tatya and other villagers are taken aback to witness this. Bheema objects to it but Sai tells him not to be afraid. Nothing will happen to me. Things will happen as per Ram ji’s wish. Tatya reasons that these guys are cheaters. You think they will fight honestly? This isn’t a fair fight.

Sai agrees. I rested for a while already whereas these 2 have been running from miles. They must be tired. He tells them to rest for a while before the wrestling match. I will make arrangements for you. Can you give me these sugarcanes? I can make juice for you. You will feel rejuvenated then. They give him their sugarcane. One guy says he is beginning to be our servant from now itself! How will you extract the juice though? Sai asks a lady to bring an empty pot. She gives it to him. Sai breaks the sugarcane in halves in one swift motion. Everyone looks on in amazement as Sai uses bare hands to extract juice from the sugarcanes. Om Sai plays. The wrestlers are stunned to witness Sai’s miracle. Tatya looks at their faces. Sai picks up the pot filled with sugarcane juice. He offers it to the wrestlers. They bow down in front of Sai immediately. You are no ordinary human being. Please forgive us for our mistake. We couldn’t recognize you but we are not arrogant anymore. Sai gives the pot to Tatya and helps them stand. You must apologize to Ram ji. You should use your strength in the right direction and do good deeds. They apologize to Bhanu and pay him in double. We aren’t giving it because we lost. It is because of your hard work. We have misbehaved with you. Please forgive us. Bhanu looks at Sai and accepts the money. He hugs them. Thank you, Sai. They all fold hands in gratitude.

Sumati is cleaning the courtyard. Raghav and Rama tell her that they are going to meet Sarkar. Ashok is sleeping. She agrees to take care of him. Sumati goes to drop the leaves. She notices Sai and runs to greet him. Thank you for helping us last night. Sai says it is the miracle of the love you have for your brother. Ram ji heard your prayer. Sumati tells Sai she is worried for Ashok. He is so good in studies yet it is difficult for him to concentrate on his studies right now. I wonder if we will ever be able to get out of this situation! Sai asks Sumati to bring a flower from nearby for him. I need it for Khandoba. She goes to bring it for him. Sai picks a log kept nearby.

Precap: Sumati requests Sarkar to let Ashok go to school. He tells her to be quiet. Start working immediately if you don’t want to go to jail. Sai is in Dwarkamai. He says no and gets ready to go somewhere.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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