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LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 24

CHAPTER 24: Revelation of love

(Day of meeting Siddharth Vikram Rana)

Ranveer and Abir were sitting in the conference room waiting for Siddharth Vikram Rana…. Siddharth was busy in a meeting and had asked his secretary to escort the two officers to the room and take care of their comfort….

Ranveer was looking around the room which had simple yet elegant interiors…. He was trying his best not to give Abir any chance to ask him questions about Priyanka and him…. Ranveer was for the first time in all these years nervous to be alone with Abir in a room…. How he wished that Siddharth would come at the earliest and save him from the suspicious gaze of his best friend….

Abir was still in his thoughts about the equation between Priyanka and Ranveer…. He was sure that Ranveer was hiding something from him…. The previous day they had been busy with work so he could not talk to him but today he was sure to get his doubts cleared…. Mishti’s arrival had definitely brought a chaos of emotions in his heart and mind but now Priyanka’s sudden and unexpected arrival had diverted his attention from Mishti…. All he could now think was the possibilities of things going on between his best friend and daughter of the Oberois….

Abir: Veer…. Woh…. I wanted to ask this yesterday only…. What is going on between Priyanka and you?

Ranveer who had seen this coming did not know what to say….

Ranveer: Abir….

Ranveer did not want to talk now and by God’s grace, his wish was granted when the door opened and their chain of conversation broke…. Siddharth Rana entered the room and both of them stood up from their seats…. Siddharth looked at them and then forwarded his hand towards Ranveer…. There was a quick exchange of introductions and they took their seats….

Ranveer: Mr. Rana, I am sure you must have heard about Ms. Tia Kapoor’s murder.

Siddharth: Yes officer, the entire country in aware of this. I didn’t know her personally but on the few occasions we met, she seemed to be a sweet and kind person.

Abir: That is what we have heard from everybody about her but we are here to discuss something else.

Siddharth: Yes, please, I’ll try and help you in all possible ways.

Ranveer: Thank you Mr. Rana, we are glad that you are so willing to help us. So, I’ll come directly to the point, we have looked through Ms. Kapoor’s call records and there is a number, she has talked to a lot in the past months.

Siddharth: And….

Abir: That number is registered under Rana Group of Companies.


The name flashed in Siddharth’s mind as he remembered his brother’s state from the last two days since the time Tia’s death news was telecasted all over the news channels…. Dushyant had not talked to anyone and was lost in his own world…. Siddharth had been angry with him and had also not initiated any conversations with him…. Mallika had tried talking to the two brothers but none of them was keen to mend their relation…. Ketki and Vikram found something amiss but Mallika assured them that there was nothing to worry about…. This new revelation from Ranveer and Abir brushed away all his anger and worry for his younger brother filled him…. Ranveer’s words brought him out of his thoughts….

Ranveer: We want you to tell us who uses that number over here.

Siddharth: From our company, are you sure?

Abir: Yes, Mr. Rana, we have trusted sources that have brought this information to us. We request you to give us the details of the exact person who is using this particular number.

Ranveer: I hope you understand the situation Mr. Rana, we expect your complete cooperation.

Siddharth: I’ll ask my assistant to get the required information and get to you. We have thousands of employees and finding it’ll take time, we have to enquire across different branches.

Abir: We understand that and we can only request you to do it at the earliest.

Siddharth: I assure you that we’ll get you the required information soon.

Ranveer: Thank you for your cooperation. Hope to hear soon from you.

The three of them stood from their places and shook hands with each other…. Ranveer and Abir left the room…. Siddharth took out his phone immediately and dialed a number…. The call was received in the first few rings….

Siddharth: I need your help. Come back to India with the first flight.

POC: We’ll be there soon.

Siddharth: Good.

Siddharth disconnected the call…. He would do everything in this world to keep his brother safe…. The time had arrived when he enters the game…. He had to make his moves now….


Priyanka and Mishti were in the police station…. Taking a break from their work the girls were busy with their talks…. Within a few hours they had developed a good friendship…. Talking about each other’s life, their families and much more, they had come to the topic of love…. Both of them grew quiet on the mention of that….

Mishti remembered how her love had only led to the destruction of the most prized relation of her life…. How her love was so weak that she couldn’t stop her relation from breaking…. How she could not even fight for her love once…. How easily she had let go of her love…. How she had broken the trust of the only person whom she could trust with anything and everything…. How life had given her the best chance at love with the best person and how she had messed up everything herself….

Priyanka was in her own thoughts thinking about how love had entered her life when she had least expected it to come…. How she had never thought that she would fall in love with someone so much that she could fight the world for him…. How she had taken it upon herself to make their world the best for him…. How she had promised herself that she would never leave his hand that she had held with utmost trust and belief….

Priyanka: Love can change everything about you and around you. It feels like the best feeling of this world.

Mishti: It is the best only if you have the willingness to keep it the best. Sometimes, no matter what you do, things don’t turn out to be the way you wish they had turned out to be.

Priyanka: I don’t know if I am right or wrong about this but I feel that you have experienced love both at its highest and lowest points. I am really sorry if my words, I mean…
Mishti: It is fine Priyanka and please no need to feel sorry. And honestly speaking, you are right, I have been through all phases of love. And trust me when I say that it is the best phase of one’s life.

Priyanka was about to say something when the door of the cabin opened and Ranveer and Abir enter…. They both entered and took their seats…. The girls offered them water and waited for the guys to give them the updates…. Abir told them about their talk with Siddharth and that he would give them the required information at the earliest…. They talked for a while….

Ranveer: I think this is enough for today, hopefully will get the details from Mr. Rana by tomorrow. So, Priyanka, I think you should also go home now, and don’t say no, I’ll only drop you.

As soon as the words escaped his mouth, Ranveer regretted what he had said and where he had said it, his habit had made him say it…. Mishti and Abir looked at him surprised while Priyanka gave him playful smile…. How could Priyanka let go of this opportunity….

Priyanka: If you have already decided how can I deny your command, Ranveer?

Abir and Mishti turned their eyes to Priyanka now…. Ranveer passed her a slight glare to which Priyanka just chuckled a little…. Abir and Mishti now looked at each other not understanding what they were witnessing….

Ranveer: I did not mean it like that; I mean I can drop you as your house is on my way, nothing else.

Priyanka: You don’t have to explain yourself; I don’t mind you dropping me ever.

Ranveer: Priyanka….

Priyanka: Ranveer….

Ranveer: Stop it yaar Prinku….

Mishti: Okay, enough, both of you stop talking.

Abir: Veer, I think you both have a lot to talk about and answer a lot of questions.

Ranveer and Priyanka looked at Mishti and Abir and then at each other…. They knew that they could not hide it anymore….

Ranveer: Guys….

Abir: Don’t you dare try any tricks Mr. DCP; we are not fools to not understand that something is definitely happening here, especially between the two of you.

Priyanka: Abir, woh….

Mishti: The same applies to you also Priyanka.

Ranveer: Okay enough, Abir, I’ll tell you…. It is not like that…. It is simple….

Abir: I cannot believe this; DCP Ranveer Singh Randhawa is getting nervous.

Ranveer: Shut up Abir…. I am not nervous.

Priyanka: Leave it Ranveer, you are nervous, just accept it.

Ranveer: If you have confidence, then you only say it.

Priyanka: Ranveer….

Mishti: Guys, focus….

Priyanka: Mishti, Abir, trust me, we had no intentions to hide anything purposefully, and it is just that we did want anything to affect the investigation. Ranveer and I have known each other for almost a year and we have been dating since the last four months.

Ranveer: Yes, that’s it, nothing more.

Abir: Nothing more, you have kept a secret from me and you are saying nothing more.

Ranveer: Okay, I am sorry for hiding it from you my dearest friend Abir, please forgive me.

Priyanka: We are really sorry guys.

Mishti: We don’t want your sorry, we want a celebration.

Abir: Absolutely, you both cannot escape from giving us a treat.

Abir and Mishti looked at each other for a brief moment and then turned to Priyanka and Ranveer….

Priyanka: Of course….

Ranveer: But all celebrations after the case gets solved till then focus on the work.

The trio looked at each other knowing that Ranveer would never change….


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