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Love after arrange marriage Ep-18- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-18- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Replies to comments..,

  • M- Hi Mumtaj …Thnks fr liking my ff
  • Den – Thanks a lot ..
  • Shivangi – Mee too ..Twin Telepathy haha..
  • Riansh Lover – I find real Anupriya too like this ..
  • RiyaVaghani – Thanks Riya ..,
  • Ravi – Thnks
  • Diha – Yeah sure !!

Episode starts with..,

Vansh says,” I won’t leave him… How he thought to trouble my Riddhu..” Riddhima comes and says,”No issues Vansh ..I would find him.” Vansh says,” know you are a cop but …”  Riddhima says,”No ifs and no buts,OK ??”  Vansh says,”We will both find him together.” Riddhima nods yes … Riddhima cries and goes to her room …She screams,” Angre!! What’s this ??” Angre comes running …He asks,”What happened bhabhi ??” Meanwhile, Vansh too comes . Riddhima shows them . Its written , “I would kill you soon — Angre.” Angre says,”But Vansh , Bhabhi..” Vansh says,”Riddhu , I trust my friend , he hasn’t written this ..” Angre replies , “Bhabhi , I respect you and Vansh , I haven’t done this , maybe someone’s trying to trap me.” Vansh says,”Possible!” Riddhima receives a call.

Riddhima – Good morning sir !

Someone – Good morning ..Did you got to know who sent your pic ??

Riddhima – No sir, but I am working on it ..

Someone – I think your husband is Vansh Rai Singhania ..

Riddhima – Yes sir, he’s my husband ..

Vansh whispers to Riddhima,”Put it on speaker.” Riddhima puts the call on speaker …

Someone – That’s good then ..You can take his help also ..

Riddhima- Sure sir , I wanna tell you that  today in my room it was written “I will kill you, Riddhima.” I think the person who sent the pics , did this ..What you think ??

Someone – Yeah , maybe..But I personally advise you that you should take help of  VR …He’s a good person ..Isn’t it ?

Riddhima – Yes sir …

Someone- Take care …He cuts the call

Vansh says to Riddhima,” See many people praise me .” Riddhima says,”Hmm.”

After some time , Daadi calls everyone and says,”Dhanteras ‘s coming in tomorrow, so Mrunal ,  Aryan , Vansh , Angre and Kabir, you have to buy some jewelry for your wives/girlfriends and Anupriya,  Chanchal , Riddhima , Sejal and Siya you for your husbands/ boyfriends.” Everyone nods yes.. Daadi says,”Also, don’t forget to shop for Diwali week’s clothes.” Vansh says,”Riddhima, I will call at the shop , the clothes and jewelry will be delivered here.” Daadi says,”No, Vansh , you would go and buy , understood ??” Vansh says,”OK daadi..” Daadi says,”Because of Corona, you should go and buy today…even now..” Everyone says together,”Ok daadi.” They go to buy at different shops and select their outfit for Dhanteras ..

Here’s how they look like while trying their outfits –




Aryan and Chanchal





Rest in next ..

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