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Indiawaali Maa 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Murthy wants Cheenu to settle down

Indiawaali Maa 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaku asking Rohan to believe himself and make a fresh start. She says you are educated, you can do any work and make a start, you talk to Cheenu and convince her, I will talk to Hasmukh. Akshay introduces his office staff to Cheenu. He says you are also a part of this co-team. He asks Kirti to handover the Goa event project. Kirti says I was handling it. Cheenu says let her handle it. Akshau says you have been with the clients, you can still join it, we can make things work. Cheenu says I wasn’t comfortable to work on this event. He says you will be stress free, I want you to be happy, I will just say for your good. Cheenu says yes. Kirti gets angry.

Kaku calls Hasmukh. Hasmukh asks the man how much will he get for the house. The man says it will be a loss if you sell it now, you can give the house on rent. Hasmukh says I want money right now, how will I see profit and loss. He disconnects Kaku’s call. Cheenu says thanks for dropping me home, I will see you tomorrow. Akshay says I m your friend, I just want to be supportive, uncle has called me to discuss about business. She gets Rohan’s call. She disconnects.

Rohan angrily gets the alcohol from the cupboard. He recalls Kaku’s words and stops. Murthy attends the guests. He asks Vasu is Meenu ready. Vasu says you should have asked Meenu once. He says get her fast. Akshay and Cheenu enter the house. They see the guests. Meenu says you know I like Akshay, why are you doing this. She sees Akshay at the door. She smiles. Murthy introduces Meenu. The lady introduces Shastri family and the guy Subodh. Cheenu asks what’s all this. Vasu says its an alliance for Meenu. Cheenu asks did anyone ask Meenu. Vasu says no. Murthy says I m talking about my other daughter’s marriage also. Subodh sits beside Cheenu. Meenu sits with Akshay. Akshay and Cheenu look on. Murthy says no, there is a confusion, my daughter is innocent, she has no idea where to sit. She asks Vasu to get Meenu.

Cheenu gets up. Vasu makes Meenu sit next to Subodh. Cheenu goes to Akshay. Murthy asks what happened. Subodh says there is some confusion. Murthy says Cheenu is already having an alliance with Akshay. He stops Akshay from saying anything. Murthy says they are going to get engaged soon. Meenu sees Vasu. She goes upstairs. Murthy says she got shy.

Rohan calls to get a job. The man says I recently heard this name, are you related with that fraud mum and son, they are also Gadhvi. Rohan disconnects and calls another man. Cheenu asks why are you doing this to us. Murthy says I m doing this for Meenu, you have to settle down. Cheenu asks Akshay to leave. Akshay says okay, I will see you later. He goes. Cheenu cries and says I have lost my child some days back, I had a break up with Rohan, after so much stress, I m trying to hold myself, please give me some time. He says you have already wasted time. She says fine, but did you ask Meenu. He says she has no option. She asks why did you involve Akshay in this matter. He says who will be involved with you, don’t you know what status do such girls have in the society. She cries. He feels bad. He says I didn’t had such intention to hurt you, I have two daughters, I have to think about both, you are lucky to have a friend like Akshay, he likes you, you have no option, just accept him. She recalls Kaku’s words.

Cheenu says it needs time. He asks time. She says yes, time, every relation needs time, you are father of two daughters, did you ask our wish, you just said your decision, relations are not like business deals, they need time. She goes.

Kaku says Cheenu has gone to her Maayka for some time. Watchman says Cheenu went crying, you were looking for Rohan. She says focus on your work. Meenu comes there. Kaku sees her.

Hasmukh sells off his shop and entire stuff. He asks the man to give as much as he can. The man says I know you since years, I didn’t see you so worried till now, what has happened. Meenu says you don’t know what happened. Rohan asks is Cheenu fine. Meenu says Cheenu is getting engaged to Akshay. Rohan and Kaku get shocked. Meenu says I think you should do something to stop this before it gets too late.

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