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Gupta Brothers 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ganga keeps karwachauth fast for Shiv

Gupta Brothers 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ganga waking up early in the morning and takes bath. She thinks Jaya told that Shiv will wake up at 6 am. She thinks to make the breakfast and surprise him. She takes her clothes from the bathroom, but forgets to switch off the geyser. The geyser sparks due to overheated while Ganga cooks food in the kitchen. She thinks she has made Poha and tea too. Just then she hears a heavy sound and thinks what is it? Shiv runs to the bathroom and tells that geyser blasted, someone let it open after use. Veeru brings water. Shiv says we can’t put water on it and asks him to bring mud from outside. Veer brings mud and Shiv puts it on the geyser to set off the fire. Amba and Jaya come there. Amba says thank God, everything is fine. Jaya asks how did the geyser was on? Veeru says someone let it open? Shiv asks who let it on? Ganga says may be I. The neighbor tells the transformer got burnt due to the geyser blast. He says nobody have lights in their house. Shukla says now he has to take water from cold water.

Other neighbor says how the kids will study for their exams. Shiv tells that he will get the transformer repaired and asks Alok to call the electrician. Neighbor says repair of transformer is very costly. Amba says this thing has happened in Shiv’s home so it is his responsibility to repair the transformer. They leave. Ganga tells that she didn’t do it intentionally, it was a mistake. Veeru says you have come to set fire, and it is done. Alok asks her not to do any mishap. Shiv assures the neighbors that everything will be fine once the transformer is repaired. The neighbors tell that they are hungry since morning. Shiv asks his brothers to get food for them and goes to shop. The neighbors ask Veeru to bring sweets. Veeru and Alok feel bad for Shiv.

Ganga cries. Amba comes to her and tries to provoke her against the brothers. Ganga tells that she had made food for them, but they didn’t even taste. Amba asks did you eat food? Ganga says no. Amba asks her to keep karwachauth fast, and tells that it strengthens husband and wife’s relation and also clears their misunderstanding. She tells that she will call all the ladies for the puja fast here. Ganga asks her not to call the ladies here and asks her to call them at her house. She tells that she don’t want to upset anyone. Amba makes her swear to keep the fast.

Alok calls a lady and tells that her puja is remaining without sindoor. The ladies buys it and asks him not to call her sister. Shiv asks Veeru to give the pot to a lady at a lesser price. Veeru thinks it is good that we don’t have ladies problem at home. Shiv takes a bag and leave. Alok and Veeru think that they can’t get upset with Bhaiya.

Ganga sells clothes in a shop. The ladies ask Ganga to have food. Ganga tells that she didn’t keep fast and asks them to go and have food. Shiv comes there and hears her. He says he brought food for her. Ganga says sorry. Shiv says atleast you tried to something good today and made food for us. Ganga says she wanted to surprise them. He says he has to go to market. Ganga says did you come to give this tiffin for me? He says yes and asks who else will come then. He says you are my responsibility and asks what did you think? Ganga says let me have the rights on my feelings. Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega plays……Ganga thinks of her promise and thinks she can’t stop her love. Amba tells her husband that she had planned to keep the karwachauth fast at puja at Shiv’s house, but Ganga refused. She says she fooled Ganga to keep fast for her. Ganga calls Amba and tells that Shiv and her relation are getting better. Amba asks how? Ganga says I will tell you everything and asks her to call all the ladies at home. Amba says Shiv. Ganga says I will handle everything. Amba thinks the same thing will happen which I thought for.

Precap: The ladies gather at Shiv’s house for the karwachauth puja. Veeru gets angry and asks them to leave. Ganga asks him about his misbehavior. Veeru asks if you will teach me manners now. Shiv comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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