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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddu makes Gudiya breaks her fast accidentally

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Pappu telling Gudiya that she can’t back off from the fast. Gudiya tells that she can’t keep fast. Sarla says now you have to fast. Matai brings aloo parathe for Guddu. Guddu asks him to see what is happening in Gudiya’s house and refuses to eat it, but Matai insists. Guddu takes the plate in his hand when Gudiya gets the smell and looks at Guddu. Guddu asks Matai to take the plate fast. Gudiya goes to Guddu and tells that his Aloo paratha is calling her. Guddu says Aloo paratha from my house, can’t be possible. He calls her Madam ji. Guddu asks if Bantu’s karwachauth centre is yours. Gudiya says she is closing it. Guddu asks shall I tell you a story. Gudiya says yes. Guddu says story name is Sukhi Ram and Dukhi pet. He tells that Sukhi Ram’s tongue was hungry and used to provoke his stomach, then his hunger begins talking to him and asked to control his tongue. He says Sukhi Ram controlled his tongue immediately. Gudiya asks how? Guddu tells that he didn’t let his touch taste anything for 21 days to teach it a lesson. Gudiya asks can I do this? Guddu says yes. Radhe and others hear them. They all appreciate Guddu’s smartness. Gudiya turns to Radhe and tells that she can’t control her hunger and wants to eat food. She checks everywhere in the house for food and finds a potato. They all get worried, thinking it she will eat raw potato. Gudiya takes potato to room and draws smilie on it. She says you are my hunger. Sweety says if she has gone mad. Radhe tells that she is his daughter. Gudiya tells her hunger that there is still some time to bear it. Radhe says my daughter is growing up. Later Sarla asks Gudiya to get ready and says today solah shringaar shall be done. Gudiya says who gets ready being hungry. Sarla asks her to get ready silently and applies kajal under her eyes. Gudiya refuses. Radhe brings puja stuff and gives to Sarla. He says there was many people in the market. She asks if anklet is brought. Radhe says there was much crowd there too. Sarla understands that he didn’t but anklet for her. Radhe feels bad that he couldn’t bring anything for her. Sarla assures that everything will be fine. Radhe feels helpless for not given good shringaar to his daughter. Gudiya hears them and smiles.

Later Sarla is working in the kitchen, when Nanhe lal comes and looks at her. Gudiya comes there wearing lehenga and floral jewellery. Sarla asks when did you wear this lehenga? Gudiya says what I could wear than your lehenga. Radhe and Pappu come there. They appreciate Gudiya for her looks in the dress. Sweety gets sad. Gudiya appreciates her looks. Sarla starts story of Karwachauth. Gudiya goes to check the moon. She asks the moon to come out. Bantu tries to divert her mind. Guddu comes to the window and asks Gudiya to eat food. Gudiya says she can’t have food until the moon appears. Guddu makes a LED light sparkle as the moon. Gudiya gets happy and calls everyone, but LED light falls down. Gudiya runs behind Guddu and scolds him for trying to break her fast. She says she will touch him and spoil his brahmachari thought. Guddu runs while she runs behind him. Guddu says he was thinking about her. Sweety says moon came out and goes to call Gudiya. She tells Gudiya that moon came out and makes her see the moon through the mesh. Gudiya looks at the moon happily and then looks at Guddu. She runs behind him. Sarla sees them. Chand Chupa badal mein plays….Guddu runs while she runs behind him. Sweety makes her see through the mesh and Gudiya looks at Guddu through the mesh. Sarla is shocked. Gudiya continues to run. Guddu takes the water pot and tells that he will throw it. He pours water on her and she tastes water happily. Sarla smiles and thinks a miracle will happen. Guddu runs.

Sarla and Sweety break their fast looking at their husbands. Gudiya also looks at the moon. She goes. Radhe says we shall go and have food. They go down and sees Gudiya having all the food plates. Sweety says what will we eat now? Sarla says she made 8 times more food. Pappu tells that his sister made him proud. Gudiya says she will keep the fast daily.

Guddu is exercising when Matai comes there and tells that 56 bhogs come from Gudiya’s house. Guddu says I tried to help Gudiya, but she got upset. Matai teases him for keeping karwachauth fast for Gudiya and reminds that he is hungry since morning. Guddu gets thinking.

Later Sarla tells Radhe that the guy might be near them, but they couldn’t find out. Gudiya slaps them in her sleep. They laugh.

Precap: Nanhe lal tells a storm came. They all see Gudiya’s lookalike who is dacoit coming there. Gudiya looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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