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Excuse Me Madam 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam gets in trouble and all trips get canceled

Excuse Me Madam 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Madam’s fuse goes off and acts like she is on a train. She asks Sanam to give a ticket. She acts like a TT so Sanam pinches her and smirks. Madam says what is going on? Sanam says nothing. Madam asks him to cancel Goa’s trip. Chatterjee and Jugal come there dressed for Goa. Madam says the plan is canceled already.

Kranti and Addu are planning what they will do on a trip. Sanam comes there and says there is no need to pack, Goa’s trip has been canceled. Kranti says what? Sanam says the meeting has been canceled so we can’t do anything. Kranti and Addu get sad. They leave. Bhaisa comes there and says I wanted to go there too.

Sanam comes to Kranti and tries to pacify her. Kranti says I even bought the swimwear to go there. Sanam teases her and asks her to smile.

Addu is sad. Amar says what happened? It was not our honeymoon. She says we will go there soon.

Sanam comes to the office and says we got some chocolates from a client. You can have it as it’s dark. Madam says I am on a strict diet thanks to you. Sanam says you are an inspiration. Madam says I have an idea, what about Manali? We can go there. Sanam says it’s very good. Madam says I won’t have to wear swimsuits there. Sanam says I will get the hotels booked then. Madam tells him which hotel and hotel room to book.

Scene 2
Sanam comes to Chatterjee and asks Jugal if he has some warm clothes? I am going to Manali with Madam. She is giving me the company. Chatterjee gets angry.

Sanam comes home to see them all dancing. He asks why they are packing? We are not going to Goa. Kranti says we have a wedding to attend. Raman Uncle is marrying his daughter so we are going to Manali. Sanam recalls how Madam asked to book the same hotel. Kranti says yes, I have booked the room there too.

Sanam is tensed, Addu says we can’t drink in Manali. He asks what happened? Sanam says Madam is going to Manali as well, we have to do something. Addu says nothing can be done. Bhaisa comes there wearing a warm cap, he says I am ready.

Sanam comes to the office and sees Madam coming there. He is mesmerized to see her. Sanam acts like he has a cough. He says I can’t go to Manali. Madam says I am going to Bangkok, you can stay home. Sanam says I can go with you. Madam says no, you take care of yourself. She leaves. Kranti calls Sanam and says there is a bad news, Raman’s daughter ranaway with her driver so Manali’s trip has been canceled. Sanam is stunned and angry.

PRECAP – Madam tells Sanam that I want to see how they do Karwachauth pooja so can I come to your house to watch it?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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