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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vikram accepts Suman’s invite

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Beena asking Veer to take the injection. Shravan and Suman come to help. Suman asks Veer to see the online site to order things. Doctor gives him injection. Shravan smiles. Veer asks Suman not to go anywhere. Suman says he has given the injection. Veer says you are my best sister, I didn’t feel any pain. She asks him to get ready. Shravan says I also tried, your idea to distract was good. She taunts him and goes. Kanchan says I was thinking if you could come with me. Suman packs her bag. Kanchan says you are coming with us. Suman says no, I m going with Vikram, Shravan and Sophie. Kanchan says don’t complicate your life. Suman says it will clear that we all moved on, this trip is imp for me because of Vikram. Kanchan says Shravan will know what’s mature couples, have fun. Suman thinks all the misunderstandings will get clear on this trip.

Sophie says I m so excited about the trip. Vikram calls Suman and says sorry, I was ready, but an urgent case came, I m leaving for the airport, I can’t come. Suman says its okay, work first, good luck. Sophie asks is he not coming. Suman says Vikram is going for his urgent case, I can’t come, you guys have fun. Sophie says it would be good if you had come, thanks, we will go. Shravan says I wanted Suman to see that I m not interested in her. He says we can’t leave Suman alone, why did we make this plan, that we chill out, Suman is our friend, we won’t leave her, we can stay back in Suman’s house and chill here. Sophie asks really. Suman says yes. Sophie says its fun, we will have much fun. He says perfect.

Sophie asks Suman to taste the food. Suman says its very tasty. Sophie asks Shravan to come. Sophie says Vikram should have come, it would be fun. Shravan says we are here, no one can get bored with us. Sophie says he is making sure that you enjoy with us, I wonder if I should fall in love with him or get jealous seeing his attention towards you.

She says relax, you guys need just two mins to get awkward. She goes to light the bonfire. Suman looks at them. Suman says you both look so good together, I think I should call Vikram. Sophie says he will never leave work for anything. Suman says lets see. She calls Vikram. Vikram is on the way. He takes the call. Suman asks can you come to spend time with me, its not done, you made the plan with me, will you give me anything I ask, if you care for me, please come, I will have a special gift ready for you. Vikram says if you have invited me with love, then the answer is one, I m coming. Sophie says I know him, he refused. Suman says he is coming. Sophie says he really cares for you, I m so happy for you guys, lets start the party.

Shravan sees Suman. Vikram arrives. Suman goes to hug him. Shravan gets jealous. Vikram greets them. Shravan says I called you, you didn’t come on my call. Vikram says there is much difference between Suman and you. Suman asks him to sit. Vikram says you have set everything, just music is missing. Suman says now we have music also. She plays the song. Vikram asks what’s the plan. She says its exciting thing for me that you had come. He says you should have told me before. Shravan says I have a surprise for Sophie. He blindfolds her.

Vikram asks what’s the surprise. Suman says I don’t know. Shravan gets a telescope and takes Sophie to show. She gets excited to see it. She says when you said we will see stars, I thought we will look up to the sky and see the stars, this is unbelievable, thanks. Shravan hugs her. Suman looks on. She recalls Shravan.

Shravan says solar system is my fav love story. Sophie asks who is the hero and who is the heroine. Shravan says there is just a heart filled with love, don’t know why is the sun burning, the planets like to go close and touch it, but their paths are already decided, their sun is alone, burning, I feel its shine hides its sadness, its also a sad story. Vikram says its a beautiful story, wow, what a style, I didn’t know you are so romantic. Shravan says no, its just a distraction to lessen my pain. Vikram asks what’s such pain, tell me, maybe we can help. Shravan says I was joking. Vikram says I thought you are covering up sadness like the sun. Shravan smiles and sees Suman.

Vikram says I didn’t try to rush in our relationship, Suman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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