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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th November 2020 Written Episode Update : Angoori to leave kanpur forever

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhorilal says Angoori lets go, Hekan says think again its Angooris future,Bhorilal says i come from a family where we can do anything for respect, Tiwari rushes in with Vibhu, Tiwari says Angoori you cant go, how will I live without you, Angoori says i had same thoughts but after sometime you will learn to live without me, Tiwari says how is that possible, Angoori says here are keys take care of yourself, Vibhu says he made huge mistake, he is a bad person but is your husband i personally apologize dont do this, Angoori says one request dont fight with Tiwari, be there for him he will be alone without me, Tiwari says if you leave me i will have no respect in society, Bhorilal says you already don’t, Vibhu says please for me stay, Bhorilal says who are you, Vibhu says like your son, Bhorilal says wont work, Vibhu thinks how will i survive without bhabhiji and says i will get Auto.

Vibhu goes to tea stall, he sees himself, his self says to him that must be feeling good, you are a bad person, you first crested differences, now look Angoori is leaving just because of you, your ego is showing your day,. go stop your love, Vibhu says bhabhiji cant leave me, i will stop her.

Bhorilal says i wont stop here, Angoori and Helan try to stop him, Bhorilal says Helan i will come to see you but not at Tiwaris neither me nor my daughter, Vibhu walks to them and says this is all because of me and tells whole truth, Bhorilal says shame on you, Helan says he is a poor thing forgive him, Bhorilal and Angoori apologize to Vibhu for misbehaving with him, Bhorilal says lets sit together and have dinner and drinks tonight,

Angoori gardening, Vibhu walks to her and greets her, amd asks her how is she doing, boys playing cricket in colony, Teeka fielding near Vibhu, Vibhu says go to ground and play, Tilu says there are buildings no ground, Tiwari asks whays the noise, Tilu hits ball and goes into Tiwaris mouth, Tiwari scolds boys, Vibhu asks boys to leave, Malkan asks whats your problem, Vibhu says uts Tiwaris house who will repay the damage, Teeka says this is our play area, we can exercise because of this game, Tilu says this shouldn’t bother you, Tiwari hits them they run away.

Angoori in kitchen, Vibhu walks to her, Angoori says she didnt like what happened in morning, she is quite because of Tiwari, cricket is her favorite game,she likes bowling and fielding aot, and her fav player is Jhonti Rhodes, Vibhu says you surprised me.

Vibhu playing in colony, Boys walk to him and says first you push us away then call us back, Vibhu says the sports man inr felt very bad, Boys say lets start game, Vibhu calls Angoori says lets play, Angoori says i am cooking later, Vibhu says play two balls then you continue, Angoori decides to ball. Vibhu bats and it hits Tiwari. Everyone rush to Tiwari, Tiwari scolds Angoori for playing, Vibhu says dont say anything about game, Tiwari scolds everyone, and says i am lodging complaint, Amaji walks in and asks why is it so nicey and says Angoori here are fruits and pooja stuff for Karva chauth.

Amaji asks Tiwari what’s wrong, Tiwari says these people playing cricket in roads and hit me twice, Amaji says come lets play, Vibhu says you play too, Amaji says i practice with pandit Rampal

Tiwari waiting in balcony hoping to see Anita during Karba Chauth, Angoori walks to him with Amaji and all perform pooja

Pre cap: Vibhu tells Tiwari that Singhania Steels wants 500Kilo laddu made by bhabhiji

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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