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Barister Babu 5th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anirudh learns Saudamini’s truth

Barister Babu 5th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Saudamini thinking Anirudh is mine, I can’t lose him to Bondita. She says I swear Anirudh, I didn’t see Bondita there. Bondita shouts no, you can’t false swear, else it will be wrong with him. Anirudh says no, its all stories. She says fine, even then I can’t see wrong happening with you, I will believe her if you say. Anirudh says look at her kiddish nature, I will explain her, you go. Saudamini goes thinking he agreed to me, not Bondita. Bondita says she has become bad didi now. Anirudh asks do you believe me, just I know whom shall I trust. He smiles.

The girls like the house. Saurabh comes to the house. Ramayya asks him to come. He says I got food, clothes and necessary things, tell me if you need anything, go and have food. Everyone smiles. Saurabh says tell me if you want something. Sampoorna comes and looks on. Ramayya says you have become slave of our command now, we are glad. They joke and laugh. Sampoorna thinks they have no shame, he is blushing. Saurabh says Anirudh asked me to take care of you all, you all are my responsibility now.

Sampoorna asks why not, he keeps responsibility well, he has a wife also, he keeps husband’s duty well. He introduces Sampoorna to them. Surayya says you may go, you are scared of her. They go. Saurabh asks why did you come here. Sampoorna asks why, did you like any brothel girl. He says don’t call them that, it was their past, Anirudh thought of a respectful future for them. She prays. She says your responsibility is mine, I will stay here and help you, will you take me to meet Bondita. He says Trilochan fired us from work, once he forgives us, we will go.

Bondita cries in the temple and prays for Trilochan. Bihari says I m sure he will get fine, you don’t look like old bahurani, you used to laugh a lot. He makes her laugh. She laughs. He says the haveli will smile on hearing your laugh, Saudamini’s bad sight will go away. She asks bad sight. He says yes, bad sight, she is a devil, she forced Anirudh to get engaged with her, you trust Durga maa right, just pray that she goes much away from your lives forever. She says Durga maa hears Anirudh’s prayers also. He asks how can this happen, Anirudh started believing Durga maa. She prays. Saudamini drops water on Trilochan’s face. He wakes up. She says you used to say whatever happens is for good. She says I will become Anirudh’s wife, I will answer you, I made you fall down that day so that you don’t tell my truth to Anirudh, once I marry Anirudh, will you make me leave the house. She hears footsteps and leaves.

Bihari gets Trilochan with him. Bondita makes Rangoli. She asks Trilochan to see. Anirudh smiles. She wishes he gets fine. Anirudh writes Satyamev Jayate. He says truth will always win. He sees Saudamini with binoculars. She keeps diya in her room. He recalls her words. Bondita asks Trilochan to see, scold her at least. She cries.

Saudamini dances. Anirudh says you have really got blind to make your lie truth, you have hurt yourself, you did a good drama, you did this to take promise from me, you did this to hide your lie, I didn’t forget anything, I remember everything, your truth hurts me. He says you were dancing that day when I made Bondita leave the house, Bondita told me that you saw her and left her alone in hira mandi, you left a little girl alone in such a bad place, she trusted you and called you pari didi, you are a woman, you pulled the ladder by which she could have come out of the hell, you broke her hope, I think Bondita would have shouted to get your help, but you didn’t listen to her, you left her there, you have cheated the existence of women, not just our friendship, I will never forgive you for this, your crimes are so many that I won’t expose your lie so easily. He cries seeing Bondita. He says the way you have taken advantage of Bondita’s love and our trust, I will bring your truth out in front of the society, you insulted Trilochan, I knew Bondita is true and you are a liar, I didn’t wish to bring out the truth that time, you have seen my friendship, now you will see my anger.

Precap will be added later.

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