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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Rajeshwari mad at Veer for saving Rani

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ramo says Rani sa forgive me. Rajeshwari says I know why you did that but our respect isn’t so cheap that you can get forgiveness. Vijay take him to the police station. Rani cries. Ramo says go back to Baliya. Take care.

Rani says I hope I am able to get him out. Rajeshwari says to Veer why did you have to do that when police was doing their work? Veer says he was tensed, he could take the wrong steps. He took care of us for 20 years. Rajeshwari says so he can dance on our heads? They are our servants. Veer says I trying to control the situation. She says you were trying to become a hero like a cheap fighter club. Veer says Ramo isn’t a criminal. He was worried about his daughter. She says I am also worried, can I also go out on roads with guns? Veer says what happened was wrong but I know he can never hurt anyone. He had no other option. Rajeshwari says you will never be my son. You are different from us. Your mentality is so low. Anyone different from me in this house is never ours. You’re never gonna win my love and you are responsible for us.

Pinku asks why are you crying? Champa says she acts like animals. She has made us so worried. Shanti says why were you cleaning there? Rani says Champa asked me to clean it. Champa says you tore your uniform. Rani says I was itching me. Shanti says you will always have to wear it. Kumud says enough. It isn’t Rani’s mistake only. She says Rani we have to follow Rani sa’s rules. We have to wear a uniform. Keep smiling you look good with it. Rani says this list is so long. Rani says Shanti kaki bring clothes. Champa says will you give us orders? Prove yourself with work first. Clean Veer’s room first. It takes time so you will learn how do I clean it. Rani says I will clean it with geometry. Rani says I am so hungry. Pinku says I am hungry as well.

Dinner is ready. Arun serves it. Rani says it smells so good. Give me something as well. Arun says servants’ time to eat is over. Rani says what? I didn’t know the time. Rajeshwari says Arun said your time is over. She says my dad used to cook for us at night as well. He said never stay hungry. Rajeshwari says keep your nonsense rules out of this house. Rani says okay I will get samosa. Rajeswari says eat Kiara’s leftovers. Rani says how can I eat leftover? Rajeshwari says royal DIL’s hand touched this food. This will be parsad for us. Rani says we will stay hungry. Rajeshwari says pick this plate and eat it. Rani says in heart I won’t eat this. And won’t let Piku eat it either.

Rani comes to room. Pinku is already eating it. Rani says don’t eat it. He says I am hungry. You eat too. Rani says I am not hungry. You eat. He says why are you crying? Rani says I will come later.

Scene 2
Rani comes to Veer’s room and says this room is bigger than a house. She sees stain on the table and says why is it not cleaning? Pinku says now you will clean rooms? Rani says no work is small. I passed engineering because of babu ji. If he can do this for us, I can do this for him as well. Rani sa got us lawyer. He says I will also clean as well. Rani says go and study.

Kiara hugs Veer and says bye. she kisses his cheek. Rani says this house is so big I get confused. He dropped his wallet. Rani picks it. She coems to the room and looks for him. Rani sees a skeleton. She screams and says ghost, God save me. She says ghost.. Veer says are you crazy? That’s the skeleton for study. Who asked you to come here? He says this is a vampire’s skeleton. He kills girls. rani runs out and says sorry I will never come here again. Veer laughs. Rani cleans the house. Pinku looks at her. Rani recalls Ramo saying her pen will define her not brooms.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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