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Vikram Betaal 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Vikram Betaal 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Betaal telling that now Vikram will know that it is hard to walk on the way of justice. Vikram comes to Sunanda’s house wearing a common man’s clothes. She asks why did you come here? Vikram says I came to return debt. She says your wife killed my husband and I am trying to forget everything, and you came here. Vikram says I have disowned my throne, Rajya and family to return your debt. She says she don’t want to see her husband’s killer. Vikram asks her to kill him and says he wants to help her. Sunanda asks him to return her husband else she doesn’t want his help or justice. Neighbors come there and hear her. Vikram thinks I have to do justice with her. Neighbors get angry and tell that they will not leave him alive. He is Makarand’s murderer and we will not

leave him. Vikram says I have done injustice, and accept punishment by you all. They hit stones on Vikram and injure him. Prajapati comes there and asks them to stop. He says do you know who is he? Neighbors say he is Makarand’s killer. Prajapati tells that he is Ujjaini King Vikram Aditya and came here to do penance. Neighbors apologize to him and return to their homes. Prajapati asks Vikram to accept whatever happened and says we have accept everything and asks him to return. He says it is my request. Sunanda cries.

Vikram thinks I can’t return until happiness returns in your life, until you get stable, I can’t go. Vikram starts doing the work which Makarand used to do. Sunanda looks on. Her son comes there. Vikram signs him to come near him, but the boy runs away. Later he comes to Vikram and calls him Kaka. Vikram makes him sit on his lap. Boy asks him if he will make him learn how to make weapon, says you made it better than my father. Vikram says what will you do by learning it, you shall play. Boy says I have to do work and take care of my house. Vikram says I will play with you and will teach you how to make these instruments.

Sunanda asks the boy Veer to go inside. Vikram takes the weapon and tries to sell it, but nobody takes it. Vikram thinks I have to help Sunanda this way, she will not take help from me. He demonstrates and hits on the tree. Nobody takes it. Vikram says it is made from Makarand’s iron and is very strong, but nobody takes it. Later a man comes to him and asks if he will get an weapon. Vikram sells it happily. Many villagers come there and buy the weapon. Sunanda throws the grains which Vikram brought with the money he earned. She tells that they will die like her husband died and tells that the grains are poison for them. She folds her hand and asks him to leave from there. Vikram leaves from there. Sunanda cries. Veer picks the grains from the floor.

Betaal tells that he wants Vikram to understand the troubles. Pret pari says Sunanda shall forgive Vikram. Betaal says Prajapati has lost her son and Sunanda has lost her husband. He says brahmarakshas is coming to increase his troubles. Villager Mukhiya comes to him and says did you forget that this time you have to give Chadawa. Prajapati says I am ready to go with you and asks Veer to take care of himself and his mum.

Lakhan tells that Brahmarakshas will not accept you. Mukhiya says we can’t make Brahmarakshas angry. Prajapati says there is nobody in my house except me. Lakhan says your grand son is there. Prajapati says my grand son is very small and still having milk teeth. He says I will beg infront of Brahmarakshas. Lakhan says we will not risk villagers for your grand son. Veer says I am ready to go with you and tells Mukhiya that he has understood. Sunanda asks what are you saying. Veer says Maharaj Vikram Aditya taught me to face troubles and asks her to let him do his father’s duty. Sunanda hugs him. Veer says I will return after ending the villagers trouble for forever. Brahmarakshas is waiting for Chadawa and shouts. He sees villagers bringing boy as Chadawa….He says human boy, and says it will be enjoyable.

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