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Taken for Granted (RUMYA FF) part-6

Priyanka’s POV

I feel so reviled now, I can’t believe that I spoke my feeling to my bhabhis. As the driver leaves, I turn towards Gauri bhabhi and so does Anika Bhabhi. Me and Anika bhabhi are smiling at bhabhi while Gauri bhabhi is looking at us nervously. After a few seconds, Gauri bhabhi passes a paper to Anika bhabhi who cries after reading it. Why is Anika bhabhi crying? I take the paper from bhabhi to see a letter for Saumya di. How does Saumya di know everyone so well? She stayed with us for a short amount of time but she knows so much about us. How? I want to go to Saumya di and hug her and apologise. I want to meet her…

Me (sad) – Can we go to the address? Can we go to Mumbai?

Anika bhabhi (wiping her tears) – Yes Priyanka… let’s go

Gauri (upset) – But how?… it’s already late…and we don’t have enough money to hire a room…

Anika Bhabhi (upset) – Let’s go see if there are any trains at the moment

All of us go towards the ticket office to see a guy sleeping at the desk.

Anika bhabhi (a fake cough) – Hello

The guy instead of replying started snoring… I know my bhabhis are too nice to do this, so I go forwards and pinch the guy, to gain his attention.

Guy (screaming) – OW! What do you want?

Anika bhabhi (tired) – Actually we want a train to Mumbai… when is the first train?

Guy (tired) – Well… the train to Mumbai is at platform 3 and will be leaving in (checks his watch)… 5 minutes.

Anika bhabhi (shocked) – What? Can we get the tickets to a sleeping coach… I need 3

Guy (tired) – Sure…

He quickly gives us the tickets while we all use all of our money to pay for the tickets. Knowing that bhabhi is pregnant and she has to carry a suitcase and also runs, I take bhabhi’s suitcase from her and we all thankfully get to the platform in 3 minutes. As we are looking for our department, the train’s first horn goes. I quickly rush ahead of my bhabhis to find the department and thankfully, I find it. I quickly yell out my bhabhi’s names and then start putting our suitcase on the train. As soon as bhabhis come, we go to find our seats. As soon as we find our seats,

Me (putting bags under the seat) – Bhabhis this journey will be approximately for 17 hours… you guys should take rest.

After saying this, I go towards my seat to relax when I start getting flashbacks of when I was 6 with my best friend Ranveer.

Flashback ~ When Priyanka was 6

In Author’s POV

Little Girl (upset and sitting on a bench) – Why is that guy not here? Where is he?

Soon a boy of around the age of 7 comes towards the girl and gives her a rose.

Boy (smiling) – Come on Prinku… I am sorry

Prinku (upset) – No…you are always late… Mum and dad will soon come to pick me up…

Boy (smiling) – I am sorry, Prinku… My princess….please forgive me… mum was sick…that’s why I came late…

Prinku (shocked) – What happened to aunty? Is she fine?

Boy (upset) – No Prinku… she has a bad illness…

Prinku gives the boy a hug

Prinku (smiling) – It’s ok Ranveer… Aunty will be fine… Now come let’s have some ice cream…

Ranveer (upset) – I don’t have any ice cream

Prinku (smiling) – Come on … I will buy it.

Both of the kids go towards the ice cream van and buy chocolate flavoured ice cream. Ranveer starts to make funny faces with the ice cream while Prinku laughs which brings a smile to Ranveer’s face. Suddenly, a lady pulls Prinku away from Ranveer and then slaps her.

Lady (angry) – How dare you to lie to us, Priyanka?

Prinku (crying) – Sorry chooti mum (Pinky) … I wanted to meet Ranveer…

Pinky (angry) – Priyanka… how many times do I have to tell you to not be friends with a guy like him… he is nothing but a gold digger… he wants your money… You have to be friends with rich guys and girls and ONLY hang around them…

Prinku (crying) – But… he… he is very nice to me…and those rich people are mean…

Pinky (holding Prinku’s hand) – they are just as rich as you… unlike this kid (points at Ranveer, who is looking hurt), you are coming with me and your dad will teach you to listen to your elders.

Pinky drags Priyanka with her to OM, where Priyanka gets into a lot of trouble by her father who bans her from going out for a year.

Precap – Same as before

Priyanka and Ranveer are childhood friends and Priyanka hasn’t had an accident with Ranveer’s sister. 

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