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Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha:Twinj- EPISODE1(introduction)

Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha twinj.

Episode one with introduction.. 

Twinkle and Kunj get married since 3 months ago they were living in Bangalore away from their families because kunj working in Bangalore.Kunj who loving twinkle unconditionally he doesnt have words to describe his love for twinkle but twinkle who didn’t care about his feeling not like she didn’t like him she is but her past didn’t let her take her new life ahead. Before kunj twinkle got engaged with her boyfriend whom she loved most they were in same class they were besties childhood .But twinkle fate was not with her. Just some days before their wedding Vivian leave note that he isn’t sure about marriage because it’s really big decision for this he is not ready right now after this twinkle shatter down but she still love him one day twinkle see Vivian with some other girl she get shocked and went to him he was shocked to see twinkle there. Twinkle asked him serval question he didn’t say anything when Twinkle asked him last question did he love her.But Viviana said yes he love her Than twinkle let’s go and get married today only she hold his hand about to go but Vivian free his hand from her grip and wear his sunglasses and looking other side. Without saying anything Vivian went from there after that day twinkle understands one thing there is no love word exist in this world she stop believing in love from that day only.That bubbly twinkle who always laughing at small things she didn’t wait for moment to enjoy itself make it..About kunj at very small age Manohar send kunj for boarding school in London top boarding school harrow after completing his schooling directly went for his higher studies to university of oxford Kunj was really brilliant student he didn’t like when Manohar send him away from his family his all childhood went away from his family Usha was too sad but Manohar make her understand what ever he were doing just for kunj bright future.Yuvraj Luthra kunj childhood chaddi buddies their life is same to same.Before kunj friend Yuvi is kunj maternal cousin.Usha and Yuvi mother Anita is sisters.Yuvi and Kunj is software engineers they didn’t working in their fathers companies they give interviews but both didn’t pass Manohar and Surjeet best friends too they were very serious about business.And Yuvi and Kunj too didn’t interested work with them.Naman and Rishi kunj and Yuvi best friends theirs square.Yuvi and Kunj meet with them in London only after that till now they are together.Kunj sharing formal bond with Manohar because he didn’t get time to spend with his father his bestie very closed to him more than his family kunj have two sisters one is elder than Kunj and another one is younger than him.
Yuvi and Kunj don’t want to go but their families forcefully send them once In a week kunj and yuvi Nani come to meet with them she staying there only. They almost meet with their families after 15 years when they went there they  are just 10 years old.
Yuvi living with family in Bangalore.Anita and Surjeet up down from Bangalore to Amritsar.Mahi who is Yuvi wife their love marriage.Mahi who is very loving quiet girl loving kunj treating him like her devar more.Mahi was twinkle paternal cousin Mahi family was staying in London from starting before meeting with kunj twinkle don’t know about Mahi.Because they never meet with each other’s.Taneja staying near Sarna’s Bebe like twinkle from starting she wanted that she become his kunj wife but when twinkle getting married to Vivian her this dream get shattered. Before marriage twinkle going Sarna house kunj both sister is twinkle good friends.When twinkle alliance with Vivian break Bebe got hope that she can try. One day she asked Leela about twinkle alliance she said that this time she will find boy for twinkle one time she find for herself due to this her daughter lost her charm too Kunj who come back from Bangalore for some days Bebe introduce her with kunj the way kunj talking with Leela she really like it.Usha and Manohar bring numbers of alliance for kunj but he always deny without seeing girls photos. He was least interested in girls don’t know why but keep distance from girls this is his life mantra no girls no problem while his friends big cute flirters.He told them he will not marry now.Even through grown up in London but kunj knows his values how to give respect his elders.Which stole Leela heart she told about kunj rt first he was not sure because what happened with twinkle she didn’t come out of this. Leela share this with Abeer who is twinkle elder brother he said let’s try.Before both families talk. Leela and Rt wedding anniversary come they invited everyone kunj too come twinkle coming from stairs kunj eyes went on her on her first look kunj lost she literally steel his heart in whole party kunj just looking at twinkle don’t know what make him behind crazy for twinkle its the  first time he keep staring a girl. He meet with many girls but what happening to him now that never happened.before Bebe make him meet with twinkle they just hello and hi. After party Kunj keep thinking about twinkle he can’t sleep he stand in his room balcony and looking at twinkle she too come in her balcony at nights.That least interested guy immediately now mad behind twinkle. Sometime twinkle irritates him lot still he love her this side they meeting each other’s normally as a friends because kunj don’t have much friends in Amritsar. Kunj niece who learning dance from twinkle due to her kunj get chance to meet with twinkle everyday Bebe and Usha get surprised to see kunj. Slowly slowly Kunj totally fall for twinkle he realised his love for twinkle but hesitated how can he tell her what he feels for her. In these days Abeer find kunj best for twinkle because after him twinkle started smiling.Abeer tell Rt to talk to Manohar about twinkle and Kunj alliance. Rt call Manohar and tell him about twinkle and Kunj alliance sarna’s already thinking this they get happy when they itself approach for this. Without asking kunj Manohar said yes to rt whole family sit and talk to twinkle about this when twinkle listen kunj name she get surprised.I’m not ready now please understand me twinkle said.Twinkle one day you have to marry can’t live in your past just because of Vivian did you have any problem with kunj Leela said.she just nodded her head. When kunj come to know about this news he was at nine clouds.Twinkle deny for marriage this Make Kunj sad little bit.His holidays get over and he back to Bangalore.Their also he just imagine twinkle in every girls. His friends get surprised to see kunj like this.
Leela try to twinkle understand this kunj is really a good guy for him he’ll be best not like Vivian.Twinkle ask kunj sisters about him normally they tell her about kunj how he is in nature.After thinking lot twinkle tell Leela she is ready to marry kunj.They all get happy finally she is ready.They informed sarna’s Bebe message kunj to come back Amritsar he thought maybe some emergency so he catch next flight and come.Where he know they calling him here for marriage. Kunj tell before going ahead he wanted to talk to twinkle they went in room.Little awkward come between Kunj and twinkle. Kunj break the ice.Twinkle tell me you Itself ready for this I mean if anyone forced you.Than sorry I can’t marry you.kunj asked her.no kunj nothing is like that it’s my own decision I can’t find best partner than you for me. I’m happy.But kunj I want to tell you somethingTwinkle I said.What kunj asked?
Kunj before you I love someone we are going to marry but he ditched me and leave me I don’t know what you were feeling for me I saw in your eyes some thing for me but kunj now I cant believe in love I’ll do my all daughter in law and wife duty but some of the things I can’t and I can’t give you love she look at Kunj he too back her. He went near her should her from her both shoulders.I don’t know what to Say twinkle it’s your decision okay fine. You’ll never break my trust na kunj promise me twinkle asked him. I’ll never ever Twinkle he cupped her face and kissed on her forehead twinkle closed her eyes and rest her head on his chest than they went down tell everyone their decision that they are ready to marry with each other’s after listening them both families happiness has no boundaries. You can’t give me love twinkle and here I’m loving you like anything kunj think in his mind he don’t know whether he should happy or sad because he get his happiness but not fully That also incompletely.He promise to himself he will never force twinkle for anything he’ll wait for her.Till when she didn’t take a move.With full band and baja twinkle and Kunj marriage done.Twinkle like kunj the way he Make her feel comfortable after one week later of their wedding kunj got call from his boss he tell family that he have to go Bangalore now they all get sad didn’t get much time to spend with their babu now but whatever happened for best. Kunj and twinkle leave for Bangalore. Before twinkle Kunj staying with Yuvi at his house.Now kunj get his own small bungalow it’s very classing perfect for them.They reached Bangalore. Twinkle about to entered but kunj stop her she get confused kunj went inside and bring rice kalash twinkle give smile to see him.

Kunj:woh bebe kehati hai grah pravesh is important.

Twinkle:right.Twinkle push kalash and went inside.Kunj show twinkle their new house twinkle like it.Twinkle and Kunj starts Their new life’s twinkle fulfilled her wife duties perfectly kunj love this but he wanted her love neither she can’t see love for her in kunj eyes and to not feel her bad kunj stop himself.Now let’s starts the story.Twinkle working in kitchen she is all alone at home kunj was who went to office.
Twinkle:this kunj didn’t take out time for me always busy and busy huhu.Should I call mahi and meet with her that’s good.
Twinkle message mahi and she reply her back that come to her place. She completed her work and lock the house and left.At office kunj working his annoying boss just bored them. He explaining them something related to project while Yuvi and Kunj or Rish,naman and other’s just yawing 😛😛.. their boss lecture get End they went in cafeteria and oder coffee for them.

Rishi: what happened kunj ji. You seemed worried I mean yaar kunj you are newly married man your life should be very happy recently because after some time later toh you will cry whole life.That’s why I told you take your beautiful wifey for honeymoon this will good take from our side what’s say guys naman and yuvi nodding in yes they started seeing packages Kunj 6 days and 7 nights is perfect you get much fun in this days okay.

Kunj:shut up I’m not going anywhere I have work. Take mamaya I’ll give you one month package.

Rishi:marna hai kya mujhe😂😂. Their coffees come and they take it. What happened twinkle Sadu Sarna.

Kunj: nothing just headache I didn’t sleep last night they three of them looking at Kunj in suspicious. Bas dirty minds I m working on presentation that’s why.

Naman:hoo we thought you working on your own presentation 😂😂😛. They hifi.

Kunj:hatt battery.After they busy in their work at mahi place twinkle and Mahi chitchat with each other’s.

Mahi:aur how’s my devar twinkle look at mahi. Arey he is my both na 😛jija.

Twinkle: he is good what about my jija 😂.

Mahi:Yuvi is awesome.

Twinkle:where is Anita Massi.

Mahi:Arey woh Naman mom called her so he went. Later kunj and yuvi left for their house mahi message Yuvi that takes kunj with him their place because twinkle is there.Yuvi message kunj he read and make faces because he was very tired today he turned his car and left for Yuvi house.at the same time they both reached.And went inside.Mahi and twinkle or Anita waiting for them at dinning table.Both looking so wired messy hairs their shirts untucked Lose tie.

Anita:Arey you both come good. Come have your dinner. Kunj just sit in sofa. What happened to you kunj.??

Kunj: nothing where is twinkle send her massi I’m waiting for in car.

Mahi: why don’t you have your dinner.

Kunj: nope okay he said and went sit in his car while Yuvi sit.

Yuvi:Twinkle you don’t worry about him have your dinner nicely okay.

Twinkle: hmm she had her dinner quickly. Okay bye guys.

Mahi: I’ll not leave this kunj next time bye twinkle.You call him right Sadu Sarna. Twinkle laugh and went outside she went near to car see kunj sitting on driving sit and resting his head on steering twinkle sit in the car due to door opening sound kunj look at twinkle.He didn’t said anything just starts the car and drove off.
Naman call come kunj talking to him while driving.

Kunj:you’ll send me I’ll see okay. Kunj end the call.

Twinkle:how many times I’ll tell you don’t take the phone when you driving..

Kunj:urgent ta na.. soon they reached their house kunj parked car and they went inside.

Twinkle:you go I’ll come. Kunj went upstairs went to his room he didn’t see here and there just bumped on the bed and sleep before changing. Twinkle take milk for kunj and went in their room she entered in room and see kunj sleeping she smiled at him. Keep the glass in side. Look at this man he sleep without changing his clothes babaji.Twinkle change her clothes and come to kunj removed his shoes and tie Kunj back facing to ceiling he sleeping on his stomach. Twinkle come at her side of bed and lay down looking at Kunj he looking so cute his messy hairs making him more and cherry on cake his little big stubble which twinkle like most. She went closer to him and caressing his hairs. Kunjjj please changed your clothes have something whispered in his ears.

Kunj:hmmm no let me sleep twinkle in so tired..

Twinkle:okay.She covered him with duvet and sleep beside him.Babaji give him all happiness he think about me lot I’m very lucky to have kunj in my life..she closed her eyes in sleep kunj rest his hand on twinkle stomach she see and give smile take his hand in her hand and kissed on kunj hand hold and sleep.
Rishi Malhotra
Naman shah
Maya Rishi Malhotra
Asha Naman shah
Kunj Sarna
Twinkle Kunj Sarna
Yuvraj Luthra
Mahi Yuvraj Luthra
Imagine Priyanka and Anjali as Kunj sisters okay. 
Episode end.
first happy Diwali advance.This story comes in my mind so I thought to write let’s try 😂😛. Long back I read something like so think to write with my tadka I like that but this is totally opposite. Give me your views if it is good or bad. Than I’ll process ahead this is love story with full moments 😂😂..

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