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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa meets rishi charbak.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa saying, rishi charbak will help us and show me the way to kill that kanha.
There rishi charbak is in his cave ashram and all people are there. Rishi says people, god doesn’t exist, we should live with moh maya and a life full of happiness doing what we think is right. A man says but it is written in texts that attaining moksh and god’s darshan should be our ultimate goal. Rishi says who has written it? a person who has attained god has written it? why did he write it then? Once you attain god, you don’t need to preach then why do we feel the need to write such texts? Because there is evil in the world that people want to end. And if there is so much evil, why didn’t Vishnu destroy it? everyone say Vishnu is all powerful and with one blessing

he can end all evil, then why doesn’t he? Because no gods exist. People agree and say rishi charbak is right, otherwise there would not have been any evil.
There bhadraksh says now I know rishi charbak will help us for sure, but why is he against the gods? Kansa says the gods created rishi charbak and then told him to secretly make a weapon so powerful that could kill all demons, but that would be cheating against the demon as such things are not allowed, that is why rishi charbak understood of this foul play with demons and he left the gods, he knew staying with demons would be safer for him than staying with the gods.
Bhadraksh says I will go and bring rishi charbak now. kansa says no need, I have sent rajdoot to get him he must be arriving now. suddenly rishi charbak’s palki comes and rishi gets down from it. he comes and kansa does pranam, rishi charbak says live in moh and maya, drink as much you like, that is what life is.
Kanha sneaks in radha’s room at night and wakes her up. Radha says what are you doing here gore? Kanha says gopi, I felt you were remembering me and wanted to meet me. radha says yes I wanted to meet you as I wanted to ask some questions, during Navratri why did you call me devi adishakti form? Kanha says radha wont you ask why I came here so late at night? Radha says yes I forgot to ask that, what happened? Kanha says there is a problem that only you can solve gopi. Radha says what problem? Kanha says gopi tell me if radha is kanha’s or kanha is radha’s? radha says gore, kanha can be radha’s but radha cannot be kanha’s she belongs only to Krishna. kanha says but kanha and Krishna are same. radha says no, Krishna is one who is everyone’s, not like kanha, kanha is mischievous but Krishna is divya, I belong to Krishna. kanha says I don’t understand, we will talk about that again but I am so hungry, I walked here from vrindavan, give me food. Radha says no kanha, go home when you come here as Krishna that time I will give you food. Kanha is shocked and he says gopi, if I don’t tell you the truth of kanha and radha then I will change my name. kanha goes.
Kanha is sad as he comes in morning in vrindavan. All gopi’s see him and say kanha what happened why are you sad? Kanha doesn’t say and keeps walking. Gopi’s say kanha has stopped stealing butter from our homes, talk to us, maybe he is sad on us. the gopi’s surround kanha and say we know how to make you happy kanha. They start dancing around kanha and sing a song for kanha. Kanha ignores them and keeps sitting here and there. The gopi’s sing song and then surround kanha and sit around him. kanha says why are you troubling me gopi’s? and why are you calling me kanha? I am not kanha, I am Krishna. balram says if we wont call you kanha then what should we call you? kanha says no one will call me kanha, he goes. Balram is shocked.
There kansa says rishi charbak, no one is there to guide me and I have lost from that kanha and Vishnu always, I want your help. Rishi charbak says I have one solution, use your soul and place an important part of your soul inside the body of kanha. Kansa is shocked and says what? Rishi charbak says yes, place an important part of your soul in kanha’s body, this way you will be safe and to kill you kanha will have to first kill himself. kansa is shocked.
There kanha goes home and yashoda is doing Diwali preparations. Kanha sits sad. Balram comes and says to yashoda, kaki kanha has changed I don’t know where he went this morning, but he says no one will call him kanha from now. yashoda says why? she and balram go to kanha. Yashoda says what happened kanha? Kanha says mother, I have taken a decision that from now no one will call me kanha, my name is Krishna and everyone will call me Krishna only because that gopi says kanha is a their who steals butter, he unties everyone’s cows and breaks pots. Yashoda is sad and says you are my kanha, kanha is my mamta and my love, the name kanha is a lot more for me than you imagine, you want to take away my love for you? you want to sacrifice that for what radha said? Then do what you want kanha. Yashoda cries. Kanha says forgive me mother, I did not think about that, I will not listen to that gopi and anyone, kanha hugs yashoda and thinks radha because of you my mother had tears, I will teach you a lesson.
There kansa says are you mad charbak rishi? You want me to die? If that Vishnu knows about my soul, he will destroy it into pieces and kill me. charbak says this is your fear speaking. Kansa screams angrily and says fear? I don’t fear anyone.

Precap: kansa says to put some part of my soul in kanha, kanha has to be brought here. kanha thinks of a plan to bring radha to vrindavan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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