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Only for me myself- OS

Hollo guys this is the next update I couldn’t update longer since it is festival I have my works to do in the home for the festival . happy festive season guys


when Anika & Ansh is about to leave , ishu calls her

Ishana- di I am also accompanying you drop me @ city hospital

Pinky- O my Maata ishu what happens to yous

Ishana – choti Ma today is Rihaan’s vaccination I have an appointment @ 9:00

Anika – but ishu for vaccination Om promised u ri8 he will accompany you

Ishana- yeah di but he has a important work

anika – ishu u go alone ?.

just then Saumya come there

Saumya- alone ???? What is going on here guys

Anika- laddoo (Somu ‘s Nick name) ishu was telling she is going to hospital alone for Rihaan’s vaccination

saumya – but di Om bhaiya was supposed to accompany you Ri8 ???

Ishana – yeah laddoo but he is having an imp. Work  , towards Anika I can manage di don’t compel me let’s go it’s getting late

Anika – k then we will go after dropping Ansh

Ishana – but di I’ll manage more than that already it is 8:30

Anika – k do one thing take Somu with you don’t go alone Somu is that OK for you

saumya- yeah di I am fine with it .

Ishana- but di I don’t wanna to trouble you guys

Anika & Saumya- shut up ishu / di

Saumya- di don’t talk like this we r ur sisters

Anika- exactly y we don’t have ri8 to help you

Ishana – no di you both r my sisters

Pinky – beta then takes Saumya with yous

Ishana – k then come sumo sorry Somu

the three ladies comes out


Oberoi boys come home as usual they do their work & have their talk , Obro’s moment etc…

the oberoi ladies have lost themselves totally in these years they only do the work @home

they meet @ pool side after completion of their work

precap – confession of their dreams

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