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Nimki Mukhiya 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Tettar tries to save Babbu

Nimki Mukhiya 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ritu says on call what? Bail can’t be done. Rekha says how many years would he be in jail? dablo says shut up. Annaro says I want my babbu back here today. Ritu says it is out of our hands now. SP can’t do anything. BDO has taken it to GM. ANnaro says so Nimki was right? We can’t do anything. Go and use your contacts. Ritu gets a call from Tettar. He says spoke to Mahatu. We can get babbu out. Ritu says we will get babbu out today. Give me the money. Annaro prays for Babbu. Annaro says I know sweeti is better now. But babbu is in jail. This all happened because of sweeti.

Abhi comes to Nimki. She says don’t say anything to me. Abhi says no, I dont want to say or do anything but I am worried that how could you be happy with a person like him? Nimki says

I didnt know he would stoop this low and I wanted to fight myself, you used to say that I have power to fight for others but if a girl cant fight for herself then she cant fight for anyone else and I knew I had your support. Abhi says its my fault too, I should have supported you from front.

Sweeti wakes up and recalls Babbu shooting her and Abhi asking her to not lose hope. Tunee comes there and sees her trashing around.. He goes to call doctor. Doctor checks Sweeti and her machines. Sweeti is heaving. Doctor says she has trauma, dont worry, we will give her injection, we need blood. Tunee says Mauha is giving blood, I will give blood too and you can replace it with her blood group. Tunee is about to call Nimki but thinks that she will get worried. He tries to call out to Sweeti but she is trying to wake up and murmurs Nimki..

Scene 2
Nimki and Abhi are in police station, Abhi asks what she is thinking? Nimki says dont know how Sweeti is. Abhi says she is fine, dont worry I talked to Tunee. Babbu glares at her. Tettar comes there with Ritu and says they brought my son here? He says to inspector that have you gone mad? you listened to this ordinary head of village? bring out my son right now.

Inspector says Tettar ji this is a serious issue. FIR is a must. Tettar says use whatever law you want. We have the real culprit here with us. They bring in jharya. Nimki is dazed. Ritu says we have the proofs too. Nimki says they are lying.
Some men come to Ram adn tell him that Nimki has gotten Babbu arrested. Ismail says did she speak to you? She didn’t even talk to elders. You know what will happen. Ismail says her life would be ruined. Ram says he deserves this. Ismail says but he is your son in law. Ram says he is nothing. Mauha is dazed. Ram says Nimki will come back.

Abhi says to Ritu don’t play these games. Nimki says he deserves a slap. Babbu says you have made me your enemy Abhi says I wasn’t in hospital or I would have treated your son. Ritu says inspector please arrest Jharya. This is the last chance. He can shoot anyone. Abhi puts gun on jharya. HE says did you do it? Jharya says no I didn’t. Nimki says see he spoke the truth. Abhi says he is tettar’s servant. Ritu says BDO was there He kidnapped Sweeti from there. Nimki says she came from that ahveli on her will. Abhi says she can decide fr herself. She isn’t your property. Nimki says she chose this for her life. You couldn’t digest. Inspector says we will take Sweeti’s statement. Nimki says but her condition isn’t well.
Precap-Abhi says inspector asks who shot her. Inspector asks Sweeti Babbbu shot you? She says I was shot by..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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