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My wife, Yuvani, part 26


Same night:


Suhani was standing in the balcony, she was lost in her thoughts. Every word said by her in laws’ were still ringing in her ears and they were still very disturbing, along with that now her parents’ anger too…

How will she manage everything, but she knew that she should, she should come over this.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and chanted her favourite quote in the mind. The one which always leads her forward.

“You can complain that roses have thorns or you can rejoice that thorns have roses.”

(in real mine)

She knew the fear her in laws have, but even with it, was it right to accuse her to that extend? She was not getting an answer. Till now she thought that they were angry on her, but how she feels like they started to hate her.


And about her parents, she knew her parents are upset. She herself was not happy with her situation, then her parents…. Till now she was upset that her Papa left her when she needed him, but now she understood that it was her state which forced him. Still she miss him.

But then she is her papa’s princess, he moulded her. She is capable of thinking above emotional pressure. She knee that he is upset and angry now and decided to talk to him later.

Others watched her and Anuj went to her.


Anuj: how much ever you try Bhabhi you are not going to succeed.

Suhani looked at him shocked.

What is he saying? He too is discouraging her, her lovely devar.


Suh: why??

Anuj: why means what, no one’s eyes have that gravitational power that moon would come to them.

Suh: huh??

She didn’t understand what he was saying.

Anuj: yes, I am seeing from long, you are staring at the moon like you will make it come to you by staring it, and I am telling you, you are not gonna succeed.


It took her a moment to understand what he said, and when she did, she shook her head in disbelief.

Suh: Anuj!!!!

He smiled sheepishly.


Suh: such a lame joke!

Anuj: aapki sangathi ka asar hai.

He folded his hands and acted like taking blessings from her.

Suh: Never, I can never say such a terrible joke.

Anuj: hey, don’t underestimate your power Bhabhi, you are expert in this.


She opened her mouth in big O.

Suh: you are such a,

Anuj: mastermind, right? I know.

He winks at her and she shook her head in disbelief and then smiles.

He smiles widely seeing her smiling. Others too smile seeing them.

Suh: But Anuj, on a serious note, will I be able to? I feel weak.

.Saurab came to them and side hugged Suhani.


Sau: Of course you will, you don’t know how strong you are. Thing that happens around you is never easy. Still, you never complaint, you were in trauma two days back and today you said you want to get back. It is not a small thing. And then we are with you.

They smile.

Suh: I want to get back Bhaiya, I hate hiding myself from Yuvraj, like today,  I somehow managed it, but

Anuj: yeah must say, you came with an apt lie.

Suh: thank God. But I hate it Anuj, I hate lying to him.

Sau: And this lie of yours is going to cost you. He would definitely ban you from eating ice creams.

He chuckles.

Suh: NO.

Anuj: Do you think he will stay quite?

Suh: and do you think that I will listen to him, come what may, I won’t leave ice cream.

Anuj and Saurab smiled, she was getting back to her normal self.


Anuj: Come, we will have food.

She nodes.

Suhani told that she is not going to take sleeping pills now, she knew she would have night mares, but she wanted to face it. She wanted to be strong by the time Yuvraj comes back. She also made Saurab and Anuj sleep on the next room, other than the couch of her room.



Yuvraj was surprised that Suhani haven’t written diary for four days from the day he went to trip. He know what her diary is to her, then why??

Then he found the diary of the fifth day.


“I know I haven’t talked to you for the past few days. I am sorry, but I was in such a bad mood, in fact I was not in sense.”

Yuvraj was shocked and curious; he was tensed thinking what will follow.

“The next day after Yuvraj left Ma called me to MM.”

Yuv: Ma called her, but Ma wasn’t happy with her na, then?


“ I was so happy, it was ages that she talked to me. I was jumping in happiness. We meet there even though Anuj warned me not to. Now thinking of that I don’t know I should have listened to him or not.”

Yuvraj’s heart was beating fast.

“My biggest shock awaited me there.”

She then narrated everything that happened there.

Yuvraj couldn’t control him by its end. He was dead angry, he felt disgusted about his family, how, how can they do all these.

His love, his Suhani, she cried thinking of her, how much she suffered, he looked at her painfully, tears were nonstop from his eyes.

It took him time to calm himself.  With trembling hands he read the rest. He was shattered when he found about Punkaj’s demand.

Yuv: I know uncle, why you said that, you were not wrong, but she needed you badly.

“I couldn’t digest when papa left me. How can he that was the only thing which was running in my mind. I couldn’t sleep that night; I cried and cried and cried.

I almost lost my send any the morning, I was in trauma.”

Yuvraj couldn’t take it, he was visibly shivering.


“It took me three days to come out of that trauma. Thanks to my bils and sils. They never left my side, they came in the next day and took care of me.”

Yuvraj thanked his siblings. Now he understood why Anuj didn’t let him talk to Suhani all those days, also the reason of the uneasiness he felt.

“I cried and cried. Anuj somehow managed things, he didn’t let Yuvraj know anything. Thank God, Yuvraj should never know all these.”


Yuvraj looked at her painfully.

Yuv: every atom of your body is filled of me right??


“Today Yuvraj was adamant that he would talk to me. God, why, why are you testing me again? If I will talk with him, he will understand that something is wrong and I don’t want that. As expected he understood it, he found the variation is my voice, but I managed it with a lie.

You know, he scolded me, I felt so light hearing his scolding. It was his love. My Yuvraj!!

He then advised me of measures, and I couldn’t take it any longer, with a my mind wish he would cut the call and luckily he did.”

Now Yuvraj understood what made him cut the call that day.

“But I felt so miserable, because k avoided my Yuvraj. How could I? This can’t be me right. I cried again.

I thought of everything, tried to understand my in laws’ and parents’ point of view. It is their love on Yuvraj and me respectively. But my in laws’ have became blind, their fear Yuvh made them selfish and arrogant.”

Yuv: (angrily) yup, it is their selfishness only.

“Anuj cheered me up. I smiled after four days.”

Yuv: Thanks Anuj.


“Today I feel relieved, so I am here with you.


Good night.”


Tears were non stoppable for Yuvraj.


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