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Magical And True Love of Samaina–Chapter/Episode-11

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Sorry for the late update.. Due to Studies and Xams I was not Able to update a new chappy But Now when my diwali vacations have started thought to Update a New  chappy… Plzz forgive me for updating very late…

Here’s the story begins..

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Magical And True Love of Samaina–Chapter/Episode-10



Sun ‘s Rays Are falling in the room making Naina’s face brighten.. She woke up due to the Sun Ray’s touching her face.. She Got up from the bed and Move towards Preeti and Swati to get them up..

Naina:-Preeti Swati Get Up.. Subah hogayi hai..

Preeti:-Yaar Let me sleep na Naina..I will get up after 10mins..

Swati:-(Gets up and stretches her arms and Says) Good Morning Naina..

Naina:-Good Morning Swati. Now help me to get up this Kumbkaran ‘s Daughter..

Swati And Naina Helps Preeti to get up from the Bed…

Preeti:-Aah.. what are u both doing ??

Swati and Naina:- We were just helping you get up from the bed.. And High fives Each other..

Preeti:-Making Angry Face..


Preeti:-Hey Naina..Did Jijaji Came over night??

A small blush crept from Naina’s Face but she hid it..☺😳😊

Naina:-No Why??

Preeti:-Bcoz Yesterday Night When u were in washroom He called me to ask this room’s no. I thought he will be coming..

Naina(hiding her blush):- I have to go to wash room..

She rushes to washroom leaving Swati and Preeti Confused And Blushes remembering the last night she has spent with Sameer

Meanwhile in Sameer’s Room

Munna And Pandit Woke up and were getting ready..

Munna:-Hey Ponga Pandit.. What happen to our Hero.. He is still sleeping and that too he is smiling since we have woke up..

Pandit:-I dont know What happened to Sameer Since when he left the room For some work and after that when he came back I dont know Bcoz I was sleeping. I dont know what has happened last night..

Suddenly they hear A Sound

Sameer:-Mmmm.. Naina !! Love me more.. And Hugs the pillow beside..

Sameer:-Naina You are Mine Always mine..Mmmm!!

Munna Sprinkles some water on Sameer’s Face

Sameer gets up..

Sameer:-What are you doing Nainaaa..? And was shocked to see Munna And Pandit in front of him..

Munna:-Now I Understood Yesterday where he was gone to do some urgent work..Now I see!!

Pandit:-Where he was gone??

Munna:-He was gone to…

Sameer(blushing):-Shut up Munna.. Its not like that..

Munna:-Oh hero From today this morning u were smiling in your sleep and now those words..

Munna(imitating Sameer):-Mmm Naina.. Love me more and takes the pillow from bed and hugs it

Pandit also teases further:- Naina You are Mine Always Mine.. Mmm!!

And they tease him.. 😋😋😜😉

Sameer:-Ok Now let me get ready for today’s day

And rushes towards washroom..

After 5 mins Girls And Boys Assemble in the dining hall..

Shanti Ma’am:-Ok Students After having your Breakfast Boys will go for Adventure rides and girls will go for swimming . At 2:00 you will all assemble here After completing the given tasks u will have ur lunch here and after 10-15mins Girls will go for Adventure Rides And Boys will go for swimming .. Is that Clear??

Students:- Yes Ma’am..

Shanti Ma’am:- Now go and Have ur breakfast ..

Students go and have their breakfast

Our Group(Naina,Swati,Preeti,Sameer,Munna,Pandit)are sitting together.

Naina is wearing Blue Jean’s And Red Top Matching with  Pearl’s earring And looking to Sameer.Our Sameer is wearing Check’s Shirt and Black Jean’s and also looking to Naina with love filled eyes..

They were soo lost in each other that they are not even bothered to look that they are going to eat green chilli..

Naina and Sameer:- Aah…!!!

Preeti:- Naina Where is your mind haan..  Here Drink Water …

Munna:-And you also were is ur mind haan..Drink this water

Naina and Sameer they Both drink water and gets relieved ..

Pandit:-Bhabhi do you know what Sameer was saying about you…


Pandit was going to imittate Sameer but Sameer stomps Pandit’s foot with his feet

Pandit:-Aah.. Ouch!!

Naina:-What happened??

Pandit:-Nothing I will tell some other time..

Naina Smiles and they all finish their breakfast

After finishing breakfast Girls team goes to Their rooms for changing into their swimming costume and boys goes for Adventure Rides..

In Naina’s Room..

Naina:-YaaR this trip is soo boring..😞😞😔😔

Preeti:-Behena The trip is not boring Jijaji is not with you that’s why ur thinking that the trip is boring.. And teases Naina..


Swati:-Dont spoil today’s day Naina Let’s Enjoy..

Naina:-Ya Ok..

They head towards Swimming pool and Boys were heeding towards the Adventure Rides..

After their completed tasks (by switching the task) . They all are in their room relaxing themselves..

At 7:00p.m.

They all are getting dressed for DJ Night Party..

Meanwhile in Naina’s Room

Preeti:-You are looking Gorgeous Naina in this Gown..

Naina Smiles😊

Naina:-You both Are also looking Beautiful In your Dresses..

Swati and Preeti:-Thank You ..

Preeti:- And I am Sure that Jijaji will not be able to Take his eyes off from you..

Naina:-(blushing) Stop It Preeti..☺😊

Swati:-Now you both stop teasing and let’s go to  DJ Hall..

In DJ Hall..

Sameer is waiting for Naina And Munna And Pandit is Waiting For Swati And Preeti to come..

Munna:-Where are these girls gone??

Suddenly Sameer spots them and is spell bound to see Naina.. he can’t takes his eyes off from Naina.. Naina Spots Sameer And Blushes coz Sameer is Alreading Gazjng at her from head to toe.. The Girls Gang Reaches towards them.

Munna:-Oyye Pandat Today you are looking beautiful..and compliments her

Swati:-Thank you!!😊☺

Pandit:-Oyye hoyee Madhuri You are looking Beautiful..😊☺

Preeti:-Thank you Pandit!! And they both share an eye lock with each other (Munna to Swati And Preeti to Pandit)

Meanwhile Sameer is lost in Naina’s beauty ..

Naina:-Sameerrr… !!

Sameer:-Awesome,Gorgeous Stunning , Hot And And …

Naina:-‘And’ What??

Sameer Bents and leans down towards her Ear

Sameer(whispering in her ears):-And s*xy Too.. And Kisses her cheecks😘😘

Naina is blushing hearing his compliment filled with care , love and something more that she is scared to define

After seeing her blushing  , Sameer Smirks Naughtily😉😜😛😎

Naina:-Sameerrr..!!! And Slightly pats his elbow making him giggle😝😝😜

Sameer:- Its not my fault.. It’s Your fault… Wearing these type of dresses in front of me and how can I control my eyes when I cant control getting myself drown in you..

Naina Smiles and tries to hide her shyness and blush in front of him..

Precap:-DJ Night Party… 

Chapter/Episode-11 Ends

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