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Kumkum Bhagya 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Tanu seeing Abhi coming and pretends to faint. Abhi says I told you many times not to wear heels in the house. Tanu says she is feeling dizzy due to her karwachauth fast and asks him to make her lie down on the bed. Abhi asks her to hold his hand and takes her to bedroom. He makes her sit. Tanu is still holding his hand. Abhi asks her not to hold his hand. Tanu says why can’t I hold your hand when I keep fast for you. If you can hold Pragya’s hand then why can’t I hold your hand. Abhi asks did I ask you to keep the fast. Tanu says it is every wife’s right, I kept fast to get you, for your long life. She says I am doing this from heart. Abhi says I don’t want you from my heart and asks her to eat something. Tanu asks him not to be egoistic and says you don’t want

me to keep fast for you, and wants someone else to keep the fast for you, but she is keeping fast for someone else She says whatever you are doing with me, Pragya is doing same with you. She says Pragya has kept fast for Mr. King and is hungry and thirsty for him, and came here to do puja for him. Abhi walks out angrily. King asks if he is upset and tensed. Abhi says yes and then says sorry. He says I am taking out someone’s anger on you. King says I understand, but what is your problem. Abhi says you and then says you will not understand. King says you are moody. Abhi says yes and laughs. He says I became okay seeing you. King thinks why is he looking tensed.

Tai ji tells that her friend send a panditayan who will make them do the puja and whatever she says come true. Mitali comes to Dadi. Dadi says Pummy told that you are upset. Mitali says she is upset with Neha, but not with her husband, she kept fast for him. Aaliya comes down and thinks of Tanu asking her why she didn’t keep fast for Purab. She looks at Disha. Dadi asks Abhi to help Pragya lift chowki. Abhi lifts it thinking about Tanu’s words. Tanu comes downstairs. Pragya looks at Abhi. Dadi asks Panditayan to bless the good couple of the house. Panditayan blesses them to stay together for 7 births and their love will never fade away. Abhi gets upset and leaves. Pragya says he don’t want to do anything. Aaliya asks Tanu if she said anything to Abhi. Tanu says she showed mirror to Abhi that Pragya is not his. Aaliya says they were happy before. Pragya thinks why is he upset? Did someone say anything to him? He recalls Tanu telling that Pragya don’t want your long life or your support for 7 births, she just wants King.

Aaliya asks Tanu what did you tell her? She says bhai is looking upset with Pragya. Tanu tells everything. She says I told him that Pragya kept fast for Mr. Singh and asked him to see the reality. She says I asked him to looked after me as I have kept fast for him. Aaliya smiles. Tanu says now they can’t stay for even 7 mins, due to the fire which I lighted today. Dadi hears them and her condition worsens. She asks Pragya to come with her. Tanu and Aaliya get tensed. Tanu asks Aaliya what Dadi wants to talk to her? Aaliya says don’t know. Tanu says I feel Dadi’s soul is in her and that’s why she loves Pragya. She says lets go and check on them.

Pragya asks dadi why she don’t take care of herself. Dadi tells her that Daljeet Dadi used to love you more than she used to love Abhi, and asks did your love ended with divorce. She asks why did she separate from Abhi even though she promised to be with him for seven births, but got separated for 7 years and now returned as someone’s wife and kept fast for someone else. She asks her to listen to her and tells that she has kept fast for your grand son. Dadi hears her and gets happy. Pragya asks her to listen to her carefully and tells that their relation is from hearts. She says my relation with Abhi and you all can’t break with a piece of paper, says it is a relation of heart and soul which can’t break. Aaliya and Tanu come there and listen to her. Dadi says I want to listen this and says you have increased my life.

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