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Karn Sangini 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Karn Tries To Stop Arjun

Karn Sangini 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Uruvi with Arjun walks towards Bhanumati’s room and not seeing guards outside thinks if Duryodhan prisoned even Bhanumati. They walk into Banumati’s room and see Bhanumati sitting on bed after consummating with Duryodhan and Duryodhan sound asleep. Arjun angrily pulls arrow to kill Duryodhan. Bhanumati stops warns him to stop and says she consummated with her wish and has accepted Duryodhan as her husband, they both should leave this palace before sunrise and anyone notices them. They both agree.

In the morning, Arjun and Uruvi walk towards their chariot and see Karn doing surya namaskar. Arjun stops angrily to attack Karn. Uruvi says they should leave now and cannot break Bhanumati’s promise. Karn turns and warns Arjun to leave Uruvi right there. Arjun pulls arrow.

Uruvi suggests Arjun not to attack weaponless. Arjun even reminiscing Kunti’s promise that he will not attack Karn without her permission. He shoots arrow in air. Arrows shower around Karn and cage him in between, says he is saved by promise today and leaves in chariot. Karn angrily breaks arrows and comes out and picks bow angrily.

Arjun orders charioteer to take chariot to palace and not Pukeya as he does not want anyone to criticise him. They reach palace and meet Kunti who just comes from temple on her chariot. Arjun tells her that Karn had thrown Uruvi in jail and he freed her and brought her here, her promise saved Karn today, else he would have killed Karn. Kunti says Duryodhan must have ordered and he is trying to create rift between them. Karn enters and warns Arjun to return Uruvi as she is a prisoner. Adhirath scolds Karn and warns him to apologize Kunti with bent head and return back. Karn obeys and leaves. Uruvi feels bad for him.

Bhanumati serves turmeric milk to Duryodhan and says she knows he drinks turmeric milk in the morning. He asks if she needs anything. She says his forgiveness. Karn enters and informs that Uruvi escaped with Karn and he tried his best to stop them, but his father interfered and sent him back. Duryodhan senses Bhanumati’s nervousness and walks to her. She says Uruvi is her friend and they cannot prison anyone if they want to spread love. Duryodhan says she has to forget her past relationships from hereon.

Precap: Adhirath alleges Karn that he is showing his arrogancy as Ang’s king and not his son. Karn asks what he should do to prove he is his son. Adhirath orders to take his place and become Kunti’s charioteer for 1 week. Karn agrees. Arjun insults Karn and orders to take him and Uruvi to Pukeya.

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