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Jiji Maa 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Uttara tests Falguni

Jiji Maa 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Falguni fooling Uttara. She says Suyash and my relation got broken as it wasn’t strong, I wanted to see if you believe in Karma and my marriage, stop doubting on me now. Uttara goes. Vidhaan says your and Suyash’s diya has already reached temple. Everyone does the puja. Suyash sees Falguni and smiles. Uttara thinks Falguni’s diya will blow off. Falguni and Suyash see the diya getting ignited once again. Everyone smiles. Uttara gets shocked.

Uttara takes everyone along to a room. She says I have accepted Falguni and Karma’s marriage, and arranged this room for their wedding night, when Falguni married someone else, and gave us proof, what can be bigger proof, we have to do some rituals for the sake of society. She asks Falguni and Karma to start a new life, so that

Suyash and Piyali also forget their old relations. She puts them in trouble. Falguni thinks I m not old Falguni now, Uttara is forgetting this. She agrees with Uttara. Karma says I didn’t marry Falguni to take revenge or make anyone jealous, I married Falguni as I love her, I will start my married relation when I take her home, its not any cheap love. Falguni taunts Piyali to anger her. Piyali goes after Uttara. She scolds Uttara for doing all this. Uttara slaps Piyali.

She says my plans are spoiling because of your foolishness, can’t you see their drama so that you get jealous and leave from Suyash’s life, she can do anything to get Suyash. Piyali asks what shall I do now. Uttara asks her to go close to Suyash and move on in life. Piyali refuses and says you told me to marry Suyash and take blame on myself. Niyati, Vidhaan and Falguni make plan. Vidhaan says I will fix everything. Falguni goes to talk to Suyash.

He apologizes for bearing so much because of her. He says if Karma loves Piyali, he can join her any time. Falguni asks him to believe in their love. They hug. He says I wish this moment stops here and the life spends like this. Uttara comes there to see. Falguni says if anyone sees us together, everything will be ruined. Suyash stops Falguni. Uttara doesn’t see Falguni. She justifies her move to keep Falguni and Karma’s suhaagraat. She says Piyali is crazy, she can do anything, even court case, do you think I did wrong.

He says why will I find you wrong. She asks don’t you think Falguni is lying and doing this drama. He says I don’t care for her now. He goes. She says if you are so annoyed, why are you meeting Falguni secret, are they together, then they will make Piyali out, no Falguni has to go from here, its my promise, Falguni’s life will have darkness in her life now.

Uttara makes a plan. Falguni gets an electric shock and falls down. Niyati gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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