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Shakti 6th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Harman and Soumya attempt to kill Sant Baksh

Shakti 6th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gurwinder saying where Virat will search Heer, she is dead. She says you have killed her and now killing your own son. She says you all know what happened to Virat when she left him last time. She says if you love him then tell him the truth, else he will search Heer all life and you will search your son. Sant Baksh signs Daljeet. Daljeet says we have done one mistake and tells that we should have killed you. He asks what we shall tell Virat that we killed Heer. Gurwinder says I will go to temple and goes. Sant baksh says I have some work and goes. Soumya calls Parmeet and says until the family is infront of eyes, a woman is peaceful. She says just like Heer was kidnapped, your family members will be kidnapped one by one and asks her to save them if she can. She ends the call. Parmeet tells Daljeet that Soumya called and threatened her. Daljeet says Gurwinder went to temple and Dad went to office. Parmeet says they will not dare to touch your Dad and will not harm Virat. They think that if they trap Gurwinder then she will tell them everything. Daljeet calls her and just then they see her at home. Parmeet says if Gurwinder is here, then they were talking about whom? Sant Baksh is going to the PS. Constable stops the car and says dry tree is fallen down on the road. Sant baksh asks him to move the tree fast. The constable tries to move the tree. Parmeet calls Sant Baksh and tells about Soumya’s threat. Sant Baksh says I am DSP, they will not dare to kidnap me? He sees Harman hitting the constable and gets down aiming gun at him. Soumya comes there and hits on his hand, making the gun falling down. She says we have come to settle scores for Heer’s every scream. Sant Baksh says we didn’t do anything, I am DSP, do you know what could be the consequences. Harman says when you killed Heer, you didn’t leave any proof, even we will not leave any proofs. Sant Baksh says you will kill us. Harman says you have killed Heer, who was our life, did you think before killing her. He hits on his head and he falls down.

Virat comes to the bus stand and enquires with the people there. He sees CCTV cam there.

Harman and Soumya look at Sant Baksh who is tied and gains consciousness. Sant Baksh says you are doing wrong, Police will not leave you if anything happens to me, I am DSP. Soumya keeps the mobile video on and they move back. She says if Heer gets justice with our move then we will do and asks him to get ready to die. Virat asks the shop keeper to show him CCTV footage and tells that he is searching his wife. The shop keeper shows him CCTV footage. Soumya sits to do puja. Harman picks a rod. Sant Baksh says leave me, I will forgive you. He gets shocked and recalls Parmeet hitting Heer. Sant Baksh says I will not tell anyone, leave me. Harman continues to walk towards him. Shakti song plays…..Harman and Soumya recall their moments with Heer. Harman hits Sant Baksh on his head and he faints. Parmeet says his phone is not connecting. Parmeet and Daljeet see the video in which Sant Baksh is attacked. Parmeet cries. Daljeet says how can they, Dad is DSP. Virat comes there and asks where is Dad? He says I checked the CCTV and tells that Heer was not there and someone tried to trapped her and sent that guy intentionally. Parmeet says your Dad is here and shows the video. Virat asks who did this? Parmeet says Soumya did this, she didn’t find any proofs so they kidnapped your Dad and killed him.

Harman and Soumya come home. Soumya holds Preeto’s hand and says today Heer got her first justice. Harman also holds Preeto’s hand. Chintu hears them. Harak Singh takes Harman to side and asks what was the need to do this? Harman says I didn’t have any way. Soumya says I know who has done injustice with Heer, and we have to punish him to get justice for Heer. Virat comes there and shouts Harman Singh, Soumya ji. Harman and Soumya looks at him. Virat shows the video and asks what is it? He asks what is this, Harman Singh. He says you have killed my dad. Chintu thinks this Soumya is serial killer. Virat asks Harman to tell that he didn’t kill his dad.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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