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Lamp of Love Episode-17: Anirudh’s Emotional Breakdown

The episode starts with Binoy waiting for viceroy to discuss about Bondita’s campaign. Viceroy comes there and says, Hello Mr. Binoy Roy Chaudhary, what a surprise we just met three days ago, what made you to come here again. Binoy tells that I have to speak something important to you. Viceroy asks him to tell, Binoy says, Barrister Bondita das wants… viceroy asks him to stop and tells are you saying the women who started Satyamev Jayate campaign. Binoy says yes. Viceroy tells him to asks what she wants and also tells that he is very impressed with her works and planning to meet her soon, Binoy gets happy and tells that she too wants the same and tells that she want to discuss about educational expenses for girl students, Viceroy nods with a smile and tells Bondita das is welcome anytime and smiles, he asks what is his relation with her, Binoy tells that she is his daughter and smiles, Viceroy asks but you have only sons right? Binoy says, “Yes, Bondita is my future daughter in law but I consider her as my daughter”, he greets and leaves from there.

Anirudh and Kabir check the house, Kabir tells that he loved it and says, Anu I saw a girl just now and she is so beautiful man just like moon. Anirudh says, acha you noticed this much, Kabir tells I haven’t felt like this before when I held her, I really don’t want her to go but Anu her eyes are swollen may be she has some problem it seems. Anirudh asks, Kabir what happened to you? Kabir tells that I feel like I have fallen in love with that women. Anirudh asks, what? You have seen her once, you really don’t know who she is, from where she is then how man? Kabir tells that some feelings come unexpectedly and stays with us. They both sit and chitchat and laughs.

A man comes there and he informs something to Anirudh. Anirudh without realizing that he came with Kabir, leaves to haveli in hurry. Anirudh calls Bondita and goes to her room, he see her sitting in floor trembling and crying. Anirudh runs towards her and sits with her and calls Bondita. Bondita cries inconsolably, she hugs him so tight that his shirt would rip. Anirudh gets emotional and hugs her. He frees her and cups her face with his hands and asks her to stop crying, Bondita tries to speak but her throat is so dry. Anirudh gives water to her and calms her, Bondita still holds his shirt, and Anirudh gets teary eyes, he asks her to tell what actually happened.

Som comes to haveli and go straight to Thakumaa and informs her that happened morning. Thakumaa gets shocked and fells down, Sampoorna comes there and lifts her and gives water. Thakumaa tells that she will never leave those people to live and shouts that they don’t deserve to live in this world. Som consoles her and Thakumaa asks if everything is fine now, Som nods yes.

Anirudh holds Bondita’s hand and asks her to sleep, he makes her to lie in bed and sits near her and caress her hair but Bondita keep trembling, Anirudh assures her that he is near her and she came sleep, Bondita tries to sleep but the incident flashes her and she cries inconsolably. Bondita asks Sakha babu, why no one is like him? Anirudh tells her that people differ not only in physical appearance but also mentally they are different Bondita and puts her to sleep by caressing her hair. Bondita fall asleep, Anirudh gets up from bed and emotionally breaks down seeing Bondita’s condition.

Thakumaa asks Tapur where is Bondita? Tapur tells that she is in her room and asks her what happened, Thakumaa goes there without answering. Tapur thinks what happened from today morning everyone in home is so worried. Thakumaa opens Bondita’s room and finds Anirudh there. Anirudh and Thakumaa looks at each other. Thakumaa asks him if he knows everything that happened, Anirudh sighs heavily. Thakumaa asks him to not leave these people and they should be punished and asks him to do it. Anirudh asks Thakumaa to take care of Bondita and leaves.

Kabir search Anirudh and thinks where did he go leaving me alone her, Bihari comes there and asks him to come with him as Anirudh in in haveli. Kabir asks him why Anirudh left him her and went home without informing him. Bihari tells I don’t know, everyone in house seems to be disturbed. Kabir thinks what would have happened everyone seems to be little worried from morning.

Ksj returns to haveli and tells that Tupur and Chandrachur Jamai babu is fine now, but everyone there is also disturbed with this, he tells Kalindi I don’t know how these people have this much courage to do this things. Thakumaa tells that they aren’t human if they were then they would have not imagined like this even in their dream. Tapur listens to them and thinks what they are speaking about she decides to ask Sampoorna about this and searches her, she sings lullaby for Shashwati as she is not sleeping. Tapur goes there, Sampoorna signals her to wait and she puts her to sleep and comes to Tapur and asks, why she is here. Tapur asks her to tell what happened and why everyone is looking upset, Sampoorna tells her, Tapur gets stunned after hearing this.

Anirudh asks sorry to Kabir. He tells that as there was important work so he returned to haveli without informing. Kabir asks Anirudh, is everything fine and why everyone looks worried? Anirudh says, everything is fine Kabir and asks him to not worry. Kabir asks about Bondita, Anirudh tells that she is sleeping as she is not well. Kabir thinks something is there Anu is not telling me, whatever I have to help him.

To be continued…

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