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Prachi gets shocked on hearing this. Kiara steps back but Sunny holds her hand.

“ Papa…?” says Prachi.

“ she can’t come in.” says Abhi.

“ why?” asks Prachi.

“ she betrayed me. she is King’s daughter, the man who is responsible for ur sister’s death…..” Abhi gets interrupted by Prachi.

“ her father right? Not her.” Says Prachi.

“ But she betrayed bhai. Bhai thought her for so many days but she didn’t sing at the last moment. King would have asked her to do that so that we lose our respect. ” says Alia.

Prachi argues with Abhi and Alia.

“ Stop it.” Shouts Kiara.

“ I don’t want u guys to fight because of me. I know I betrayed u. But trust me, I am here bcoz I care for Prachi and Ranbhir. I really want to see them getting married. Tell me what should I do to prove my innocence?” asks Kiara.

“ tell the truth. Answer honestly for whatever questions u have answered lies previously.” Tells Abhi.

“ fine. I will start with my family. I am King Singh’s daughter. I am his only child. I never saw my mother. And I have never got a chance to know her. I used to stay in London. Since my childhood, my dad locked me in my house. Singing was my passion. I just loved to sing, but my dad never allowed me to do so. So I was frustrated and ran away form home, so that I can achieve my dreams and live the way I want to. I came to India and met u. u became my mentor. On the day of concert my dad blackmailed me to not to sing. So I didn’t sing.” Saying this reveals all her secrets except her name.

“ so, this is it?” asks Abhi.

“ no, there is one more thing, which is very important, my name.” tells Kiara.

“ isn’t ur name Arya?” asks Meera.

“so ur name is not Arya. Then what is it?” asks Abhi.

“ Kia. Kia singh.” Says Kiara.

Everyone gets shocked on hearing her name especially Abhi, Sunny and Pragya.

“ Kia?” asks Pragya to which Kiara nods.

Abhi remembers Kiara but tries to hide his tears. He lets Kiara stay till the wedding and leaves from there. Prachi smiles and tightly hugs Kiara. Disha and Alia share threatening glances towards each other which Ahana observs. Everyone goes to their rooms.

In Abhigya’s room

“ I know u remembered Kiara, when she said her name is Kiara, right?” asks Pragya to which Abhi nods and hugs Pragya and cries.

Pragya’s pov

Since the start I had a strange feeling with this and King being her father and most importantly her name. Now my doubts are getting convinced that they are actually true. I should get DNA test done as soon as possible .

At night

In Aryan’s bedroom

“ so with whom should we start?” asks Aryan.

“ with your mother, ofcourse.” Says Shahana.

“ why do u always target my mother?” asks Aryan.

“ no, I never target her, as per the things we know till now ur mother is in bad woman zone, so…. ” says Shahana and looks at Aryan.

“ okay, have any ideas?” asks Aryan.

“ well, sort of. We should bring Disha maasi and papa to come closer. Then…” Shahana gets interrupted by Aryan.

“ I understood. Tomorrow is Prachi and Ranbhir’s engagement. I have a plan to implement your idea.” Says Aryan. Just then they see a shadow passing over the door.

Aryan opens the door and sees a man moving.

“ who is roaming like a ghost at this time?” says Aryan.

“ what do I know. I was also with u. hey, look at him. He is going that side.” Says Shahana.

“ oh my god, he is going towards Prachi’s room. Come let’s go.” Saying this Aryana and Shahana go together.

The man knocks on Prachi’s door. Prachi opens the door and sees him

“ you?…” Before she could say anything he cups her mouth and takes her in.

“ oh my god. He took her in. come fast.” Saying this Aryan pulls Shahana.

Arhana enter into Prachi’s room and covers the man with the blanket and throws him on the bed. Shahana beats him while Aryan holds him. Prachi tries to stop them but she was unbale to. Finally, the man frees himself and Arhana gets shocked finding Ranbhir.

“ Ranbhir? U? ” asks Aryan.

“ yeah me. were u both trying to kill me?” asks Ranbhir.

“ no, we thought some stranger has entered into our house and we were trying to save Prachi.” Says Shahana.

“ oh, great. While saving ur sis u treated me badly. And what are u still doing here? leave” Orders Ranbhir.

“ ok, wait.. why should we leave? And what are u doing in my sister’s room at this time?” asks Aryan to which Ranbhir stays silent.

“ what happened? Couldn’t stop ur self for one night.”teases Shahana. Prachi asks her to stop teasing them.

“ why? Isn’t that true? And my dear Ranbhir, wait for one day? And then  officially, she will be urs.” Says Shahana to which Ranbhir and Prachi look at each other and smile.

“ prachi, I am very happy that even after wedding we will be staying together.” Says Shahana.

“ me too.” Replies Prachi.

“ but…. After wedding she will have her husband in her life. So, u should reduce ur sister time.” Says Ranbhir pulling Prachi towards him.

Four of them laugh and share an emotional hug.

In Rhea’s bedroom

Rhea gets message from Ishaan to meet him on the terrace but she neither replies nor leaves. Ishaan calls her but she doesn’t lift the call and then she switches off her phone.  She was about to sleep but she remembers that her bottle is empty. She goes to kitchen to fill water bottle but someone pulls her aside. He holds her mouth and takes her to the terrace. she fights and gets away from him. She turns and finds Ishaan. Both of them gets teary-eyed. He tries to hold her face but she moves back but he pulls her to him.

“ are u angry with me?” asks Ishaan.

“ no.” replies Rhea sternly.

“ then why were  u ignoring me.” asks Ishaan.

“ was i? well, I was quite busy with the preparations, so I wouldn’t have seen ur calls.” Replies Rhea without looking towards him.

“ I called u ten times. I have been messaging u since an hour. No reply. Any answer for this?” asks Ishaan.

“ nothing. If anyone finds out we are not in our rooms and search for us and if we are caught together then…” saying this Rhea tries to go.

“ look at me.” shouts Ishaan to which Rhea gets scared and turns back. She looks at him and rush towards him and hugs him and cries.

“ I am scared , Ishaan. I am scared that our families won’t agree for our relationship. And I don’t want u to go against anyone to support me. u have supported me more than required. I ruined  many lives. I don’t want to ruin yours too.” cries Rhea.

“ u foolish girl. U are my love. And I agree u ruined so many lives and u are trying to make them right. And about my life,  u aren’t ruining mine. Trust me, I am so happy to be loved a girl like u. and I promise I will make everything fine. ” saying this Ishaan kisses her on her forehead and hugs her more tightly. Rhea feels very comfortable in his arms and hugs him tightly.


Next episode on thursday.

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