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Ishq Mein Aitbaar #RiAnsh #ISHQMEINMARJAWAN2 (Part 2)

Hi guys here we go with the 2nd part of this TS.


Riddhima was sitting in her room restlessly just then Vansh came there. Riddhima looked at him and tried ignore him as she was hurt by his word and she went out from the room while tear rolled down from her eyes.

Vansh was in guilt of saying so painful words to her but his so called man ego was against riddhima and his heart.

Just then he heard a familiar voice.

Voice: Mr. Vansh Raisinghania.

Kabir came to VR MANSION with a photo in his hand and Shouted Vansh’s name. Vansh descended from the stairs and looked at Kabir with amused  look.
Riddhima who was in garden all this while came there and saw Kabir there.

Kabir: Mrs. Raisinghania, your husband is cheating at you with that Ragini. And if you don’t believe me look at this picture which will prove that Vansh is a cheater.

Saying so he was about to give the photo Riddhima but Siya snatched the photo from his hand and looked at it shocked.

Siya: Bhai how can you do this? How can you stoop so low? I’m ashamed that I’m your sister and you are my brother.

Angrey was about to say something but was stopped by Vansh.
Dadi snatched the photo from Siya’s hand and looked at it. Dadi came towards Vansh and was about to slap him but Riddhima came between them.

Riddhima: Dadi he cheated me right? So its my right to punish him.

Dadi nodded and Riddhima raised her hand to slap him and he closed his eyes on not feeling her hand he opened his eyes and was shocked to see Kabir putting his hand on his face as he was slapped by Riddhima who was looking at Kabir with utmost hatred.

Riddhima: Mujhe apne Vansh par bohut aitbaar hai. Agar swaym Bappa bhi akar mujhse kahenge naa ki mera Vansh mujhe dokha de rha hai main unki bhi baat nhi manungi. Kyunki main apne Vansh par utna hi vishwaas karti hun jitna Parvati ji apne Bholenaath par karti thi.

She said while looking into Vansh’s eyes which were drowning in guilt. She turned towards the family who was looking at her shocked.

Riddhima: Dadi How can you believe this outsider instead of your own grandson? How can you believe this Kabir instead of your Vansh bhai Siya? I can’t believe this. The person who loved you’ll the most, protected you’ll forgetting his own safety, spent numerous nights without sleeping to just feed you’ll, he let his childhood in vain just to keep you’ll happy. At the age where every child play with his family, he joined business to fulfill your demands. And today when a mere outsider came and told that he is cheating on me and you’ll believed him. How can you’ll?

Riddhima said while whole family bowed their head down being ashamed and Vansh looked at Riddhima with love. Riddhima turned towards Kabir..

Riddhima: My trust on my Vansh is not so weak that a mere picture that you have bought break it into pieces. And before I call gaurds and they pull you from here just get LOST from my house! and never ever try to come back here.

Kabir glaring at her and Vansh angrily went out from there feeling extremely humiliated.
Everyone asked apologies from Vansh and went from there. Vansh was about to go towards Riddhima who was sobbing silently but stopped when she showed him her hand and went from there while Vansh looked at Riddhima’s retreating figure with guilt and tears in his eyes.


Vansh was sitting in his study thinking all the things which happened from Navratri to today. Angrey came there breaking Vansh’s chains of thoughts.

Angrey: If you don’t mind can I say something?

Vansh: Yes angrey.

Angrey: Boss, I know that I’m no one to interfere in your life but it is difficult to believe your husband when all the proofs are against then too bhabhi trusted you, when to whole family was against you. Boss, I consider you as my bhai and I know that you are always right in knowing the person. But this time you are wrong in knowing bhabhi she can’t betray you bhai, think wisely.

Vansh: You are right, when all the proof was against me she still stand for me and fought for me. You are right, this time I’m wrong in knowing and identifying a person who always supported no matter what. Angrey please bought the CCTV footage I want to see who is the real culprit.

Angrey bought the CCTV and they both was guilty and shocked that it was indeed Anupriya who burnt Vansh’s mom’s picture. Vansh was guilty but more than that he was guilty for not believing his sweetheart and trying to slap her when all the time she was saying truth. He angrily banged his hand on the table while blood started oozing from his hands.


Riddhima was sitting in front of her balcony thinking something very deeply while tears were continously flowing from her eyes.

Vansh entered inside the room to talk and ask apologies from Riddhima only to find her lost in her own world of thoughts.

He went towards her and hugged her from behind only get pushed by her.

Riddhima: What you want Vansh?

She asked sternly with emotionless face.

Vansh: I’m sorry Riddhima.

Riddhima: I’m not hurt Vansh that you didn’t trusted me, I’m hurt because you tried to slap me and said that your love for me was a sin.

Vansh: I’m sorry Riddhima. Please forgive me. Riddhima my mom was my world for me and it was only memory I have of her and seeing it burning in front of my eyes I didn’t controlled my self and… I’m sorry riddhima. I love you please don’t leave me I can’t leave without you.

He said while falling on his knees and cried like 2 year old baby in front of Riddhima. Riddhima can’t see her lifeline devastated like this so she also sat on her knees and hugged him tightly as if there is no tomorrow.

Riddhima: Shhh… vansh don’t cry. It’s OK I’m not angry with. I love you Vansh! I love you immensely. I can’t live without Vansh you are my addiction without you my life is nothing.

She said while cleaning his tears. He pulled her closer and kissed her forehead lovingly.

Vansh: I love you too my love. You are my intoxication. Without you I can’t leave my life. You are my life And you are my world. I love you sweetheart and will do till the last breath of mine. I’m sorry for my behavior and thank you for trusting over that Kabir.

Riddhima: Vansh I want to tell you my past with Kabir.

Vansh: I know Riddhima that Kabir was your fiancee and he sent you in my life to spy on me. And before our marriage you broked all your ties with him. And honestly speaking I don’t care about your past as your future is me only me.

Riddhima looked at him with utmost love and pulled him in soft kiss pouring all her love in the kiss. Vansh was shocked first but later started kissing her back turning it into passionate kiss.

After sometime they broked the kiss panting heavily. Vansh took her in his arms and made her lay the bed.

Vansh: Sweetheart can I love you?

She asked smelling her intoxicated fragrance. While she simply nodded in yes and he kissed her forehead and attacked her neck. Entwined their hands and kissed her passionately.


So it was the end hope you’ll liked it do leave your reviews in the comment section. AshRiansh I completed my promise and here’s the last part hope you liked it.

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