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Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 5th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kabir reveals KK’s plan to the family

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 5th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrita imagining Karan. She talks to him. She feeds him the cake. He also feeds her. She cries. He asks her to smile once. She smiles. He smiles and disappears. She sees Pritam coming on his bike. She gets scared. Pritam meets someone and takes the drugs. He leaves. Meera shows the pics of Kabir’s birthday. She says that family will be mine soon. Apa says it won’t be easy to separate Meera from that family. Krishnakant looks on. Naveen asks him to send cold coffee to his room. Meera argues with Naveen and calls him lazy. Krishnakant asks what did she see in that family. Apa says love. He asks don’t I love her, I gifted her an expensive care. Apa says she doesn’t want car, but relations, family. He asks does she get less love in this house, don’t I love her, don’t you love her. Apa says I love her, but you are deciding for her family. He says I didn’t have money for getting my wife treated, I still regret that, I want Meera to get the best in her life, I want her to get a better family, a better guy than Angad. Meera asks them to see the pics. He says nice, too good. He goes.

Meera asks what happened to him. Apa says he forgot the difference between relations and business, I mean he is worried for his business. He goes to his room. He gets a call. The man says Meera’s profile is uploaded, very soon you will get a response. Kabir is at the coffee shop with his friends. Kabir’s friend Sandy shows the matrimonial website. They see the rich girls’ pics and like it. Kabir sees Meera’s profile. He says your company is fraud. Sandy says she is our new client, she is KK Sehgal’s daughter, her profile is uploaded yesterday, she is amazing. Kabir scolds him and says she is my would be Bhabhi. The guys say Sandy, she is Meera, she is engaged to Angad. Sandy asks why is her profile on our website, its a special case, they want to find the guy soon. Amrita shows the jewellery for Meera. She talks to the family.

Kabir comes and calls out Amrita. She says come here, I m in Dada ji’s room. He asks her to just come with him. He says Meera’s dad has uploaded her profile, Sandy confirmed this from his office, his company runs a matrimonial website, KK uncle doesn’t want Meera to marry Angad. She gets shocked seeing Meera’s profile. She asks how can KK uncle do this, he spoke about their alliance last year. She recalls Angad and Meera’s engagement. Krishnakant thanks Guneet for accepting Meera. Guneet says you convinced Dada ji. Krishnakant says Meera won’t get a better family than you all. He hugs Guneet. Amrita looks on. FB ends. Kabir says we will send mumma and take KK uncle’s class. Amrita says no, we have to find out what Meera wants, is she also involved, no, you call Meera, I will talk to her. He calls Meera. Meera comes to the Dargah with Apa.

She talks to Angad on call. Angad says I can’t come, I have office work. She gets angry on him. Meera switches off her phone. Amrita asks why will she switch off her phone. Kabir asks is she with her dad. She says no, we will talk to Angad. Angad asks did Meera call you now, she always fights. She asks what. He says she disconnected my call, I do my work or handle her. He goes. Dada ji and Dadi come. Dada ji asks why are you tensed. Amrita shows Meera’s profile on the website. Dadi says it means Krishnakant doesn’t want Meera to marry Angad, he had put this ad on website. He asks how, she came here yesterday. Kabir says she isn’t answering our calls. Amrita says go and talk to KK uncle. Dada ji says fine, come with me Kabir, Nimmo shouldn’t know this. They see Guneet and Nimmo at the door. She says no need to go anywhere, I will talk to KK. Amrita says you don’t go. Nimmo says no, I want to know the truth, I will go with the proof, are you coming, or shall I go alone. Guneet nods.

Krishnakant says Karan got a good wedding card printed, but it can get printed again. He insults Guneet. Guneet slaps him. Meera looks on shocked. Meera says you are asking dowry from my dad. Angad says your dad is a liar. She says you are a liar, you didn’t tell me that you lost the job, I end this alliance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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