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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik searches for Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik asking inspector do you know Sirat is okay or not. Inspector says no, but if she doesn’t come for the third hearing, then we will get her. Kartik asks where is she, I m asking about her address. He insists inspector to say. Vishal comes to Sirat and taunts her. He asks who are you, what’s your real name, tell me, you look like a coward, but you are strong, you punched like Mary Kom, are you a boxer, tell me, else… He throws things. She says I will complain to the police. He says call the police, it looks you are running away from the police. Inspector says we will find her, stay away from this case. Kartik says just give me the address. Inspector says go from here. Vishal asks Sirat to call the police. She calls the police. Kartik is leaving. Inspector gets a call. Kartik hears Simran had called to complain about someone. Inspector asks who. The lady inspector says Ranvir Chauhan murder case girl. Kartik says Simran, Dalhousie. Sirat says sorry for the trouble. Uncle and aunty say its fine, you did good, Vishal won’t trouble you now. Uncle asks what’s the problem, why is he after you.

Aunty says he is a guy, he lost his heart seeing a beautiful girl. Uncle asks is this the problem or something else you are hiding. He says we hide things for ourselves and sometimes for others. Aunty says we won’t talk anything senti on our anniversary. Sirat asks is it your anniversary. Uncle says yes, 40th. Sirat says congrats. They thank her. She says they didn’t know my truth, else they would have got upset. Kartik reaches Dalhousie. He says I will reach you Sirat, I don’t know the routes here, GPS isn’t working. He sees it working. Aunty says you will also get such love. Kartik says you have hurt me a lot for the first time in life. Sirat says you won’t do any work, I will handle it. Aunty thanks her. Kartik comes there and says where shall I find Sirat. Sirat thinks of Kartik. Its all about love….plays… Kartik sees her from behind. He asks a man about police station. The man guides him. Kartik leaves. Sirat says I felt like Kartik… no, how can he come here, he would be with his family in Udaipur.

Inspector says we can’t give the address, she is staying here by Simran’s name. Kartik says I m finding her, she can’t miss the third court hearing, tell me please. Inspector says she works at a flower shop, I can’t say more, its a small city. Kartik says there would be 100 shops, I will find her, thanks a lot. Manish gets angry and says he always talks about Sirat, you should have stopped him. Suwarna says I tried. He says he doesn’t listen to anyone, I involved him in London project, he came back and ran after Sirat, I m his dad, I want to save him, will he ruin us. Suwarna says he may not find her. He says if he finds, if media sees, then same torture, I won’t forgive Kartik this time. Sirat plans a surprise for uncle and aunty. She says I have to think of something for their special relation. She leaves from the shop.

Kartik comes there. Kartik says shop got closed so soon, I will see somewhere else. He makes calls to the flower shops and asks for Simran. The car breaks down. He checks it. Sirat passes by. He turns and doesn’t see her. Uncle and aunty get glad seeing decorations. Sirat wishes them. Aunty asks her to get ready for the party. Sirat makes them sit. She says your love has magic, I can see that. She arranges a magic show and music. Uncle and aunty dance. Sirat recalls Kartik. Uncle and aunty wish each other and hug. Aunty says thanks for accepting us as loved ones. Sirat says I should thank you to give me so much love. Aunty says we don’t know what we deserve, Lord knows it and gives the person on the right time. Sirat says I wrote something for your love. She tells about true love. Kartik comes there. She senses Kartik and turns to see him. O re saiyyan…plays…

Kartik says I m Simran’s college friend Raj. Sirat goes to him. He asks how are you Simran.

Update Credit to: Amena

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