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Udaariyaan 5th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin fails Gippy’s plan

Udaariyaan 5th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tejo talking to her colleague. She says Tejo gifted me this saree. The lady says its a good way to express by gifts. Jasmin says we will go somewhere out for a week. Fateh says yes, we can go, but what will we tell at home. Jasmin says its enough that I meet you once a day. Gippy clicks their pics. The lady says you are sure that Fateh forgot Jasmin and moved on. Tejo says 100%, he has changed a lot. Jasmin says you thought you will change and forget me, I won’t let this happen. Jasmin asks Fateh for his phone. She says we will save numbers by different names, we will talk well when we are at home. Fateh laughs hearing the names. He gets her call and laughs. He thinks of Tejo. She says no Chameli from now, until Tejo leaves from your life. They have the drink. Gippy clicks pics.

He goes out and says its limit of shamelessness, they are together. Mami says come home fast before Jasmin fools everyone. Gippy says I m coming there. Bebe says we should not be upset, maybe Jasmin’s fate is better. Rupy says we have to explain this to heart. Mami waits for Gippy. Jasmin says we should leave now, Fateh. He says fine, even I have some work. Gippy comes home. Abhiraj gets angry on him. Gippy says don’t touch me today. Mami asks Abhiraj to wait. She says Gippy, no one will believe you, show the proof, it will bring Jasmin’s truth out, Tejo’s house will get saved. Satti asks what do you mean. Mami says Jasmin is trapping Fateh. Satti asks what are you saying, you don’t trust Jasmin, but Fateh is Tejo’s husband, he loves Tejo a lot. Mami says you don’t understand, Jasmin and Fateh went out of pind for lunch, Gippy has their pics. She asks Gippy to show the pics. Abhiraj says show the pics. Gippy looks for his phone. He worries. He says I don’t have my phone. Jasmin comes home and sees Gippy. She asks what’s happening here. Mami says Gippy has the proof of your and Fateh’s love story.

Jasmin asks what are you saying. Mami says I m saying the truth with proof. Jasmin says its not true. Gippy says you are such a liar, I have just seen it myself, maybe I forgot the phone in the car, I will just get it. Jasmin asks what’s happening, you all are just hearing this, why is Mami saying nonsense about me and Fateh. Mami says you do the acting, your drama will end. Tejo comes home. She sees Gurpreet crying and missing Simran. She says I got this pic from the storeroom. Gurpreet says I had hidden this here from Khushbeer. Simran sees their pic and cries. She says I miss you all a lot. Khushbeer comes and shouts. He says I don’t want to see this pic again, don’t you respect my decisions. He takes the pic. Tejo says listen to me, please, Simran did a mistake, but she is your daughter. He says selfish decisions ruin a family, who can understand this better than us, I understood your pain, I want you to understand my pain, Simran is dead for me. He throws the pic. Gurpreet cries and stops Tejo. Tejo consoles her. Fateh comes home and looks on. Gurpreet says Simran isn’t bad, she didn’t do anything. Gippy says I didn’t get the phone. Mami says what, you said you clicked the pics. Satti asks her to stop it. Jasmin says you don’t say it now that I got his phone stolen. Gippy says yes, you did this, you know that man, you had sent him to hit my car. Jasmin recalls seeing Gippy at the restaurant. She goes and calls Amrik. She asks him to help. She says Gippy has my pics, personal, I didn’t know marriage will break. He asks what. She says he is on highway. He says I will see him, don’t worry. He goes and hits Gippy’s car. Gippy and Amrik fight. Amrik takes his phone from the car. He calls Jasmin. He says I got the phone, don’t worry. She thanks him. He says don’t see those pics, promise. He says promise. FB ends.

Gippy says trust me, Jasmin is lying, you all will regret. Abhiraj drags him out. Jasmin cries and acts in front of everyone. She runs crying to her room. Fateh comes to Tejo. He says Khushbeer isn’t wrong, some wounds take time to heal, Simran has hurt his heart, everything will be fine. He wipes her tears. He says we all tried to explain dad, but he doesn’t listen. She says I understand, person isn’t wrong many times. He says Jasmin and I got separated because of her one mistake, but my heart is still with her, I want to stay with her. Tejo gets shocked. He says when I think of you, I feel bad, I still love Jasmin a lot. She cries.

Precap will be added later

Update Credit to: Amena

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